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  1. Ok so i won't bother doing it !) My father did it once in his carinaE and the car when started was reving more than normal (more than 1000rpm)...
  2. Why you say so ? There is no case for debris over there ? The truth is that Toyota does not suggest such a thing during the scheduled services...
  3. Hi guys, have you ever cleaned by ultrasound the injection-bek system of your car ?? I 've heard that you have to do it from a point and after every 20.000 km Any ideas ??
  4. The thing is that i don't want to lower the car, it has this jeep-like feeling and i don't want to spoil it or start paying attention when mouting on the sidewalks When i am talking about beach buggy look i mean ..... how out the whole weel will come, and if its going to exceed the car's width (cause if it does so , it will be the same with lowering the car or without !) What do you think ??
  5. Hi guys PLEASE help me by sharing with me your excperiences on the following issue : I am madly in love with the ANTERA rims type 329 (16inches to 7.5 !! that means a tyre of 195/45/16) How bad would it be for a yaris Verso ????? (taking into consideration that toyota equipes the car with 14" to 5 inches !!!) Do you think that it will make my car look like a .....beach buggy ?(
  6. Hi guys, is there anybody that wants to sell his 15" original 6 armed rims (from the latest corolla) in order to put larger ? I am intrested in buying these rims! i can send pics of them if you don't understand for which i am talking about.. Thanks.. pugilator2004@yahoo.com
  7. " Not sure, but is this what you are after? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...&category=10428 Cheers, Kieran "
  8. Please can you sent me an email with the interior of your Verso ?? I got my Verso from Greece (no TV-Nav screen for us too) Cannot wait for your pics !!! alexandrosbolotos@hotmail.com Thanks in advance..
  9. Reinforcing the seats was a great thing to do since the seats are quite shallow at the first place..... I really want to see this Verso :) , Now i 'll try the links you sent..
  10. well I have this green one..:-) actually it is the original display that shows the radio stations and all the other info. it is preequiped for navigation and "all" you need to install is the nav-computer with the DVD. As you can see if you look at the dashboard, there is a gray piece of plastic around this display and mainly below it. So the actual cut-out area would be much larger. And as a matter of fact, there is a color display available in japan....I saw it on the japanese toyota HP... If you dont care for the radio and all the other information, one could probably install a color screen. the company that made my leather interior are also selling car PCs. and they habe all kind of color screens. Wether this option makes alot of sense though, i am not sure. I have to say, that although the display is not sexy, it has one advantage: it does not disturb you, since it is not shining as bright as a color display probably would (although one could dim that one probably, well...) regarding pics: I will make a set of pics of the whole thing, and mail it to you in the next days if you want. here, one can apparently only attach 100k and that would not be enough. And I do not have a HP where to post it. Unless you have a suggestion. if not, please let me have your email address. cheers. andy HI, thanks for you immediate answer, you see i also recently got my Verso, i like it a lot and step by step i would like to make it .... elegantly-attractive :D My email is alexandrosbolotos@hotmail.com and i would be more than happy to see your little monster's pics :D :D :D About the navigation-thing, i 'll see what i 'll do in the future, i just want it for visualisation of the graphics from the cd-player because here in Greece we dont have developed electronical map of Greece... at least not yet :( Thanks again, Byeeez..
  11. Your car definately sounds GREAT Unfortunately i just have the 1.3 lt with only 86 hp BUT at this point i would be more intrested in placing a nice navigation system-full colour display TFT screen and so on. IS THIS POSSIBLE ??? In Toyota they showed me in their pc something like a green-screen navigator which was UGLY ! Which one you have ??? Thanks in advance & i would like to see pics from your Verso!