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  1. My T27 does it to the point you look in the mirror and its like you have come out from fog. Dealer says its something to do with DPF and an ECU update. Its in with them tomorrow to have it done and the dreaded parking brake that takes them 4/12 hours, im glad i mentioned it has been saying malfunction every now and again now.
  2. Hi Colin It was quite easy the trims are straight forward to get off etc Dont get me wrong the idea of fitting the towbar my self saved me couple of hundred pound even after buying the genuine toyota wiring. The only issue I had was with the connection of the Perm live from the battery which turns out theres one in the fuse box behind the glovebox so I used that instead. I used followed the guide as found here: http://www.toyota-tech.eu/Aim/Aim.aspx?pubtype=AIM&menuitem=2 Just dont go by the fitting time it says on it ;) im glad I opted for detachable towbar as everything is out of sight when not using it
  3. Any T4 or T-Spirit drivers able to help? as it look maybe model specific
  4. When I did mine I ordered the Toyota Genuine wiring harness went for the 13pin one so it came complete no cutting to do everything runs down the passanger side
  5. Cheers Dale, Looks like im going to have to try and find someone with a T4 or a T-Spirit as yours is the same as mine now. Or tackle Toyota customer relations
  6. Yeah thats what mine does now but it never used to.
  7. latest update garage have tested another avensis and said it does the same as mine now which is no warning message and no flashing bottom bar. so I really need someone with flashing bar to post me some pics showing warning message. also if possible can whoever posts pics pm me reg no as the garage have asked for it to cross check part no's I'm sick now unless I can prove it does what I say it does the dealer doesn't want to know
  8. My concern is the fact that it does not display the warning anymore. what I get now is Solid bottom bar No bottom bar and then the range says 0 miles and the petrol light cmes on. It always used to warn on display to refuel as you say when the bottom bar started to flash but now it does not flash at all. What I need is some pics from one doing what its supposed to so I can beat the dealer with it and hopefully get them to fix it once and for all
  9. Thanks i'm starting to loose faith when the dealer doesnt even know what its supposed to do. Ive been waiting months a few days wont make much difference
  10. I'm after someone with a 2009 onwards Avensis to post some pictures of the low fuel warning stages. Ideally from a T4 where it displays the Please refuel message on the display. I have an ongoing issue with the dealer about the lock of notification on the car since it was in for a service and they seem unwilling to resolve it as to quote "The manual has no mention of it" So far they have replaced a sensor on the fuel tank and the latest effort was to replace the combi meter which now resulted in the car having zero miles on it now non of which have so far fixed the issue. Help please
  11. I'm still no further forward in getting this fixed. Its been in the dealers and they have replaced a part so waitied until it was empty and still no warming until range said 0 miles
  12. I did that the other week. i'll see what its like when I leave work but the light wasnt even on telling me to refuel. Can anyone confirm im not going mad and it is supposed to flash the bottom bar and that the MFD does tell you to refuel
  13. Hi All, Just after a view from other owners to make sure im not going crazy. I always remember that when the car got low on fuel the light came on and the last fuel bar started flashing and the MFD displayed please refuel or something like that. This is whats happening now but the dealer says that it should only start flashing when it gets lower than that.
  14. I've got a 2010 T4 can't say I've noticed any problem with movement on the seat however I have noticed that the seat seems to slope towards the door and the leather on the side nearest the door in now all creased. Took it into the dealers today and got the usual we will have to send pictures to Toyota, they never even looked if the seat was fitted correctly. Also the passenger side inside door handle openers coating has started to come off and again we will take a pic and send them off.
  15. Im in Darlington I know its not quite Newcastle but close
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