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  1. posted on behalf of Msb this event is still on there was some confusion with numbers attending the organisers decided to increase the amount by 15 ! they have now backed down and it is all go, subject to filling the last places this Saturday is the deadline for putting your money and names down confirmation will be announced soon after if you want to book a hotel, try and choose one that offers a full refund if cancelled (most do ! )
  2. have a wonderful day my birthday girl :D
  3. hi Les i will be attending this year (as usual !) but on LOC but with a Toyota, perhaps we can have a section in the middle for the confused
  4. over on LOC there are a few of us going out to the ring numbers are fairly low at the moment anyone from TOC interested :D Nurburgring linky
  5. that terrible sound is an induction kit .....fitted straight on the supercharger :D you soon get used to it .........
  6. video from nurburgring posted here on LOC featuring a couple of toccers and alan 21`s after crash pics
  7. its a black GT , has been being stuck in a workshop for the last 7 weeks fingers crossed it will be ready saturday im in warlingham myself sat is because i dont like early mornings, and it gives me an evening with mates in leicester
  8. there may well be another starlet going is dependant on being finished in time is booked into be mapped on the saturday :o all being well it will be there :) did someone mention caterham will be going up sat evening though ;)
  9. i think it was a mini LOC and TOC meet on the side of the track we pulled over after seeing zee and his car on the side of the track, fearing the worst ! was only afterwards we learnt you were a TOCCY glad to hear no harm came to you shame about the car, but hey ho its only a car ! i have some pics taken from an onboard video of the aftermath, if your interested
  10. i would wait about 1000miles before having an alignment check the springs need to settle first !! any alignment done at the time of fitting will be out in a short time depending on how long you are waiting for your wheels but i would get them on and then get it checked
  11. ok horses mouth here :D they are original Racing Harts imported from Japan 18x7.5
  12. wanted to chat to him about a few things any one have any contact details :)
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