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  1. Hey, Where can i get a replacement front fog light from for my passenger side except for the dealers, a stones has wiped out the whole lense hence i need a whole new unit. i have seen loads on the internet however non state they are for the t-sport. however i was imformed by the dealer that from 2004 all the fog lights regardless of model were the same....... Parts king or anyone else could you confirm as i can pick one up for approx 30 quid instead of 85 Thanks Craig
  2. thanks guys, yeah i'm getting a second opinion ASAP. it was getting dark after i got the car up so i'm jacking her up tomorrow and checking for the signs you've mentioned!!! i've also put a big plastic sheet under the engine to look for any drips or water or oil over night and will continue to until i get a second opinion!!! also i'm going to look for un even wear on the brake disc in question as 24% difference is quite alot i should be able to see a difference in the wear of the disc i would have thought!!! could it be an easy DIY job to get some lubricant behind the pads???? they want £80 for the pump job. is it easy to remove??? as i could re-seal the housing myself!!! thanks again Craig
  3. Hey Guys just had my 4 year/40000 mile service and apprently my water pump is leaking even though there has been know sign on my drive ever of water or oil. Has anyone else had any problems?? i ask because myself and a guy from work who has the celica ts have had our 40k services within 1 month of each other and we have both never seen anything. he has seen some since the service which he thinks is fishy and now i have been lined up for work on the waterpump we are a little suspious of the dealer.......................... on another front he was also told on his last service his brake s with unbalanced on his rigth front and so are mine according to my visual inspection. he has had these looked at by a brake specialist and apprently there's nothing wrong with them. i had my pads n discs replaced last year as a warrenty item and they are saying i have the same and its because i only do 6500 miles a year that they seaze a little and they need stripping and cleaning then regreased. anyones thoughts please???? also my belt rear idealler is noisey under acceleration does anyone know if this is a big job!
  4. ok matey, I'll give them a ring see how much it is!! don't know how much i'll need but........ i bet they want to charge me £20 to put it in even tho its just a cap to take off lol
  5. Hey Guys, Busy times mean i don't spend as much time around here as i'd like but............. What coolant should i get to top up the Rolla TS?? I'm just above low, not dangerous but would ideally like some as i'm off on my hols on sat down to cornwall. Should i just go toyota and get the standard stuff or is any aftermarket better/cheaper?? Thanks in advance as always Craig
  6. Hey Dude, There custom decals i has done from a guy on ebay. On one of my previous posts i've got the seller name if you wanted to give him an email...... can't remember off the top of my head i'm afraid mate! there cut from carbon fibre effect vinyl, and onto the yellow its cool as for the car i looks very similar from yours apart from the alloys, tints and lowering it lol. its standard at present expect for wind deflectors, the calipers & thats about it. oh and TTE decals just above the side skirts near the rear, VVTL-I chrome badges below the repeaters and the L has been painted in the engine bay. It also has the Toyota SAT NAV & Leather seats. I want to do so much more to it, but at the min i haven't found the time and i also may have to invest in a van (keeping the t-sport aswell don't worry lol) defo's want an induction kit, springs and tints. Oh and some robbing bas###d robbed my valve caps lol, so much for anti left!!! PS your cars looking mint, looks alot different since i was last on :D
  7. Hey, Well went down to mr T today, and you can get a toyota roof rack for the t-sport. its around 170 quid which is very steep. but i think thule do one aswell, but you need the 777 kit or something! I'll keep investigating
  8. you should get some a##e hole inside ones and randomly stick them on tyre r's I am not generallising bye the way :o 2 bad runnings with them!!! trying to over take me on a blind bend, one on a country road when i had the familly in the car, was doing about 50 in a 60 and just tried to come on the inside of me, and luckly for him i saw the car and broke just in time for him to come back in!!! at least he had the guts to put his hand up!!! then he over cooked it into a bend about 1/2 mile later and ended up in the verge!!!!! the other one thought he could go round the outside of me on again another blind bend, this time i was doing 60 out of 60 mph, and it was to late to break, otherwise he would have been stranded in the middle of the coner for a truck to eat him up, all i can say is lift is darned useful for getting out of the way of something :D Craig
  9. The only other thing i can think of is some of them surfboard roof things and some ratchets throught the door!!! like the pipework insulation with straps through!!! PS i also forgot my password :o lol
  10. Just been really busy unfortunatly.... Work, Uni & College all to contend with!!! Hopefully i'll be around abit more since i've finsihed at college and its break at uni. Never mind my full time job, as i have to do my training in my own time! it eats away my free time but........... i'll savour it while i can!!! I have seen on one of the accessories pages on toyata a roof rack for it but can't find them!!! I have got to start transporting lengths of wood about, so the roof racks the only way to go........... it'll mess up the suede inside lol If not i;ve got to get a !Removed! van lol
  11. Hey Guys, Does anyone know if i can get a set of roof bars for my 3 door 55 Plate T-Sport? Thanks Craig
  12. nope not as simple as that, you'll need the sensor that mounts behind the rear view mirror!! and the loom etc, also probably some programming somewhere aswell!!! sorry
  13. here's a link to where i got mine http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Windabweiser-TOYOTA-...oQQcmdZViewItem and this is a topic with pictures http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...89080&st=20 Craig
  14. i got mine from ebay, can't find the seller at the minute but they have to come from germany...... really can't think of the name!!! if i remember i'll give you a shout. on the other hand if you search for wind deflectors on this forum i have a topic on them with a link!!
  15. yeah 17's will easilly fit and so can 18's, just change the tyre wall height to suit
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