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  1. Thank you for the information, it is really helpful. They must know about this problem, so why not change them on the production line? But there again it would be common sense and of course they wouldn't make the money when people upgrade. Once again thank you all for the helpful advice.
  2. Ok everyone thank you for your posts. Do representatives from Toyota not look at this site? I have been a Toyota lover for years and love this forum but it would be nice if Toyota stepped in sometimes and said "We have changed the bulbs on the new Yaris (thereby admitting the old ones were not good enough) come and get some bulbs that are good enough to drive in the dark. Oh and safe enough. Rant over sorry.
  3. Hello Frosty, David and everybody else who have posted a reply on this. I am sorry I have not answered you lately I have been poorly and not been on the site for a while. I have had a trial in another Yaris Hybrid (from the dealer I use) and although they were a little better, 'in my opinion' they were still not good. I have decided that I must have a different opinion on good (ref. these headlights) to others, this happens in all walks of life and is not uncommon. I feel that I must accept what I get and move on rather than keep worrying about it. I have tried different bulbs in the unit and although the lights are a great deal brighter the beam is not correct, this is due to the unique make up of the HIR2 bulb. Other bulbs have a different make up, so using the brighter bulbs produce more light but due to the lack of an external reflector on projector lens lights they do not produce a good beam. So it is a case of except it or not and as other people are happy with it nothing will be done. So I feel that this discussion has nowhere else to go!!! but I would like to reiterate my thanks to you all and wish you all safe and happy Toyota motoring.
  4. Hi all, Ref the positioning of my lights I have had it in the garage and they have checked the beams and told me they are perfectly aligned. I have also spoken to an electrical engineer who says that the projector type lens work better with zenon bulbs with the correct accessories. That is why they have switched from the normal bulb to the HiR2 type, but it still does not work probably. Of course I will post the findings as soon as they provide me with another Hybrid to check it with. Peter
  5. Hi Frosty, I have had a few contact me and a couple on this post have had problems, I have already arranged to have a run in a different Hybrid to do a comparison. Thank you for the use of this site to try and get some ideas. Peter
  6. You have got the idea correct, I have been told that the Hybrid do have different headlights to the other models purely for the looks. Have they got it wrong ? Well yes I think they have, There is a kit that can improve the visibility (see the previous posts) but they are not legal to use in the UK (you need self levelling lights). One of the main moans I have is why, oh why have we got to pay out to improve the lights on a brand new car? I am quite surprised that a Toyota official has not offered a comment on this problem, perhaps they know there is nothing that can be done. I know this is not an official Toyota web site but please do not tell me they do not know what is being said on here? If I am wrong then Toyota are not as savvy as I think they are. My wife has just asked me a question. "Perhaps my standards are higher than Toyota's?" My answer, "NO! I have had lots of Toyota's and driven a lot more and I have never moaned about the lights before". Well Mike another rant by Peter! perhaps I should stop this topic and stop being a moaning old git?
  7. I used to have a D4D Yaris and the lights were a lot better. I am sure you have a good reason there and I am having another Yaris hybrid to take out at night (with a Toyota mechanic) to see any difference. Thank you for the post but I really need a way to improve the lights not a reason why they are bad. If it was not for the amount of money I would loose, I would sell it tomorrow and that is sad as I love the car. Peter
  8. Hi David, No problem but I am afraid the wording should be "Oyez, oyez, BLIND Yaris hybrid rolling!"? I really do hope that your Yaris has much better lighting than mine does. It is a great car and I am really unhappy, only because of the head lights. Some people (not you) will read this post and think it is a very trivial subject, "Oh his lights are not as good as he wants, stop moaning and put up with it". The problem is very real, I would suggest these people go on a dark country road and drive on dip only (that is the type of lighting I have) and see how it restricts your speed and also causes very unhappy drivers behind you. Sure the headlights on main beam go further but the light is not good enough to be of any use. I have actually travelled on full beam and nobody coming the other way flashed me.!!! Moaning time over and jokes by the way are always good. Peter
  9. Hi David, (orangezorki)I can assure you I am not bonkers, although driving at night lately is sending me that way. I have spoken to numerous people with Yaris Hybrid's and they all feel that the lights on these models are not good. I have already spoken to my local Toyota agency and we have arranged for me to have use of another Hybrid for a night for comparison purposes. I will post my findings on the site when this has taken place. (Date not yet agreed). My thanks to all those who have replied to my post, this site been more helpful than I thought it would be.
  10. I can understand what you say and accept it fully. The question is "If your lights are good and indeed better than the Yaris D4D you had before. Why are mine so poor if they are exactly the same set up as yours?". Surely there must be something wrong? I am not asking for anything amazing, just the same as you have, decent headlights.
  11. Hi Devon Aygo, Yes this is the big problem, but I am so pleased you have posted your message. You are the first person to say they have found the lights good on the Yaris Hybrid. I notice that your present car is the D4D I had the SR 2 door version and I found the lights at least 50% better than my Hybrid. I can now go and say this car headlights are not set up correctly, for if the one you drive is better mine should be to. Cheers Devon Aygo I am so pleased that the one you drive is good, it would complete the pleasure of having my Hybrid if I could say the same. Have you any idea how I could persuade the Toyota agent to do more about it than saying "we have checked the beam and they are set correctly" and that is all I can get them to do.
  12. I have been looking into the legal aspects as well and I think you are correct there is a certain amount of legislation, I do not know what they are at the moment. The gentleman from the Netherlands did say that the firm he purchased them from did not sell them to the UK which made me start to wonder, I am really confused as to why these headlights are so bad, I have had 2 Yaris models prior to this one and the lights have been fine. I just feel that Toyota now know about the problem and should be doing something about it rather than saying "we know of no problem". I must admit I am really confused to the whole situation, I think it is time I took it back and was more robust in my complaining. I have decided to go down the route that it is being sold "not suitable for purpose" as during the night on unlit roads I have difficulty driving safely at anything more than a 'slow' speed and that can be more dangerous sometimes than fast. I have come up behind people sometimes and suddenly the realisation they are crawling along comes as a shock. Just for every bodies information I even went to have my eyes tested yesterday to make sure it was not me. I am also an advanced driver and ex driving instructor. If anybody could give me advice on the best way to deal with Toyota I would be grateful.
  13. Obviously Zxice came across my post and wanted to post a reply to help me PLEASE do not have a go at him for being a good guy. He obviously did not see the "Other/non-UK" or I am sure he would of used it. He has not "provided false information" as you state to gain any advantage all he wanted to do was help another Toyota driver. He has been more helpful than Toyota themselves. So please applaud him for his good deed and I am sure you can just change his status to the "Other/non-UK".
  14. Hi Sortjai I think I have found the site: Which did you get... 3.000K, Yellow light. Retro look color as we know from the old cars.4.300K, Yellow light. Word ex-factory applied in most automobiles.5000K, yellow / white light. Provides an original luxurious look.6000K, White light with slight blue tint. Luxury appearance high lichopbrengst.8000 K, white / blue light. Gives a modern luxury.10000K, blue light. Bright blue color
  15. Hi Sortjai, I assume from your pricing $ you are in the USA, I wonder how much shipping to the UK is? Could you please email the details were you purchased them so that I can price the item and postage? Peter.