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  1. Can no-one help me with this? It's really frustrating. :-(
  2. Some unspeakable moron decided it would be a good idea to push my driver's side wing mirror forward whilst I was away from the car. It hasn't broken the mirror housing but the mirror glass has detached ('snapped off') from the housing, and is now just hanging fromthe housing by 2 wires. I know this seems like a trivial question, but how do I reattach it? With the Ford I had before it was kinda easy, just found the right bits to clip it to and pushed hard to get it back into place. With the Toyota Corolla, there's a really weird design, with 2 yellow plastic plugs that seem to plug into two rubbery things (hard to explain!), and a long white clip that moves about. Try as I might I can't get the glass to click back into place in the mirror housing. :-( Does anyone have any tips as to how to reattach this infernal thing? Would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Why do they make windscreen washer squirters that can get misaligned? You wouldn't think it was that tough to just make them work reliably. Anyway on my Toyota Corolla, all 4 of them are squirting in the wrong direction; too high, off to one side, etc. Is there a way to fix the alignment of the windscreen washers?
  4. Hi, Tried doing the battery thing but it's still got the same problems. How can I read the codes manually?
  5. Ah, yes... the 'Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) (Check Engine Light)'. Yeah that seems to be the symbol that comes on. It's an X reg (2000), so probably? How do I read/clear the codes manually? OK I will try doing that but I don't see how it will help. :-)
  6. My car is a 7 year old Corolla GS diesel. Every now and then I have weird problems with the dashboard; 2, in fact. The first is that, on quite a regular basis, the speedometer will just drop to zero. Often, at the same time, the orange 'engine' symbol on the dashboard will light up, which the owner's manual helpfully tells you means 'take back to dealer'. Thing is, often after a while the speedo will come back up and work again, and almost always when I turn the engine off and on that orange light disappears and the speedo works again. I did actually take the car to the dealer about this, but they seemed pretty clueless and very expensive. They said it could be a problem with the dashboard component OR some component in the gearbox, and to fix both would be about £500 in parts alone. I told them not to do the work, and was hoping you guys might have slightly more of a clue. ;) The second is a more minor problem; of late, the fuel level needle has started waving around way more than usual. Especially when I'm on low fuel, the thing can go from half-full to completely-empty, based on whether I'm braking or accelerating. Surely it shouldn't do that? Is there some component in the fuel tank that can come loose or something and cause this? Could it be an electrical problem?
  7. Woohoo! I fixed it! :D There were some screws behind the 3 knobs that I had to unscrew and the facia took some persuasion to get off, but when I did it was easy to fix and put back in place. It was a hot sweaty afternoon but once i'd finished, I turned on the engine and cooled myself with the AC for a few minutes. :D Thanks everyone for your help!
  8. londoner: how do you remove the 'recycle air / air from outside' knob? You sure pulling it hard won't break it? :-) Also, do I need to disconnect the battery when I'm doing this, or is there no risk of an electric shock?
  9. As promised earlier; pictures to show you what I mean. How can I fix this? :-)
  10. Hi everyone, my first post on these forums. :-) My Corolla is 7 years old, a GS diesel. The AC button has always been slightly dodgy, I've always had to push it really hard sometimes to get it to turn off; yesterday I pushed it really hard and it pushed back through the facia! I'll post a picture of this on the thread when I get back home. My question is how do I remove this part of the facia so I can get the button pushed back in place? Unfortunately it looks like it will be very difficult to remove or get behind it. It's the part of the facia quite low down, beneath the vents, where things like the hot/cold air dial and the 'recycle air / air from outside' knob are. I hope it's possible for me to do this myself, even if it's a long operation, as I really don't feel like taking it to a dealer and paying them an obscene £100/hr to do this. :-(
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