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  1. I dont use yahoo messenger anymore either. Sorry :-(
  2. I cleared up my facebook and deleted people who i never spoke to!! And i dont have msn anymore
  3. Been working my socks off!! Thats pretty much it!
  4. this is my new baby, 97 toyota levin...
  5. shes hot though i have to admit. especially the first scene she's in where shes on the bike
  6. oh my god best movie ever!!! anyone who hasnt seen it yet, do!! and yes karma lots of sweaty megan fox running scenes, the bf wouldnt stop drooling!!
  7. not yet but will be organising something soon!! :D
  8. i surely am raistlin. ;) bet you wish you were as cool as me eh???
  9. im doing this to be bold.... BUMP!! ha!
  10. Happy belated birthday!!! :D