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  1. John R - I'm putting a B16A2 into it. It's the 160bhp 1.6 DOHC VTEC - hoping to get 200bhp from it in the end. I'm only getting the one manifold so it's only going to be one box. I'll get them to write 'GIFT - VALUE NIL' on the box then if that's the case. I can get it sent however I like, so whatever's best I will do! Should save a lot of money though!
  2. Hmm, he's a friend of a friend, don't know him myself. So what's the best thing to do? Try and send it as a gift (get him to put birthday card in it and stuff!) or do as you said Bibbs?
  3. Hiya, haven't been on these boards for a while since I've got my Civic. I need to get a 4-1 stainless manifold asap for my engine conversion, but the cheapest (by far) place to buy it from is America. I know a friend of a friend in America who I can get it delivered too. If I get them to send it to me as a 'gift' can I avoid the duties this way?? Thanks Matt
  4. I got insured with Tesco's in December for my rev 3 Turbo. I'm 21 with 4 years NCB in a low crime area. It cost me £960 fully comp with protected no claims. And I have checked the insurance documents, it does state both TURBO and IMPORT.
  5. Yep, got it all sorted now, hopefully the new splitter will be on tonight
  6. ****ting hell! Mine's being sold for half that!
  7. Thank you! I'll try and get my missus to find it... Got my new front splitter (painted) from Toyota today for £128. Great when you get staff discount!
  8. Hiya, My girlfriend's going to pick up my new splitter today from Toyota but I also need her to get a litre of paint for the rest of the bumper. So, where can I find the paint codes on my car?! I've seen them before but I just can't !Removed! remember!? My car's Super Red II, if that's any help. Thanks Matt
  9. Hiya, I'm about to replace the front splitter on my rev3. I haven't yet had a look at the fixings for it. I was just wondering if there's anything nasty I might come across?! I take it they're just held on by nuts and bolts? I guess these will be corroded to hell but is there anything else I should look out for? Cheers Matt
  10. Check this out, quality thread! http://www.turbo-nutters.co.uk/forum/viewt...9e3f7cea058e6f2
  11. I've got a breakdown of everything that has been done by the previous owner and at the mileage it has been done. Everything in my name. I have never had a problem with the car.
  12. I'm also 21 and paid £960 fully comp (with protected no claims) through Tesco.
  13. Hi all, I've decided to put my MR2 up for sale. Reason being is it's costing to much to run for me. It's the best car I've owned as yet, so it's a shame I have to sell it. Here is the spec: '94 (M) GT-S Turbo (rev 3) Tin-top Black Cloth interior Super Red II bodywork (all standard) 76,000 Miles with partial history, all receipts etc in my ownership Powerflow stainless steel exhaust with twin 4" tailpipes (quiet) Apex'i Induction kit (only a month old) Baileys Dump valve Revision 6 G-valve Magnecor leads and lower grade spark plugs GReddy 60mm white faced boost gauge in GReddy A-pillar pod Blitz Turbo Timer (speaks to you in Japanese if you can understand it!) Cobra CAT 1 alarm and immobiliser (with installation certificate) Car has been well maintained by myself (regular oil changes) and runs fine. I've not had one single problem with it since I've owned it (dec 03). As I said, the reason for sale is because I can't really afford to run it (only being 21!). The car is for sale for £4500 HOWEVER - my front splitter needs replacing and spraying (previous owners fault!), so I am open to negotiation. I will post up a picture of the bumper later on. You can contact me at: Email: matthew.law@cambridgeshire.gov.uk Tel: 07876255101 I am from Cambridgeshire, near Peterborough.
  14. No I didn't unfortunately. He's in the process of getting new machines so there was limited info, and he prefers to set cars up with a laptop and a drive down the road! Hopefully if I haven't sold it I will go for another run and use proper fuel and run 1.2 bar, should run 270 @ the fly hopefully.
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