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  1. Don't do it - too much chance of needing a new engine at relatively low mileage. The Toyota warranty was 8 years and 110,000 miles as I recall. If you can get one that has had its engine replaced, then that is a possible. Quite simply - been there, done that. I p/ex'd my T180 with in excess of 165,000 miles as "other bits" were starting to fail, each was going to be "around £1,000" so walked away, having replaced the fuel pressure sensor with a probable fuel pump failure impending, injectors needing replacement... As for extra oomph - I'd say only really if you get the plug-in
  2. All the info you need used to be on here, in the pinned stuff, concerning the 4.3 which was then the current. I think a lot is still here, but possibly without pictures. For instance, I was trying to work out how to wire in a reversing camera to my wife's XT5. The T180 has one - and the sat nav (B9004) has the ability. The wiring loom is there to the back, its connecting it and where to plug in properly to the stereo. But - all the pics were missing There used to be loads of info on the T180 engine (went into the SR180, also fitted to Avensis, Lexus) and how unreliable they were - h
  3. I have acquired a self dipping mirror from a 4.3 and need to know the pinouts to connect it. I'm adding it to a Hyundai Tucson which replaced my T180
  4. Yes they do prise off, sharp knife under an edge and they will pop off. Stereo should be held in with 4x bolts (10mm I think). remove those to remove the stereo unit out. Loads of space behind and under. All this is on youtube. My wife's is a 4.3 XT5 and I had a 4.3 T180 (never again for the T180 engine). Because of a loose connection on the ipod link, I could get the stereo out in a few mins
  5. Oh yes you can... Toyota itself did an input for iPod (cable) or there was a kit I got from the states that gave the ability to use playlists for an iPod or had input for 3.5mm stereo. The link is somewhere here in the archive. I got my kit in 2012 when a T180. Our XT5 has the Toyota iPod cable And yes, my wife's 9004 blew its DVD reader and I got a unit off eBay When we sold my T180, I swapped its 9004 for her's because it seemed to be more reliable
  6. As of today, now, my T180 is legal. As of sometime in May? Who knows? You implied MOT testers turn a blind eye then back tracked. My m/c has HID dip and mains. Is it legal? It had HID spots. Legal? The LED rear light - having discussed at length with serving Police officers, construction & regs haven't caught up so I don't take the chance. I've had an indicator lens declared showing white, and once a tester has done that, there is no recourse but to resolve, so why give them the chance to try to work out something they don't have to. May I respectfully suggest you
  7. Son-in-law is an MOT tester, and the two testers who work on my car point out the regs (currently) deal with OEM fit, not after market. And they cannot, dare not turn a blind eye because they can lose their lively hood and even be prosecuted. A properly adjusted headlight, be it halogen, HID Xenon or LED all work fine. An improperly adjusted headlight, be it halogen, HID Xenon or LED will dazzle. The issue is being dazzled. I have used HID Xenon since 1999 and found the improved lighting on "non-suburban, non-city" roads at night to be a life saver, making driving much safer.
  8. And having read the pinned posts, this seems to show that HID Xenon would have to be changed back to "standard". However, the "summary" link doesn't say that' only that daytime running lights are included. What I would do is change the (LED) bulbs over to standard for the MOT, change them back after. The LED is a far easier item to deal with - compact and "one piece", rather than the ballast and igniter of the HID
  9. Can't quote on what "will" happen, just know that mine has breezed the MOT with HID Xenon and this year, with LED (passed about a week back)
  10. That self levelling, headlight wash etc was for OEM, not after market, and was I think to do with HID xenon I had HID Xenon dips and mains for my T180, tried LED dip and they work just fine, and less troublesome in fact than the HID Xenon
  11. http://www.rav4world.com/forums/98-4-3-interior/84361-aux-ipod-iphone-adapter-integration-toyota-rav4-2006-2011-a.html I have this to connect to my iPod. Guess it depends on the version of your iPhone
  12. Hello all My 2008 T180 decided to give me a scare this morning. Cruising on the M1 near Sheffield in the 50 limit, graunching noise and speed drops - hit the clutch, looking for warning lights - none. Go into 4th, power is on and increasing. Into 5th - power and drive, into 6th - graunching and nothing Seemed to run OK in 5th to get me to destination, but in neutral, clutch up - bag of nails. 1st a bit notchy and noisy, same for 2nd With the clutch pushed down - no noises (OK, so there's no engine input to state the obvious) Reverse is there too, just 6th has disappeared and in neutral, lots o
  13. Something to bear in mind with the US - their Rav 4 isn't the same as ours. Similar looking, but longer wheelbase and different engines as I recall
  14. We've got a 2006 petrol XT5 auto and a 2008 T180 (manual obviously) There are no differences I've spotted in all the years we've had them, even to the point of trying my stereo/sat nav in my wife's XT5 when that unit went faulty. Oh, and the T180 has tinted glass, the XT5 didn't. The only issue we've had on the petrol XT5 was an oxygen sensor went south. It would correct itself then finally failed completely, with lots of warnings. The local dealer changed rather than our specialist, because they couldn't identify which one had failed and obviously if the dealer did, it was their fault if they
  15. I guess what it comes down to is what "floats your boat". Modern cars don't generally have spares these days (cost saving, weight saving) and I think in general from 2004 to maybe now, the public "tolderated" the idea. Lately, the public is kicking back and manufacturers are slowly responding. That's my take on things. CRV - spacesaver. Skoda - nothing, not even a space saver on most of their range. Another thing, I think the manufacturers see what they can get away with in a market. Take the new Rav - spares (albeit a space saver) in Europe but not with us. The Outlander/Citroen/Peugeot of 20
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