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  1. Happy Birthday CozmoNz!

  2. nah, its a 4efte ;) haha, G, Glimited = 3sge GT, GTS = 3sgte Crappy American MR2 = 5sfe.
  3. Why filter the air? it does open the bov @ idle, because its not vent to atmo, it can be as loose as it wasnt to be, where as an aftermarket one MUST be tighter, not to *suck in* at idle. if you put a filter on, then it can suck in air at idle, and vent it on throttle drop.
  4. CozmoNz

    For Jim

    i swear, they came factory with *broken* bonnets >.>
  5. Dunedin... New Zealand.... :D
  6. CozmoNz

    Ball Joints

    lots of knocking noises :). ours is doing it now. ILL FIX IT SOON so get off my back :). we replaced 1, and 1 of the 2 noises went away, now the left is knocking... so ill fix it soon and steering wheel whobble :D
  7. rev 1,2 afm rev 3,4,5 map if you have a 1,2 dont touch the bov.... if you have a 3+, go for gold. i plan on it in the future :D
  8. Glanza V, in all experiences arnt slow, but by any means arnt quick either :). They sit next to: AE111 20valve Bz-v/g/r levin's/trueno's SIR Civic's Mr2 NON turbo's Most 2.0L non turbo cars out there actually... that arnt performance based (dont go trying to beat S2000's) umm, yeh, anything around the 0-60 in 7 sec's. 180sx silvia do 0-60 in 7 seconds as well... but then again, they have longer legs (torque)... so just keep pulling at 60 onward... but yes, not slow, not fast, LOTS of fun :D
  9. CozmoNz

    Error Code

    ok, i have no idea which *oxy sensor* your actually talking about, so lets just list them all! AFM:, Air flow meter, meters how much oxygen goes into the engine... located just off the airbox Map1: map sensor, if is gen 3+ then you dont have an AFM, you have ONLY a map, located in the intake manifold Map2: map sensor 2, if is turbo, you have one of these, this one is ran for the boost guage, and fuel cut, thus killing this kills fuel cut. Duno where its located, obviously somewhere on the intake side of things though :). Lamda: located in the exhaust, genereally just off the exhaust outlet from the turbo, or if non turbo, around the area where the headers / exhaust manfold become 1 pipe. im probbaly off by miles, but then again, im only cozmo!
  10. go get a bottle of *fresh coke* (reach to the back of the isle), sit it in the sun until it expires. drink it taste famila? THATS RIGHT, tastes like pepsi ;). Coke for me. (yes, we tested this, but i tasted it without knowing where it had been sitting :S) still, i drank the whole bottle :D
  11. CozmoNz

    Error Code

    not if you ran at full throttle / closed loop ;)
  12. sorry im taking so long bud, getting all this **** sorted.... SORRY AGAIN.
  13. sorry man, i keep thinking they are all map sensored *doh*. but its cool to do that on ours :D having no afm :D.
  14. nup, 5w 60. same stuff thats recommended for Evo8's also suggested for Rally cars, N/a V8's and V10's. if its good enough for porshe, fpv, hsv bmw and merc, its good enough for a sw20 turbo. ← Wow We dont get that grade of oil here in the UK, never seen it before. The thing that worries me about this oil is not so much the fact that its an SAE60 and vry thick when hot, but the amount of viscosity improver needed to keep the oil in grade through the huge viscosity gap, oils with less viscosity improver the better. Cheers Simon. ← its aussie made... shell be right mate ;). in a year or so shell be getting a rebuild anyway, so what does it hurt :D shes a toyota after all ;)
  15. just me or is that one sinking.... *tilts head*