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  1. Mereside


    Hi, I had a similar problem with my T180 Rav 4 on an 08 plate. Long story but it was cured by changing the pulley and drive belt. It sounded a bit like a chattering or pinking noise about 1600 rpm to 2000 rpm just as the turbo spooled up. It was annnoying rather than serious and was done under warranty. Sorry to go off topic re the footwell noise but hope it helps re the last post. Mereside
  2. Hi, I have used Benfield at Wakefield for my previous Rav4 T180 and my wifes Prius 1 (109k when changed for Prius 2 and no problems) and her IQ. I now have an Auris HSD and one of the resons for buying it was the standard of service. If you have any worries speak to Paul Firth in service who is very knowledgeable. They have always done a very good job for our cars. Mereside.
  3. mr Dave, Thanks for the link. Just checked 'er indoors iQ bought Jan 2010 and its not affected either. Regards
  4. B) B) Kev, Your wee little engine with miniscule power output has to make so much noise 'cos its a deesil lad. That wants to get theself a proper engine runin on right fuel not the oily stuff. Ps 'er indoors as an IQ now which being as it is proper fuel is right quiet ont' motorway. Pps the IQ is a car not 'er brain power. Ppps Did respond to yer e-mail re that their foul liquid yer left. Regards and happy hogmany like up there.
  5. Well I was tempted away from the Rav as I am old and wanted a mid life crisis all of my own. I had previously had an Octavia Vrs and a 2.0Tdi Lauren and Klement estate with DSG gearbox and took a test drive in the Skoda Yeti 2.0 Tdi. I thought it was a very good car but the DSG gearbox was not available at the time so I bought an A3 S3 with DSG or s-tronic which has been very good in the snow, suprisingly. 'Er indoors is havibng to send the Prius back (57 plate) as she is changing jobs and we have had a look round for somthing she fancies (Brad Pitt excluded) Yesterday she picked up her chilli red IQ2 1.0 with keyless entry auto lights wipers and dipping mirror. It also has foldy in electric mirrors and is only 10 inches long. She thinks its fab and will be using it to travel 25+ miles to work each day. She chose that over the Yaris we went to get because it was 'cute' and made her smile. I have now driven it and it is very good for a small car and seems normal size when you drive it. Its party piece is the turning circle... if you park on a normal estate size road it can do a u turn in one go. Missed then Rav in the snow though. Regards
  6. Well to add two pen ath', I realised my Rav was the best car in the world for my job when I was out and about, it did everything I could ever want at work... except it wasn't very exciting, but hey ho I am getting on a bit now. Then a few people of my age I know shuffed off this mortal coil, (think that's the right expression but my memory is on the way out now). Kids leaving home so I decided to have a mid life crisis whilst still having most of my faculties.... so I bought an Audi S3 with a new fangled flappy paddle gearbox wot wood impress the yoofs like, innit. I was a bit embarrassed with this 'well wicked' car so I took the badges off and bunged a 2.0Tdi badge on the back so 1) Max power boys and girls don't want to race and 2) It doesn't get nicked for a getaway car. It has pretend four wheel quattro drive and is great fun out of corners and off the mark. Its also been quite good drifting it in the snow and ice the last few days. I miss the Rav as it was just so efficient and nothing went wrong (Audi booked in for petrol release cap fixing - 5 weeks old). Er indoors is also looking to change her Prius company car for....... Yaris 1.33 TR (she has more sense than me). Regards
  7. Hi there, Not a lot of help as I have not heard of this before and am assuming that the tyre was correctly inflated and checked prior to this happening. I have had alloy wheels loose pressure due to corrosion but not overnight from fully inflated, I have had valves leak but again that would be apparent to anyone checking it. The only way I can think that the tyre could loose its seal would be at very low pressure but this would be rare as I have had a tyre with a puncture and it was down to about 8-10psi and I only realised after a bit of heavy cornering and I had been travelling at a very fast speed prior to that and the seal didn't break. You said that the tyre chap took the tyre off and re inflated it to 50psi and it was ok. If he did remove the tyre he would normally replace the valve a the same time. If he just took the wheel off and put it in a bath to soak it would show a puncture but not always a slow puncture as it takes ages for the air bubbles to go from bunging the tyre in the water. My best guess on the info you have supplied is that the tyre has a slow puncture and it will go flat again after a few days. With these new fangled radial ply tyres (I'm old and remember cross ply's) you cannot always tell how low the pressure is untill they are nearly flat. Hope this helps and hopefully there is a tyre fitter/engineer that can give a definative answer. Good luck and let us know if you find out what caused this. Regards
  8. James, I bow to your superior knowledge. I put the filter on mine and it ran better. From what you say this is not possible and it must have had a fault even though it felt like it ran ok. Again I can't argue as I am not that technical and I thought it may have been for the reasons I mentioned but obviously not. With your obvious intimate knowledge of diesel engines why didn't you mention this earlier when you asked the question then amateurs like me wouldn't have tried to help. Regards Mereside PS will a K & N help my new S3 when it is run in.?
