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  1. well this is free mate , wats on your cd ?? just all the files in pdf format like the workshop manual i posted or is it a separate software type thing ???
  2. multi function unit/bsi unit /consumer/unit /control unit for auxilaries are they all the same thing lads ??
  3. download it its very helpful and will help you from not getting bent over by shifty mechanics ! :)
  4. I got hold of it boys download it while it lasts !!!!! Toyota Avensis 2003 - 2007 Service Manual http://www.sendspace.com/file/e0071b direct link http://fs02n5.sendspace.com/dl/c54796c97105b510c4ebdfdd38209e78/4c0a5c394424bc23/e0071b/Toyota%20Avensis_2003-2007_Manual_EN.rar
  5. Hello toyota brethren does anyone have the Toyota avensis workshop manual for 2003 -2007 males on pdf format ? , if so can you please upload it onto the net and post the link on the forum please thanks in advance
  6. I did not know that the avensis 2005 model came in a 1.6 , the cheapest place ive een for the clutch kit is ebay if u dont want to change the fly wheel look for the taxi conversion kit
  7. Your problem now is that only the first 'sparky' knows exactly what he he done/disconnected. I suggest you get him to fit you a new control unit (the faulty one) and reconnect whatever he has disconnected. Other than that, you need to get detailed info from him as to what has been disconned and where, this can then be passed on to your second man to give him a head start, without it he will have to search for the disconnection which will take valuable time. yes thankx for the reply mate , ive been trying to get detailed info from my first sparky however as ive mentioned the garage seem very dodgy and dont really like giving me a lot of info they have said that my car needs a new control unit known as any of the following .... multi function unit/bsi unit /consumer/unit /control unit for auxilaries they are all apprently meant to be the same thing . and they have also said that part they needs is not available at even the main toyota dealer for a while . for some reason i feel ther keeping me in the dark and telling me porkies . since ive herd a few shifty stories abt them
  8. i took it to another garage and talked to the mechanic about it and described the siren which yes as he confirmed is coming form the back of the car he opened up the boot and opened up the a panel on the right side an disconnected 2 joined wires by a socket thing and said it was some back up alarm that is going off whilst driving and the first auto electrician may have disturbed this back up alarm while fiddling with the electrics. i think the normal alarm is still engaging as the light is flashing when i press the lock key twice but i think they first alleged auto electrician may have disturbed something with the intrusion sensor aswell for which the button and sensors are at the front with the front inside lights , the first mechanic has also turned off all the ALL the internal lights i.e ceiling, boot and door frame lights as the electric drain was apprently coming from the front inside light and i remember the fascia of the unit for the inside front intrusion sensors and front lights were taken off when i went to chek up on my car hence why im having these suspicions. as for the siren the wire has been disconnected now by a second mechanic so i dont think i can even get a recording of it, the second mechanic has encountered the same problem with a few other avensis of the same kind that belong to a few taxi drivers he said it was apprently a common fault and disconnecting that wire gets rid of siren . I still dont know where i stand all suggestions and thougts welcome buddies thankx in advance
  9. Hello fellow toyota brethren . Right folks i seem to have a bit of an electrical issue on my hands with my 2003 d4d avensis electrics . my battery kept on going flat if the car had been parked up for 2 nights had the battery changed twice aswell as had the alternator checked but yet the problem persisted and i had to jump start to get started again. I then took the car to a local garage who hav an apprently "experienced" auto electrician. I was told by the garage that i possibly have some kind of drain, first they said that i may have the drain from the original stereo which i told them had turned faulty an not working properly as it kept spitting out cds and showing cd error till date so I had that changed something which i was going to do anyway . However even after having it changed the drained was still present after investigating further and having the car for 7 days and charging me £200 the garage have diagnosed the drain out to be a fault with the interior front ceiling light so they have disconnected something on the control unit so ALL the internal lights i.e ceiling, boot and door frame lights when the door is opened now do not work also ive noticed the beep reminding you that the headlights have not been turned off does not come on . Ive been told thers is something wrong with the control unit which needs apparently needs to be replaced to get everything now back in working order. Moreover to add to that since ive got the car back from the garage im having an intermittent fault where on 2 days whilst ive been driving a different sounding alarm siren in the car has been coming on whilst driving, the alarm siren isnt like the normal sounding alarm where the hazard lights and horn will come on whem the alarm goes off but a siren nonetheless, this new siren goes off if i turn off the ignition and take out the key but comes back on if i restart . After speaking to the auto electrician he cant fathom why and what has now gone wrong and why the siren is coming on, i must say im losing confidence in his abilities and i heard a few bad stories abt that garage in general. I think the drain has probably gone as the car has started after 2 nights but i think I need to double check that again via keeping the car parked up for 2 nights. so folks any ideas on what resolution would be best without hurting my pocket too much as im a bit skint right now and can you verify what my garage has said can be true and why the different souning siren maybe going off whilst im driving ?. quick replies awaited and thanks in advance . kind regards afro
  10. hello friends i have a t3x avensis d4d i my clutch has become very heavy and the master cylinder has started creaking . toyota main dealer have quoted me £1700 to get it all sorted out ............. ouch. so i went to a local mechanic one ive know for some time who advised me the dual mass flywheel will also need to be changed but rather tahn replacing it with a dual mass he recomended that i should replace it with a single mass flywheel from the old avensis d4d as it will last longer than a dual mass which only lasts abd 3 years will be cheaper and will not have any difference. my mechanic said to replace it with a single mass it requires some slight nut and bolt modification but nothing massive. this modification has previously done on alot of taxi cars which are now running fine in additon to a rav4 wich has a bigger gear box . any thoughts on wheter this will be beneficial or should i just replace it with a dual mass
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