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  1. I really need to sort out the flame licked bumper bah! Karts yeah! Was great last time. Full grand prix!
  2. Hehehe looks like some loony bin escapee!
  3. Oh yeah...I was cold, hungry AND needed to pee. The rock solid suspension didnt help! Was still a great way to spend the day, Do it in big bad Glasgow next time! Tis waaay more random ***** to do! Like terrorising the local chavs in town, fast road driving, endless places to eat, smoking crack, sippin on fortay. You know its right Rico tar for the pic! I look like $h1t..waahay!
  4. Those wheels are ace, help you stick to the road no end.
  5. HAHAHA!! The infamous "chav valve". The very fact your considering it is a crime itself. Go to church and confess your impure thoughts! Or forever be branded a heretic.
  6. Aye was a great laugh! So much better than general karts sesh. A tournament is where its at! There was some major T-bonin going on from all of us! lol I smashed right into marky big time, im sorry dude it looked painful (from your side) and honestly I didnt realise I was not pressin the brake(was pressin the frame) ROFL at the angry daggers look I got off you after the hit mark. 3rd place pah I wuz robbed. Especially in the 3rd heat when I was clear in the lead again an smashed right into the tires on the last lap of all things. Brought a whole new meaning to the term "eat rubber". I never knew pirellis tasted so good.
  7. No need to worry about your drifting skillz Mr Karma! The driver in the film is the USA D1 drift champ and theres a number of general lees used in the film..that one is specifically setup for drifting hence the control.
  8. Nice quasimodo edition mr2. The owner also states "enkel wheels".. they are Enkei rp-01's. Such buffoonery should not go unnoticed!
  9. Gah blasphemy! It is NOT a cartoon! Its an ANIMATED FILM!. Or japanese anime to be exact :) And yes it is truly great! Everyone should watch it.. fortunately ive seen em all as my mate downloaded em all. Its basically about teams of rival Jap racers racing each other on backroads. What makes it great to watch is the race sequences are all in CGI...NOT drawn animation which would suck. Its impressive how very accurate it is in tuning/racing terminology. Its very well researched..you can tell they work with actual rx-7/evo/skyline etc owners and tuning experts. It features all mainstream jap cars. The series story is very well known in Japan amongst all car enthusiasts. Do a search and download the series now! Tis a must for all jap car enthusiasts!
  10. Was a great meet, it always is! Once again I had to settle for second to Rico in karting but ill get you next time gadget! I got home hope no probs after the AA tightened the stupid bolt on the loose wire connecting to the alternator (resulted in battery going flat). I shouldve really turned back to Gala to get your tools Rico aargh! :( My car may have gone kaput but I still roasted the lot of ye on the back roads so pah! Also apologies for keeping everyone waiting for ages due to my lateness (again) :( The highlight of the day was me getting to eat everyones food at Macdonalds. It so utterly rocked. I thought it was christmas when Jimlad said he couldnt eat his Xtra large burger and passed it to me. Cheers for your chips too Ryan n Rico. You lightweights!
  11. YOOOU GIT! I cant believe ya got the pic of me car when it wouldnt start at gala lol! Breaking downs a harsh word! Was justa loose wire ya know...could happen to anyone Superb pics tho
  12. Yer...and those endless "Do you have mounting debts? CCJs? Consolidate blah blah" And its always some chav talking about how the company gave him back his dignity or somethhing lol
  13. Go to skylinesrus.com. The owner is a true enthusiast and will chat to you for ages no probs if you want info. I would only ever import a skyline from his company. Read the site and youll know what I mean.
  14. Nice one mate! Great car eh!! If you want a great forum go to www.mloc.co.uk its the bigggest elise forum "midlands lotus owners club". :)
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