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  1. TurboTas

    My Tubby

    i am selling my tubby because i need the money for a deposit for a house. i vow to have another rapid tubby in the future.. its on ebay @ the mo. MR2 TURBO FOR SALE have a look
  2. TurboTas

    My Tubby

    i know this shouldnt be in here but i am selling my tubby due to needing the money for a deposit for a house. i vow to have another rapid tubby in the future.. its on ebay @ the mo. MR2 TURBO FOR SALE have a look
  3. TurboTas

    Bye Byeeeeee

    time to say goodbye to my tubby. gutted its gotta go as i luv it loads!!!!!!!! gotta go to help fund a deposit for a new apartment. cant wait for that tho!!!! should complete mid feb. anyways the tubby has to go for now but me and my fiancee have vowed to own another one later on. give it a year or so and me will be back with another tubby!! if any is after 1 email me for a spec sheet. Tas
  4. i think i would have a set!!!!! my car goes into the bodyshop first week in feb for a respray.. are they gonna be ready then????? cheers Tas
  5. managed to source an english manual for the blitz sbc-id boost controller. :D
  6. hiya peops. ive just managed to obtain a new blitz sbc- id 3 from japan. one problem is the instructions are in japanese. does any1 know of any english instructions online??? Tas
  7. TurboTas

    Santa Pod

    well i will defo be there. mite have my boost controller by then.... who knows. fingers crossed. i will be the one in the rev2 black turbo. probably the dirtiest one there. lol..... my car is on dark 17s with mongoose system. come and say hi...
  8. TurboTas

    Santa Pod

    alrite peops. i is going to santa pod on the 25th jan for the first rwyb. wanna see if i can beat my previous 13.9. any1 up for it?? Tas
  9. ive run a 13.9 and mine is standard apart from an exhaust. that wasnt a perfect run as i changed up too late in 3rd gear. going to the pod on the 25th jan to see what i get now :D any1 else??
  10. i had the same lights on. thought oh sh*t. was sorted by disconnecting engine bay temp sensor, cleaning with a cloth and then just reconnecting it. never cam on and noticed that the intercooler fan came on now sometimes which it didnt before.
  11. TurboTas

    Cruise Control

    can do any speed on my cruise control.. no ideas how to solve ur prob. soz.
  12. TurboTas

    Leaky T Bar

    that was what i was talking about!! :D are there pics on here then somewhere???
  13. TurboTas

    Leaky T Bar

    just found a good idea on imoc for silicone sealent so will try that tomorrow and we shall see :D
  14. TurboTas

    Leaky T Bar

    alrite ppl. i know this has been asked before but really need to get it sorted. have used the eccentric rods but really need a solution to stop leaks on my t bar. im also gettin loads of condensation and water freezin on the inside of my windows.....
  15. think i will have to do that then.
  16. realys all intact. stereo job was done by a professional company and i know has been done well--- never had problems with their work and they have been doing work on my cars for years.
  17. alrite ppl. my elec windows have stopped working both of them!! have tried changing the switches and its not that. no fuses have gone although i cant find if there is an actual fuse for the windows. also the central locking doesnt lock the drivers door. help.
  18. TurboTas

    Speed Cameras

    also, radar dectors but gps based camera systems should pick these up no probs.
  19. TurboTas

    Speed Cameras

    these systems have been trial used in other places. one i know off is on part of the notts ring road. they are very effective.......... they are very visible as they look like binoculars. over the road. just take it very easy in these areas.
  20. TurboTas

    Brake Discs

    alrite ppl. im about to buy some new front discs and pads as they need replacing.. was just going to get stock but is there anything uprated that is about similar money that ppl recommend??? ps its a rev 2 turbo j plate. Tas
  21. TurboTas


    im after a new headunit but am skint mate. hopefully might have some dosh after xmas. will let ya know! :D Tas
  22. what rev turbo u got????
  23. has any1 approached toyota in the uk to see how much they would charge???? if they cant then i mite be interested too!!! :D
  24. TurboTas

    New Tyres

    im running avon zz3s and highly rate them for grip!! :) Tas
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