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  1. It's free maps for 3 years and the maps are updated April and October every year as this Month 6.10.0H map update was released.
  2. Had my fuel tank replaced and had the safety measure fitted as well and I think it looks awful and I would never touch the electronic break at all, it was fitted at the same time I wish I knew and could have said no :(
  3. Had a few phonecalls from the saleman yesterday about sorting the 3 day take home insurance to get the car registered once I'm at the dealership, car will have a few extras missing which were ordered in December, boot liner as it's the wrong one and there are 3 types for Hybrid and non hybrid also the front scuff plates which the supplier of them is late to deliver so will return at a later date to get that fitted, cross fingers for tomorrows call
  4. Hi Dan, i asked your team to change the excess up to £400 and they went away for 3 minutes and was told all the companies were coming up £900+
  5. Had an email from the dealer last night, issues should be sorted early next week and I can pick the car up on the C-HR launch on the 10th January.
  6. @786s13 Thanks :) Just rung up Adrian Flux as they currently insure my car for £315 and got a quote for the C-HR £525 I thought okay seems abit expensive so asked thats £525 less £315 and the answer back was not thats the amount you need to pay, stated what £835 for a years insurance wow , Direct Line was the best price £385 but to cancel Andrian Flux the insurer does the refund prorata and Adrian Flux take £25 and commission off the refund I think thats a cheek considering they could not compete.(Rant Over)
  7. Well I weakened so here are pictures I took today not PDI'd just sitting waiting: Just a few issues to sort 1) Protection pack is incomplete not driver or passenger scuff plates and boot liner was not designed for the C-HR and does not fit properly but the rest is there, called Customer Relations and they are going to look into it and only 5 miles on the clock :)
  8. C-HR Finally Here !!!! Hi Guys, My C-HR was delivered to the dealer today with the protection pack on, salesman emailed me at 7pm and said in his email "Do you want to come and look at your new car tomorrow" with a front view picture of it I'll post pictures once I pick it up so you'll have to wait
  9. Neither do I normally but I thought yolo and TBH when I've bought a new car after a while I've got very little discount so thought sod it lets have some fun, needed to get out current car ASAP and I have a friend that will by this C-HR when I move on to the next so am not too worried.
  10. Yeah maybe Frosty just puzzles me the way Toyota do things thats all
  11. Yeah Frosty just dont understand why UK is the only country that has a lauch date for customer deliveries and yet everywhere is europe if it's delivered they can already pick it up already, like you say I'll want it registered 2017 so did not really matter just dont understand why UK get the cras that much later, why did other countrys get 5 pre production cars they could drive round a track where as we had to wait in the UK till the dealers got the production models.
  12. Was in yesterday at the dealership asked about the status of my car and was told it's at the port ready for Dealer Delivery 10th January sometime, am annoyed that the UK has a launch date and yet the rest of Europe does not so it will sit at the docks for a month grrrr.
  13. Auris TSpirit


    Hi onsetter, It comes from the factory with tyre repair kit and compressor only no tools but there is a space saver as an option £150 extra.
  14. Information Taken From:
  15. 786s13, That model is in Metal Stream colour and is not road worthy and never will be the guy there showed me the JBL sound system and I was quite impressed :)