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  1. Its a marketing ploy. I think its quite clever and a "double entendre".
  2. Found this on the net. Its the new Toyota Aygo ad:
  3. Well, Im actually chinese-scottish. It`d be cool to have a metallic blue body but with a silver X. Bet you in Scotland someone will create a Saltire one. lol
  4. The Red Aygo call sign.............. "Red 5.......standing by"
  5. Ok, the white one is growing on me. I still need more pics. Aygo !Removed!! Haha
  6. Haha! Raistlin. "Jelly mould". Interesting choice of words. I might be what you call a "grower". I might grow and like the new Aygo. Its a bit fussy with all the different angles and lines. From the side its like an Hyundai I10, and the rear a touch of an old Mark 3 Punto! :(
  7. I need HELP! Please provide some positive feedback for me on this new shape. Its not doing it for me or does the "chemstry" come later with her? lol The side upward angle of the rear window reminds me of the old Phase 1 Hyundai i10. I need more pics and to see it in real life as it looks like one of those cheap Korean cars. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hyundai_i10_1.2_Style_%28Facelift%29_%E2%80%93_Frontansicht,_14._Juli_2013,_M%C3%BCnster.jpg
  8. Ive filled up my tank and took a drive from Edinburgh and ended up in Devon on 1 tank of fuel. If it were my Peugeot 106 I would have stopped twice to fill it. Aygo MPG rules!
  9. Thank you Truth seeker for your input and contribution. I totally agree with what you say about 155 size tyres although not so long ago I used to drive a Renault 5 with 145 size tryes and they were seriousily dangerous in the wet. Any chance of a rear and side photo of your lovely alloy wheels?
  10. Wondering what Toyota is hiding now,a nd will it be worth the wait.
  11. Awww crap! I cant seem to attach the pic. :(
  12. Thanks for your contribution guys. Thats more like it and this is how the Aygo club should, and can grow. IS there anyone able to get a screeb grab of the front light. I managed to get to get this pic of the Aygo rear of the car when its driving from left to right in the video.
  13. Wahey! A reply. lol. Thanks for your reply Frosty but if you click ont he link and look at the post. Guess what...............NO REPLIES! lol
  14. Thanks for your reply, Wiz. Seriousily though! Post a message on here. 103 views and only one reply. Put something into this club and getting nothing out. Poor show. My old Fiat and Peuegot car clubs were much better. :(
  15. Anybody seen this? I had to pause the video in some places to try to get a view:
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