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  1. kebwob

    Nuts - A Warning

    A fast-fit centre not using the correct torque settings? Thats a new one! Thats what knackered your locking nuts!
  2. I've heard that nitrous injection suits the more bullet-proof engine & transmission of diesels quite nicely...?
  3. Maybe not, if it does end up with 'more conventional' avensis-like styling cues (like the fiesta looking like a mini focus), then our friends at toyota gb may feel the new model will be in greater demand, and we may yet see a turbo yaris officially on sale next year in the uk. Then again, those idiots in their marketing department could just stick it outside a hairdressers again... :ffs:
  4. kebwob

    Mods You Regret?

    Had a backbox that was too big for the car with a 5.5" jap tailpipe sticking out the back, you could hear it miles away, was quite funny for about a couple of days, until I noticed I was going deaf!
  5. That was one of the more printable comments I've received.
  6. "Of course its a ladies car, the marketing says it is, so it must be, right?" The british car-buying public are a gullible set of :censor: (present company excepted! :D ), and will believe anything the marketing types will feed them. At its launch in the UK, the yaris was proclaimed by one of the hacks as 'the mini for the new millenium' or something like that, but what do toyota gb marketing do? Tout it solely as a womens car. No disrespect to any of the ladies on here, but advertising it parked outside a hairdressers is almost a deliberate attempt to limit its appeal, strange when small cars are much in demand. Whoever passed up that mini opportunity is obviously still working for them, and should be shot on sight. I'd like to hope that toyota are kicking themselves over the lost sales due to such a narrow-minded marketing strategy.
  7. kebwob

    New Exhaust

    less back pressure = less bottom end torque, apparently <_< . Might scream along a bit better near the red line tho :D
  8. kebwob

    New Exhaust

    In that case, leave the cat on but replace the resonator thats inbetween it & the back box. Funnily enough, I'm thinking of getting powerflow to do that with my nur spec...
  9. kebwob


    My alarm used to go off all the time on sunny days until I moved its bonnet switch up slightly, not a problem since. I know it sounds a bit simple, but its worth a try!
  10. I've had a couple of good PSA group cars, they would have been brilliant if it wasnt for three little words - right-hand-drive. Peugeot & Citroen have a track record of making a complete hash of the RHD conversion for the UK, ask any saxo or 206 owner. No daft driving positions or pedal set ups in the LHD versions...
  11. Make the most of it, these links may not be here for long! You can just make it out...
  12. "Sorry, Due to Spammers & Scammers we have limited email sending through these boards. As a non-Gold member you are not permitted to send email to other members."
  13. Got a couple of screengrabs from the recent johnny & denise one showing it in the cool section, all I need is somewhere to host them, if anyones got any ideas....?
  14. kebwob

    Rear Bumper

    Nearly got one of these myself, should finish off the back quite nicely on its own B) You can get an optional cover for the unused zorst slot.
  15. kebwob


    Don't take this the wrong way, but I think the yaris image makes a good deterrant. Its contents are more likely to be nicked than the car itself.