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  1. Thankyou for the information...
  2. Thankyou....I believe the code is 3N8...but I have not much look googlin it !
  3. Does anybody know where I can get a spray paint for Burning Red (Yaris 2013) wing mirror cover needs spray...Toyota charge £36 !!! just for spray...the cover cost £35 ! by itself....any information would be appreciated.
  4. just read a forum in Australia.....the long and short of it is that the Samsung Galaxy Ace is NOT compatible with Touch.....end of...has to be done manually !!! sorry
  5. I have samsung Galaxy Ace.....when I try and transfer contacts to phone in car it tells me that transfer failed.......any ideas please... I have looked at Toyota webb re types of mobile. it appears that my Galaxy Ace is compatible ????
  6. Thankyou Lee, I suspected this...it is an old phone, thankyou for your reply
  7. I have a Motorola RZR3 which I have paired with my handsfree on my Yaris, but I cannot access phone book or enter telephone numbers manually. If I try to transfer ,,,it says transfer has fail...If I go into 'contact' it says there are none in phonebook.....which is getting a pain...I am going around in circles....any ideas please Thankyou
  8. Barum

    Tyre Wear

    Thank you very much for the information, very informative...I will take your advice and research accordingly.
  9. Barum

    Tyre Wear

    30 K from the front and 50 k from the rear ! Does anybody else get this.... it seems to be very high for a yaris deisel...... but I will certainly try Michelin next time. Thankyou
  10. Barum

    Tyre Wear

    Are the tyres worn evenly across the tread? if so then that is that. If there is uneven wear it indicates a number of things, let me know the wear pattern. Bridgestone are a very good tyre, all tyres are a compromise, of roadholding against long life. I have bridgestones on a Mazda MX5 the rears are down to 3.5 mm after 22,000 miles (rear wheel drive so wear pattern reversed) The tyres on front wheel drive cars tend to be short lived as they both power and steer, the rears do very little in terms of work. Regards Geoff Peace. Thankyou for your reply.... I have even wear so it looks
  11. Barum

    Tyre Wear

    I have Yaris 1.4. Desiel......front tyres needed changing after 11000 miles..... rear still on aftter 18000 miles..... seems low mileage on front... Bridgestone tryes.. has anybody got similar ? or would you recommend other makes of tyre ? Thankyou
  12. I have just had my car serviced......10,000 miles....I dont think there is more than 2000 miles left on my tyres !!! I am a very quiet driver with the brakes... I dont speed or pull it around corners...in fact I think I am average... They are Dunlop. is there any other trye which may be more efficient ?
  13. Barum

    Yaris 07 Model

    Thankyou for your advice...I will try them...I read that the French Police are strict and you should even hvae them fitted in daylight hours !!!! thanks again !
  14. I cannot find any serious answers to this question on this site.....The glass on the headlights is clear...so there is no indication where you put the deflectors... I was of a mind to buy some from Halfords....but are they Ok? any idea how to fit ? or alterative suplliers please. Thankyou
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