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  1. the lip can not be bought seperatly ...its and Aero option from toyota instaled at the japan factory ... its comes with electric mirors and windows fog lights and side skirts rear and front lip and rear trunk spoiler...
  2. thanks!! yep very pleased did 550km in 6 days realy nice to drive yeah the body kit front lip side skirts rear bumper lip and spoiler is part of the aero group in option ... its like when we take the yaris hatchback RS it comes with the body kit and aloy wheel and fog lights as well
  3. It says St-Basile that is were the dealership is located its just a sticker thanks for the comments! that car is a lot smoother than the yaris facelift (our Echo Hatchback in canada) its feels like a small camry
  4. i,m looking for a new yaris tail badge in canada we onlyhave Echo badges ... and since i have a T-Sport badge ... it would make more sense to have a yaris badge <_< anyway any info or part number would be apreciated ...and no there is none on ebay :P thanks
  5. even with the TRD Japan turbo kit Toyota wont give you any warenty and tell me what is the point in having 200 hp in a car that is 900kg (2000) if you cant control it ? (supension upgrade /strut bar /sway bars) i know people that are in autox and went head to head with b18c5 civics hb and just with a tein suspension and sway and strut bar to stiffen up the car they are finishing before those big power no handling civics...
  6. to anwser the first question ... why dont people have sc/turbo on theyr yaris/echo/vitz mainly because its an econo box not a sports car... and secondo the tte or blitz supercharger and the TRD Japan turbo kit cost an arm and a leg over here in canada over 5000$ canadian for the blitz (not installed) and over 6000$ canadian (plus tax shipping customs and installation ) for the TRD turbo kit ok they give roughly 150 hp on the echo (1nzfe engine) but 95 % off echo/vitz/yaris owners are mr and mrs everybody so dont expect to have as much enthusiasts as an mr2 or a celica
  7. now that is a nice yaris!
  8. hay mike good to see you here!
  9. that's not the trd wing? here is what we have called a trd wing...
  10. Toymaniac

    Yaris Aem ?

    it cost a arm and a leg!! 375$+tx cnd = £154+tx and shipping... <_< so that's 230 euro +shipping and tx.. sounds mean
  11. Toymaniac

    Yaris Aem ?

    hey! as a matter of fact i have the number :D its a scion AX part that fits the Echo hatchback in canada whit the 1nzfe 1.5 engine i have it in my echo hatchback :D
  12. the funy thing is that he only bend a shock on is way back on 4 wheels... and lesage also made is show...