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  1. nrgizer ok bud. what makes you think that the 4efte is so remarkably different and engineered to a stonger design compared to the na version of the 4e???? remember the fte is jsut an fe with turbo ancilarys attached. the engines are almost identical apart form the inlet mani and injectors.. the..head,block,crank, vlave springs ect are the same. i couldent vouch for the pistons but as the compression ratio is the same..i wouldent be too surprised if the rods and pistons were the same aswell. there is a stigma around saying the fe is iferior and weeker in design...thats bull. wheres the evidence to suport this.
  2. couldent really put a price on a normal 5efe one but i would imageine it wouldent be worth that much. yopu could sell it for someone to reprofile tho. i ahve seen toyotasera sell fhe cams for 100beans hope this helps
  3. and how much longer do you think a 4efte would last under the same loads and stress???
  4. thats a water cooler kit to replace the intercooler. a much more efficeient desing of an intercooler wherei is plummed into the readiator and uses a water pump. it also keeps inlet temeratures at a constant temperature. wheres with an intercooler to work properly you need to be on the moove
  5. all im saying that a 4efe will be safe for 220bhp(which is incidently the real maximum for not upsetting handling balannce) if tuned properly. any further then that then opt for forged pistons then the skys the limit in both cases. its dales turbo kit aka 10secrx7 he can supply the kit to fit any e series engine. at bradedlines.com
  6. yes. but this is just the same as an fte if you think about it. ok if you had a 4efte. at what point would you start upgreading the pistons?? there it is a stigma saying that the 4efe and 5efe are week engines as they should take the same abuse as an fte properly tuned. there are a few tercels running 250whp on stock fe internals that are testiment to this. incidently 220bhp whould be as far as i would want to go before upgreading pistons on both the fte and the fe for proper boosting. depends on what your after. if you after outright power then ye because of the extra displacement. but if your already have an fte then its alot easier to just up the boost
  7. no mate. you might be mistaking the name for the vauxhall corsa bud the toyota corsa was never imported to these shores the toyota corsa uses the el chassis and was made for the jamaican market. il try and dig out a pic :)
  8. sorry scutch...missed you there. my plan is to get spomething done before the bansai thrash. these turbo kits retail for just shi of a grand and you get injectors rrfpr microteck ecu manifold hoses, clamps and filters ect. you do need to source a mitsi tdo4 but there are loads of scooby forums where you could find one. ill get specs and pictures and post them up on extreem ep bud :)
  9. nrgizer wrote i totaly disagree with you there bud. some people are limited as to what they can do. some versions of 4efe came standard with 100bhp so there is alot of scope to bring the standard 4efe(75) up to that 100bhp through the use of very cheep interhcangable parts. like inlet manifold...plug leads ect. t
  10. 5efe cams are identical to 4efe and 4efte cams in every way. its the fhe ones that are diferent having more lift. the toyota tercel and toyota corsa also come with the 5efe hope this helps bud
  11. i totaly disagree with what your saying reko bud. have you ever heard of a turbo 4efe letting go? nither have i dale form bradedlines is only using one of his tdo4 turbo kits(cheep as chips) on a stock 4efe and its producing 180bhp at the flywheel.. which is more than what a stock ct9 would produce. his aim is to disprove this theory that the normal 4efe engine is week. he is aiming for 220whp which is totaly achieveable. guys in the u.s have turboed the 5efe with decent figures aswell and i think thats poopoo friend these turbo kits are alot cheaper baught and installed then sorcing a 4efte plus fitting. plus they already come with a reprogramable ecu and everything else needed to set a 4efe up with a fine tune. so for the price of a 4efte conversion you only have 135bhp.......... .......then spend that again to get decent figures mainly becasue you have jack sh*t and the ct9 has a bad asma problem. wheres start with a 4efe turbo kit...... ......produce more power straight away... then the only thing holding you back from producing mega scooby slaying bhp are some forged pistons. you might be guessing what im going for with my fhe now
  12. looks sweet! hou are you actually on about the imaging for how the sound travels
  13. ok heres a few of mine. sorrry about the sizes why do people scrub off the numberplates in pictures???
  14. fhe cams do fit but you will need the shims aswell
  15. scionic i have been doin some readig up on this and yes it is same as the 3sge basicaly the same as the vvti unit found i nthe new shape celica minus the vvti system
  16. there is an ep82 with this kit, larger injectors and it rus a 12.9 down the quater. there is a vid for proof of this. whats amaizing is this car has very few mods to have achived that incredible time.
  17. ye it ca be done bud. quest 4 of newzealand have done it. but the car has covered very few miles. people say that the drivetrain is week but no one has actualy done this to say that, there are pics and specs of the car on extreem ep.
  18. 17s will go on with the rigght offset of 40mil without rubbing frot or back. if your car is lowered tho you will need to roll the back arches. any compit3ent tuning shop can do this if they have the tools for between40-70 beans an arch. hope this helps bud.
  19. thats barrys starlet. he stays up the road from me. its not pink but a flip out purple green paint job. the car does look really good in the flesh
  20. ye i spoke to one of the editors a few months back about agroup thrash. and told him what was possible to do to a starlet with gearboxes, engine conversions and what not. he sounded pretty impressed with what i had to say
  21. ye sweet as rich. heres a pic of my speedlines painted in the same colour as the body.
  22. ok ill buy the wheels lowering springs and the clear indicators off you bud.
  23. what are you paying for insurance toby??
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