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  1. I fitted this combination when I got my Aygo because I was led to believe they offered better quality. Well 12k miles later the discs are warped causing a very pronounced judder when decelerating from 60 mph to start. Suffice to say I'm not impressed! Can any one recommend any credable alternatives? I use the car mostly for motorway driving to and from work and believe this probably contributed to the warping. Any ideas welcome. Moan over. Ta, Paul :)
  2. Thanks. An interesting read but am I right in saying that if that suspension kit has some form of quality mark such as British Standards No, TUV certificate etc. or is fitted as an optional extra then it is exempt? Otherwise a lot of businesses will cease. Paul
  3. Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading to a balancesport suspension kit but wonder will my aygo fail it's first MOT in August due to it being modified? Thanks, Paul
  4. Hi, I'm after a set of genuine alloys to fit a spare set of Conti Eco 3's. Has anyone got a set and are willing to sell them to me? I'm based in the north west. Cheers, Paul
  5. Hi, Has anyone got any ideas as to where I can get a spot light and wiring kit for a 2010 Aygo Blue. Most on Fleabay all state kits are from 06 - 09. Is it just a dealer kit for 2010 cars? :( Thanks, Paul
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