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  1. Hi guys my hobby is mountain biking. I have a Whyte t129 works full suss. Still bit sore from todays ride over cow and calf in Ilkey. Was going to slow to get over some rocks front wheel hit rock threw me over handle bars. Nice swolen thigh now. Wife says me and my mates should stop acting like we are kids. No chance ,ill never grow up.spills are part of fun. Even though it does hurt more the older i get.
  2. Yes thanks Mike get it now. So i suppose it is a saving then , but still might see if can get rid of admin fee though or go elsewhere on my hunt for a service plan,
  3. Cheers Mike will definately be asking questions. The price includes the two mots and the admin cost is included in monthly payment, says inc admin fee of 37 x £1,20..Says on sheet just noticed intermediate service is £126.00 and full service is £225.00 mot £39.00 so total is £780. plus admin fee takes it too £824.40.Still dont know why should be £934.10 to start with though. Unless the £126 and £225 is the reduced rate there doing the services for.
  4. Just got a quote for 4 year service plan . Service price in total £934.10. with service discount of £109.70. So plan price is £824.40 plus admin fee of £44.40. This equates to 1 payment of £156.96 and 36 payments of £18.54. This is for 2 full and 2 basic services and 2 mots (mots priced at £39.00 each).Not sure what people think but where does the £934.10 come from to start with.
  5. Hi i use the Nextbase 402g professional . Its hard wired into car .Very easy to install camera is very good quality easy to use. I bought it from Comes with sd card and case.Also i searched net for a discount code and i think i got another 5% off.
  6. Cant get it to connect at all wont allow me to turn on,the usb part on phone just greyed out all time so doesnt connect.I have rockscout app on phone and shows in apps.Just the mirrorlink part on phone wont turn on. Probably never use it but because it said it had it i wanted to try it out. Toyota dealer said not got mirrorlink,only comes with x nav version.To which i replied this has got x nav installed.Pretty clueless to be honest to say he sells Toyota for a living.
  7. I have a AYGO built on july 2016 cant get my samsung s6 to connect seems to go through motions but wont let me turn on connect usb to car icon just greyed out on phone..So nothing happens should this car have mirrorlink 1.1 on it and any ideas why wont connect.
  8. Checked this all on as should be
  9. Thanks pal you know your stuff. Any ideas why sound gone for audible speed camera alerts.
  10. Which sat navigation system does new AYGO have . Not sure if touch or touch 2 or just x nav. Wanted to know which it is and which operator it is. Speed camera alerts shows on screen and we heard audible tone for alert. But now just shows on screen and no audible alert. Alerts turned on in settings can't understand why no sound now when approaching speed camera.
  11. Are these splash mud guards any good and worth investing in..Had them on old Aygo but didnt make a lot of differencce. So wondered if better on new model Aygo.
  12. Hi pick new aygo up tomorrow .When we test drove it i asked where sat nav manual was.Sales man guy said dont come with them anymore all on line.Found this hard to believe so any one get sat nav manual with theres. 2016 model.
  13. Hi thank you for the pics. I think they look good do they actually protect door as i thought they might be too low . Wanted something to protect doors when morons in car parks just kick doors open.