  9. James, I am not that technical but suspect that when the turbo calls for more air and fuel to feed the engine the K & N allows the air in quicker. When I had mine the engine hesitated a bit and didn't weant to rev to the red line as if it wasn't happy or was restricted in some way. The K & N was b a bit noisier but it cured the hesitation and felt as if the engine was getting the fuel/air quicker and so responded to the throttle input quicker. Hope this all makes some kind of sense, if not Anchorman where are you? Regards Mereside
  10. Kev, Re the positioning of the jack... Fist of all position yourself in Yorkshire where we have daylight and fine weather before March. Then once in the promised land in daylight stik yer 'ead under car and find summert solid to put the jack on wi a bit a wood between the two surfaces to absorb any sticky out bits. Hope this helps. Mereside
  11. Hi, yes fit a K & N filter if you like the turbo whistle. I did as it was not obtrusive and between the chip and the filter mpg did improve a bit but the grin factor improved a lot. Its nice to know that you have the extra push 'just in case'. The filter is a doddle to fit and I think 'R Kev' has one going spare. Regards Mereside
  12. Hi all, I have met Clarkson and have to say that he is very personable. It was a few years ago at the Top Gear studio where he was happy to chat when he went outside for a cig. He was very honest and reasonable about cars in general but does make comments to get reactions. Whilst he was having a cig I asked if he would say hello to my son who was just out of school and on the phone and he was happy to oblige. I have read the article and agree that it is a very good car for the thinking man/woman, it does everything... except excitement. You pays your money and makes your choice. I chose my Rav for all the right reasons and enjoyed it. I am now having a mid life crisis so have a more sporty car untill I grow up a bit more and probably go back to the Rav. Regards
  13. Thanks for that folks, Not wanting to advertise the fact that the new car is an S3 I have just collected my badges for the hatch. As Baldrick used to say on Blackadder 'I have a cunning plan' My car will be displaying and A3 badge on the left side and a 2.0 tdi one on the right hand side of the hatch. This I hope will result in less 'Yoofs' wanting to race at the lights. I know that Blackadders response to Baldrick is usually along the lines of ' That's about as cunning as a slap across the face with a Dover Sole whilst stood on a soap box with a sign sying 'This man is gong to be hit by a Dover Sole' but its the best I can come up with. Hopefully people will not expect a 'Snow bird' like me to be in a young mans car. Middle age crisis here I come. Ooops going off topic quick think of something...... I must say that I bought the Rav a the perfect c ar for work, I have been gently off road and onto buildong site and muddy lanes, all the toys worked well and the sat nav was one of the best. The car has not missed a beat and pet hate of mine, has not had rattles and squeaks although it did have a whining noise at one time that I was worried about, but that stopped when 'er indoors got out. (Only kidding ) It is a car I would whole heartedly reccomend asI would my local dealer. I'm going now before I change my mind. Regards Mereside.
  14. My Rav4 T180 is going on Thursday and I have been to see the new 4 x 4... sort of. I have bought another sensible car in silver so I don't have to wash it so much. I think of it as a mini Rav4.. just a bit smaller, lower and faster, with an S-Tronic gearbox with flappy paddle to help me in my old age. I will keep sneaking back to remember my Rav days,,, sniffle sniffle.
  15. I have had mixed mpg over the last 15K but it boils down to eventually averaging 34mpg. If gors up a bit if I go on a run and keep the revs down but always it comes back down to 34. You pays ye money and makes yer choice. I chose performance and toys and pay for it at the pump, but I have to say I am ok with the consumption bearing in mind the performance. Enjoy the car. Regards Mereside