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  1. Seen a few Yaris Cross's mainly white and Design but none yet with a Panoramic roof :)
  2. well the car has the saharan dust all over it 😄 no road dirt or rain flashes from other cars
  3. Yeah thought as much was just wondering 🙂
  4. Are these to worry about ie go to the delaer or just not worry 😄
  5. to get just cruise control that you can set a speed press and hold the button to the left of the Set + Res - button and it will change to standard cruise where you can set a speed :)
  6. Thanks for that will do it when I leave for the dealer sometime this week 🙂
  7. when I visit the dealer as a very poor paint job from local paint company I'll get my Dealer to sort that.
  8. On the Yaris Cross if you put it in park does the electric parking brake go on, mine doesn't if it does since I've had a flat battery thanks to the bodyshop
  9. correct it will downgrade the Infotainment system but give you the 360 camera and that why I went for it for parking system and the camera.
  10. Look on page 6 by Author Sevenarth he picked his a a while ago and was red.
  11. rear drivers door there was what was described as sealant smeared around the lip of the back door where a factory worker had not left it to dry so it's very rough in that area, rear passenger quarter by the fuel filler cap area there are nibs where the area was not finish properly, checked showroom model in same colour had none of those issues.
  12. Okay futher information about my car holiday, Car has now been at the car bodyshop 2 weeks, first week it sat doing/going nowhere, 2nd week it went back and forth in the bodyshop compound being prepared etc then Friday at around 1pm it was driven 1 mile down the road where they own nothing in that area sat there for an hour then driven back to the bodyshop, went into my dealer showed them the trip PDF and they are going to get the manager from the bodyshop in and ask why this trip but also the overall condition of the car.
  13. I hope not but the dealer will have some explaining to do.
  14. was told mid week this week but nothing, think the body shop aren't happy with every spray they do it seems
  15. Congratulations on getting your car finally. Sadly my car I've not seen in 10 days Toyota UK a few weeks back asked if I wanted those paint areas sorted I should get them done under warranty, 28th March took it into my local dealer and an hour later using MyT on board car tracker it went to the bodyshop and did not move for a week, this week it went back and forth within the bodyshop yet today it went to a different location where a dent company is based and since that bodyshop has had my car it's lost 9% fuel but no extra mileage so am not impressed so far.
  16. I ordered a Yaris Croos with the panoramic roof as never had one before and the light that comes in the cabin is very nice glad I added it 😁
  17. Still no news on your car days are ticking 😄
  18. I looked says nothing I'd contact Toyota UK on twiiter for a direct answer or Facebook I'm sure they'll get the answer for you. One mistake in the manual to jumpstart they show the battery is under the bonet oops 😄
  19. you can look at any of Toyotas car manuals whenever you like Toyota Owners Manuals click that then click choose I would like to perform a generic Search then do drop downs to get your Toyota model 🙂
  20. It was mainly information for @Thegeeza who has ordered the citypack like me that gets the touch 2
  21. Satnav should be 2021V2 as 2022V1 will be in April
  22. WheN you get the car make sure the SatNav has been updated and the Tyres aren't over inflated like mine was the SatNav update was 238gb but could be done by home wifi as was close enough 🙂
  23. So your no closer to knowing when you'll get your car
  24. fingers crossed that you'll get it before 7 months
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