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  1. ok ! I have done the 5EFE conversion ! Don't take turbo kit from USA !,in fact our PASEO is 155CC for the injectors,and we rare a mix of the first and second generation in the USA In USA paseo sec GEN have distributor less and the same specification of our european paseo which is distributor type .The European paseo is lowered by ECU and Injectors and the timing too.... Some Americans kits give you an another ECU (piggy pack !) but do you realise the diefference beetween 155cc and 200cc for fuel and timing Timing and fuel iare very important for turbo cars !! If you want to turbo your PASEO with internal stock you can go only maximum to 6PSI but you have to change the injectors (if you don't you will hear detonation and your rods suffer ..) and take a greddy emanage ! but be carreful not to take bigger injectors with the greddy,if you do that it will change and alter the timing curve too and your paseo will not run fast!!! The better solution is to take the 4EFTE ECU+wiring harness and all the sensors,change the compression ratio in your engine (JE PISTONS,forged ) a good turbo likee KKK 16-27 or T25 or T3 ...and with 12 PSI you can reach near the 250 BHP .... ...... :ffs: :group-cuddles:
  2. i have done the mod with BIGGER INJECTORS !!! i have 375cc injectors in my paseo !!! YOu need : a pigggy pack A/F to fuel out at idle for starting !!!! don't worry about the difference of ohms beetween different impedance injector you will have to put sometimes a ballast resistor to have the same impedance of the OEM injectors ..... A good GREDDY emanage will do the best!!!! 1) you can simply put bigger injectors 2)with optional harness you gan modify ignition timing a simply HKS AFR can drive the bigger injectors too, and have not the same problem at idle than the APEXI .....(in hte APEXI you must chose the idle poin and fuel out) with the HKS just turn the idle stabilizer knob A good induction +good header +sport cat+Greddy emanage =better solution Thanx
  3. thanx for the info when i purshased the KIT ,i didn't know thi forum... don't forget that if i have to order something it will be faster and quickly to order to ENGLAND (because , REUNION Island is a FRench country and European..located near Mauritius) Meanwhile ,now i know that i can join someone in UK,it is better for me .... i am going to verify the calipers . If i had to order with you ,it will not a problem For info :Do you have an ABS bock system ??for sale thanx for the information
  4. Do you know where i live ???? in REUNION ISland !!! do you think that in REUNION island there are some GT starlet : NO !!! :censor: I bought the REAR DIsk BRAKE conv with EL PROTOTYPES (impossible to contact them , and by phone too...) in USA ..... :arrgg-matey: a TOYOTA specialist they cannot help me ... I saw that JOhn BARNES MOTORSPORT does this conversion impossible to contact him and certainly he doesn't want to reply to my mails....... If someone in this forum could contact him i will want some informations: - is it necessary to use a VALVE??? -why the ABS light is on ...... thanx $i am very disapointed with my SEO ,there are 4 monthqs that i cannot use my car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. the axle is good and the caliper too. i ve got ABS certainly the ABS is not compatible with the Rear disk Brake since 4 months i cannot use my brakes how have you done your conversion
  6. yes it is comong from a Starlet!!! (with ABS) i have put the same sensor in i don't know what happen
  7. big problem with rear disk brake conversion and nobody wants or can help me !!!!!!! with our european paseo does we nned a proportionnal valve ???????????? Why it is impossible with my car to use my brake my circuit brake is ioperational i have already change my MASter cylinder brake My ABS lights on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
  8. hi my ABS in my SEo lights ! the noise of the relay doesn't sound , hte relays don't work what happenen ????????????
  9. HI i want to know if someone have the 1.4 VVTI ECU wiring for the COROLLA 2002-2003 (BOSCH ECU wiring) It is very important to wire a piggy pack thanx :arrgg-matey:
  10. hi i want to change my 5EFE engine for a 5EFHE I have already the engine with me but i want to know something ? does the 5EFHE engine use the same Harness than the 5EFE PASEO ECU??? BIG HELP !!!!!!
  11. does anybody know how to go more than 6500 rev in a yaris i want to go to 7000 !!!!!!!
  12. ramses974


    i putted an external gauge in my car for seeing the temp everyday because where i live it is very hot
  13. when i said undertand i say i don't heard the ABS relay in the engine