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  1. Sadly I sent an email date is still the same 22nd November 😭
  2. Hmm now thats made me jealous I've ordered and excel on 14th July and still no news :(
  3. Of course they are they dont want you to remove the order and they want you to wait an eternity for it 😄
  4. I cant keep ringing up every week and pestering so I'll wait for the surprise 😄
  5. Whats model did you order out of interest IE Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic, Premier
  6. Price is B***** Huge as well 😄
  7. You sure that wasn't the Highlander ?
  8. Ordered 84 days ago still waiting 😐
  9. Am a bit annoyed as mine is ordered on the Toyota system just not from a dealer so have to ring them up for an update.
  10. Cool look forward to seeing many pictures of it mine will not be with me till the Late November/December you lucky bugger 😀
  11. Hey Keith, You do realise that Diamond brite is just a glorified polish nothing more and nothing less it has no ceramic protection at all you were better off getting Toyota Protect as that is a ceramic coating and it also protects the interior. I myself am not getting it ffrom a dealer so to speak, asked my local dealer if they would be willing to do the Toyota Protect but as not bought from them I will get it done at a detailers I've used before.
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