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  1. I heard a noise similar to that and turned out that the strut that had been put on had a defect and was a piece of ****, basically it was like I was riding around w/ no strut on the passenger rear . So I got that repalced and now the 90GTS rides just fine.
  2. I don't have a 7th gen but honestly I like the kit. I say if u like it go for it
  3. Here are your cars specs Quick Specs: Engine: 2.4L 8valve 22r-e, single port EFI Horsepower: 116@4800rpms Torque: 140lbs@2800 Bore and Stroke(in.): 3.62x3.50 Suspension-front: McPherson Strut Suspension rear: solid axle w/panhard bar Steering: rack and pinion Coefficient of Drag: .340 Don't know about your 0-60 times, usually the internet is way off w/ those cause someone estimates them. Just time it yourself or get a friend to. You won't be perfect but you will be close. Nice Car and welcome to the wonderful world of Celicas
  4. I'm not sure if this site still works but try www.seicom.com They had some of the baddest hoods for Celicas
  5. Very Nice gives the front end a much different look So how much did u pay for that set
  6. The 5SFE engine was designed for low end power, and getting cams to raise the redline will not really be that much of a gain I hv heard, but I could be wrong. Check out www.MR2.com
  7. Yeah I hv realized that 1JZGTE engine is truly a beast and can provide a reliable daily driver even at like 500hp. I can not wait until I get one, but for now I guess the Celica will do. Yeah the 93-97 Supra TT's are not all that expensive, just make sure it is in good condition before u get it. Dodge Vipers beware cause truly u will get smoked as soon as I get my Supra TT
  8. If u go with the 5SFE turbo, then check out www.poweredbytoyota.com The kit is sold for $2500, and it includes no intercooler. Decent route to go but if u want real power go with the 3SGTE buddy. I hv researched all the specs on the 5SFE Turbo Kit and it is ok. Expensive,but truly the 5SFE was not designed to handle boost. The 3SGTE is a much better choice considering it is designed strictly for performance.
  9. If u get an ST(I really would not advise this route), but the 4AGZE engine is a great swap and provides great power being that it is supercharged. If u go with the GT/GTS then go with the 2nd gen 3SGTE, great powerful engine with unlimited capabilities.
  10. I don't know about a brand new one, but rebuilt ones are great as well check www.precisionengine.com
  11. www.seicom.com has some phat hoods for the 90-93 Celicas AT and CT style, check it out
  12. Well I got a story for u guys since u haven't heard from me in a while. I hv been really busy with school and stuff. So I was getting on the highway last night to see my girlfriend and I was trying to hurry up and get there so I accelerated hard from the stop at the light. I smoked the tires through 1st and barked 2nd. In third at like 85 I suddenly felt the car *****, and I smelled the sharp smell of burnt oil. I downshifted back to 2nd, cause I had slowed down quite a bit and the engine completely died on me. The entire car turned off rolling at like 50mph. I was ****** off b/c I knew something serious was up. I pulled off the highway onto the side and checked to see what was up. I had seen a hose loose and put it back on but still I could not get the car to start. I waited for a while, and just my luck that my damn cell phone went dead. I had to walk down the highway for like a mile, and then some dude gave me a ride to my girlfriends house. I really think the 5SFE has had it this time. I can't afford the 3SGTE right at this moment, b/c I am sure that I am not putting in another 5SFE. But maybe the parents will help me in this dilema, cause I just don't hv the dollars right now. So I guess its all good cause maybe this situation will allow me to get the 3SGTE quicker :D Also I got some really good newsmy parents have informed me that when I graduate they will buy me the 4th gen Supra TT. I can't wait, I will still keep the Celica, cause the Supra won't be my everyday driver. Stock hp from the Supra TT=320hp :P :P So thats what I hv bn up to lately.
  13. 90CelicaGTS


    Well I hv heard of the "HYBRID ENGINE" or 5SGTE. This setup is not as easy as just slapping the 3S head on the 5S bottom end. I hv heard it would just be easier to build up a 3SGTE, and if u want tremendous power to purchase a stroker kit. This will turn the 2.0 into a 2.2. The 5SFE has great low end power and some mods I hv done to help mine out are full exhaust, Nology SparkPlugs,NGK Performance Wires, and a lightened flywheel, and a Akimoto Intake. These mods allow the 5SFE to breathe better and give it power, but u can't really make this engine a powerhouse unless u turbo it, then u r going to spend some major $$.
  14. "F" in 5SFE stands for economy "G" in 3SGTE stands for performance
  15. My 90 GTS came w/ those tweeters like that
  16. Swap in a 3SGTE and your performance problems will be taken care of. The 3SGTE is a powerful engine stock, and ther is really no limit to the power it will make.
  17. Sounds like u got it all thought out. I love the 5th gen bodystyle. I hv a 90 Celica GTS. I would personally just swap in a 3SGTE for your engine plans. I am swapping in 2nd gen 3SGTE. Check www.nopi.com
  18. Yeah I got a 90 GTS 5spd. I hv looked up 0-60 times of 10.6 and I laughed. I personally hv clicked off low 7's w/ my 0-60 times. My car is lightly modded. But if your car is clompletly stock u will hv no problem running 0-60 in about 8.0 seconds. I hv raced my car on the highway I was at 130, did not go any faster b/c I need a 4-wheel alignment and I did not feel comfortable. The 90 GTS is not slow and I have beat plenty of cars w/ it. I know alot of things about this car and in the summer I am swapping in a 2nd gen 3SGTE.
  19. 90CelicaGTS


    I hv not done the 3SGTE swap yet, but in the summer I am purchasing a 2nd gen 3SGTE for $1550. The engine has 40,000miles and is cleaned and leak tested, w/ a warranty. I hv found a shop near me that will do the whole swap for $2000. that is kind of expensive but they will do the best job and when I get the car back it will hv bn worth it. Are u referring to swapping in a 3SGE or the 3SGTE?
  20. So GT4, I guess u r truly saying goodbye to the beloved GT4 Well if u hv decided that u really want to sell it its up to u but make sure that is exactly what u intend to do b/c u don't want to ever regret it. I had a 77 Camaro and had if totally modded and fresh paint and everything. I lost control of it racing and it was totalled, so I know how it feels to damage your car. Just make sure that u really want to sell it, the good news is the GT4 was not seriously damaged and u r ok as well
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