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  1. Cheers will get in touch.
  2. Im in Cambridge.They then said they wanted to charge me another £50 because they advise that the brakes should have new fluid replacement it gets more stupid than ever,and i thought it best to have a newer car as i thought it would keep the cost down,might as well kept the old banger .
  3. Well just ha an email back from my local toyota dealer saying a 2nd year full service would be £167.00 wouldent mind but since i got it i have done less than 600 miles
  4. Hi. I wonder if you guys can give an idea as to what the going cost of a service for a corolla t sport 2003 reg with only 3500 on the clock as mine is due i guess but as norm dont like paying through the nose for any think. Thanks all ;)
  5. Hi every one.I am thinking of a change so i would like to no what kind of figurer i might get for my well loved corolla t sport 2003 03 reg 3 dr base red with only 4000 miles full leather and colour sat nav and of course never been pushed,any ideas would be helpfull. :D
  6. Friday11th june approx 7.00 the kings hedges/arbury road junction with the trafic lights.Sunburst red corolla t sport,i have never seen another in the area but good to no there is ;)
  7. Yep we are all around theenemywithin we are in cambridgeshire, ware are you. t sport is great
  8. Well i wonder if this part will ever return,if not why list it Dealer review's will be returning but with a change of server, updating and changing the software, new membership software and adding club garage it has gone on the back burner so to speak. Once new security protocols are in place and all the other stuff we are on is finished the review section will be back. We do this in our spare time btw <_< Thanks for a reply.I appreciate what you say and take that on board,however i would have thought that this part of your site is importent to prospective buyers for possible guidance etc ?? <_<
  9. Well i wonder if this part will ever return,if not why list it
  10. Hey nick what colour have you gone for.our,s is black best colour but worst to show the dirt but it,s cool
  11. Hey nick i think they are both good cars but in differnt ways,i have to agree with you in regard to noise and to be honest i no as when you have hearing probs as i do im kind of lucky i guess as i can turn my hearing aids of .My son has taken del of a 2004 ctr and yep it is real ok every think one wants and as to wear the gear shift is it is perfect for quick changes,Have you been to the civic type r owners site if not i would have a look as it is full of many coments plus rants ours have been back to the dealers twice for paint work it is the milky problem with the plastic they put on for despatch when they take it of it can affect the paint so check your,s when you get it otherwise have fun :D as it is a mean beast to loose one,s temper with and it will kick you in the but if you allow it good luck m8
  12. Hi all any one have an idea when the dealer review page is going to be up and running.
  13. Cambridge Cambridgeshire ;)