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  1. Thanks for that ZeroBlade. Very useful guide :) (which I will be following) but it deosnt give me the sizes unfortunatly. I might just pop down to the Toyota garage and ask them.
  2. I hope someone can help. I am fitting a Mongoose Exhaust (with de-cat) to my UK 1992 MR2 GTi. I apparently need to get 2 new fire rings and a inner sleeve dose anyone know what size I might need. I believethe size is very important but I don’t have a clue about these things. Anyone? Also is this somthing I would be able to get from Halfords? Any advise is appreciated.
  3. Thanks Guys I'll give him untill tomorrow and then its back on the market.
  4. Some of you may have seen in the private sale section that I am selling my car. Unfortunatly I have encountered a problem on Monday a guy turned up spent an hour looking over and test driving the car and agreed a price giving me a deposit. He was supposed to turn up last night with the rest of the cash but he didn’t show, he isn’t answering his phone and his mobile is turned off. Do I need to give him a day or two or should I just re-advertise Now. :ffs: Any advise would be appreciated.
  5. I will be at the JapUKmeets event at Boxhill on Saturday (21 June) if any one wants to have a look.
  6. Thanks dosenoffner, I have already advertised on Celica-Club. Sorry but i dont want to sell anything separatly but i will definatly recomend the seats they make such a big difference to the feel of the car and hold you solidly in place.
  7. I am having to sell my Celica spec as follows. It is a 1995 (M-Reg) Toyota Celica GT 2L 16V Automatic with all the usual import stuff PS, EW, Folding EM, Aircon with Climate control and more. It was imported from Japan in Sept 2002 and I am the first UK owner The car was fully converted to UK specifications and delimited (speed usually limited to 112mph). The Current mileage is 53,000 miles ALL MODIFICATIONS ARE LISTED BELOW 18" BK Racing alloy wheels (only 1 month old with new tyres) Veilside front bumper TRD Rear Spoiler TRD skirts lowered & Up-rated adjustable shox Front Stru
  8. Thanks rhaines, " bunch of arrogant, horrible little peeps" great i should fit right in. :D
  9. OK Steve Thanks, I might see you there.
  10. I would like to come on Sunday and if i can i will but its a bit of a drive so i will have to see what my finances are like. Is the museum easy to find?
  11. Hi Nick, Yes sadly it is an Auto and if i can i might change it (6 speed) but for the moment it's ok. I think it kicks out around 170bhp as standard but i have got a full blitz exhaust and filter which should take it up 20bhp or so. It feels pretty quick nothing over the top but enough.
  12. Hello everyone, I joined the toyota family about a month ago when i purchased an import Celica GT ST202. I am really happy with it, I would have liked to get a GT4 but i couldnt afford the running costs so this was the next best thing and it has made me a very happy man. It has a few mods and I have attached some pics below. What do you think?
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