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  1. Good judgement comes from experience.

    Experience comes from bad judgement.

  2. Thanks Peter3696, I think that a 14 ft would be the largest I would want. Towbar first, and if there is any money left, look for a caravan!
  3. Auxiliary belts should have been changed at 60,000 miles service.
  4. I have a 2010 RAV 2.0 petrol with CVT transmission and wondered if anyone had any experience of towing a caravan with the same model. The handbook states 1500kg braked trailer capacity but caravan websites (and Honest John) seem to think that it is not advisable to tow a heavy(ish) caravan with this model. The petrol auto suits my daily needs and I was only thinking of a caravan if I didn't need to change the car, any experiences would be welcome.
  5. No need to worry, it's chain driven cam, not cam belt.
  6. I need a green wrap on my Giallo bonnet 😊
  7. Thanks for the feedback and the link David. Nothing too contentious with CVT vs DPF and EGR etc! A test drive will be the ultimate decider. As an aside I popped into my local dealer on Saturday, just to look at the new style wheels on the 2014 model year Rav, nice. In conversation with the salesman he said that he hadn't sold a single petrol Rav4.4, but really rated the 2.0 D-4D!
  8. Anyone had any experience of the petrol CVT RAV4.4? Honest John seems to rate this model and it would suit me when I retire, having had a 4.3 D-4D before this Auris. I will be doing fewer miles, I (try to) play golf and have a dog so look forwards to having extra capacity again, the petrol auto sounds appealing.
  9. At least the new reasonably priced car was a Vauxhall, not our favourite brand 😄
  10. wharfstaff

    Top Gear

    Hi everyone, first post in the Auris forum having just part exed the Rav for a new Auris Sport 1.6 which I think is great by the way. Anyway, back on topic, JC referred to the Corolla on Sunday's TG as a 1.8 140 bhp, is that the engine fitted in NZ? What a shame its not available in the UK, a bit more power and torque which I would have chosen if on offer.
  11. Spotted some RAVs for sale in Autotrader at Motorpoint with only delivery miles on them. They had an interesting feature on the rear door Priced at under £20000 but the spec appears low, cloth seats, no cruise or remote radio controls.
  12. Lovely warm day today in East Anglia, so whipped off the bumper and changed the foglamp without a hitch. I will fettle the bumper, having buffed it up it doesen't look too bad, it will just need a bit of paint on the inside face by the rear door. Thanks again for the help.
  13. I had to have my fuel filter changed and have used Shell cooking diesel exclusively since I owned the vehicle. However, I have been using BG227 additive, wonder if this had any bearing, but everything was OK last winter.
  14. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I will wait until the weather warms up a bit, carefully remove all the fasteners and have a good look at the damage. At least it wont start rusting :) I am fairly good with an airbrush, have touched in rusty BMW rear arches and dropped motorcycle fairings
  15. Many thanks, Anchs. MOT is not until Nov, there should be a warm day before then. Aaargh, Bezzer, you just replied as I posted thanks to Anchs.....where's the glue?
  16. I picked up a hire car from work last week and thought it would be nice for my wife to use my Rav while I was away so I took her IQ to work and left it there, I bet she wondered what the strange beeping noise was when she reversed into her parking space at her works. The bumper damage can be buffed out and toched up but the main problem is how to replace the fog lamp lens? 2007 RAV4.3
  17. Could be the cold weather and you need a new fuel filter. I had the same problem when it was cold two weeks ago, new filter and all is OK. As it was cold and I didn't want diesel all over my drive i got the dealer to change it, cost under £80.00
  18. Had similar problem and fuel filter has just been changed which seems to have cured the problem. Car has done 56,000 and filter should have been changed at 40,000, so only 16,000 miles use!
  19. I can recommend the genuine Toyota item. It is not cheap and fitting and and removing gets easier the longer you have it, but not easy until you master the sprung ends which fit straight into the slots provided by Mr Toyota under the plastic covers. Part no PZ483-X2121-00 cost around £180
  20. Wishing Health, Wealth and Happiness to all from sunny Suffolk 🎅
  21. Toyota customer service wins every time, Rav 4.4 for me next.
  22. Haven't seen these in the forum, from What Car 2013 Toyota RAV4 prices revealed 05 December 2012 All-new Toyota RAV4 Entry-level versions cost less Available to order now, from £22,595 The 2013 Toyota RAV4 will be cheaper than the current car, Toyota has revealed. All-new RAV4 prices start from £22,595 - £1745 less than the current cheapest model. The lower price is partly due to the addition of a new 122bhp 2.0-litre D4-D diesel engine to the range. It will be available alongside an updated version of the current RAV4's 148bhp 2.2-litre diesel engine and a 2.0-litre 'Valvematic' petrol. The 2.0 D-4D engine is available only with front-wheel drive, whereas the petrol engine and 2.2-litre diesel are available only with four-wheel drive. A six-speed manual gearbox is standard for 2.0 D-4D models, while the petrol comes only with a CVT automatic gearbox and the 2.2 D-4D is avialble with a six-speed manual or automatic gearbox. There are three new trim levels for the new RAV4. Entry-level Active trim gets 17-inch alloy wheels, air-conditioning, Bluetooth, four electric windows and rear privacy glass. Icon trim includes automatic wipers, Bluetooth, dual-zone climate control, an electrically powered tailgate, electric folding door mirrors, part-leather dashboard trim, a rearview camera and a touch-screen control system. Top-spec Invincible models get heated front seats, leather trim, rear parking sensors and roof rails. Options for Invincible models include lane-departure-warning and blind-spot monitor systems. 2013 Toyota RAV4 prices 2.0 D-4D 2WD Active £22,595 2.0 D-4D 2WD Icon £24,295 2.0 Valvematic CVT Icon £25,595 2.0 D-4D 2WD Invincible £25,995 2.2 D-4D 4WD Icon £26,495 2.2 D-4D 4WD auto Icon £27,595 2.2 D-4D 4WD Invincible £28,195 2.2 D-4D 4WD auto Invincible £29,295 The 2013 Toyota RAV4 is available to order now. First deliveries are expected next March. By Leo Wilkinson
  23. I have just filled up following a 435 mile return trip to Worcester over the weekend. Average mpg 42. Set cruise at 70 mph whenever possible with the odd burst to overtake those doing 69 mph. 57 reg 2.2 XTR with 52,000 miles. BG244 every 10,000.
  24. Ordered mine http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1439.l2649 Bargain £24.91 including postage Been wanting one since I got the Rav, thanks for the post Abraxas
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