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  1. Yes they are the 205/55/16 from black circles with online discount code. Didn't know you fit 205/60/16 to any Verso.
  2. I've replaced my original tyres with Michelin Energy Savers, they are very quite with a bit more grip than the originals. It does seem to 'roll' a little better too & the Verso returns 55 to 70 mpg with them on a regular basis which is better than the 50 to 60 mpg I was getting with my old Dunlops. Not sure why anybody would get anything else, especially when you can get them fully fitted for less than £85.
  3. I bet it is folding in the wing mirrors on fast motorways to reduce drag!
  4. I guess the dpf on your 2.2 D4D will be stopping most of the black soot. Without the dpf on the Verso it just all gets chucked straight out of the back! Maybe the dpf is increasing your fuel consumption preventing you getting nearer 60 mpg it should be able to do? I would have thought the Auris would be lighter too & able to cut through the air better.
  5. My Verso has always given 50 - 60 mpg on average & I don't hang about. When accelerating I normally floor it coming out of roundabouts etc (with the ESC kicking in even in the dry in 3rd gear, especially with the original Dunlops on the front). However I do use cruise control when on dual carriage ways etc & normally stick to 65 mph unless in a hurry. I have found that my mpg drops off dramatically when above 65 mph / 1800 rpm. I actually think flooring it a couple of times a day is key to keeping the engine running well as after several miles at 65 mph & 1800 rpm the exhaust seems
  6. Well, 64 mpg isn't too bad I guess, bit disappointed that it's way off the average trip computer mpg mind. I'm pretty sure that without the town driving and with some eco tyres on the front that 70 mpg is a possibility with the 2.2 D4D.
  7. After doing a good few more miles today (quite a bit around town sadly) I have just topped up & put 43.5 litres in. That has filled it up. The trip computer shows that I covered 617 miles - i'm not sure what that is in mpg so will have a go at finding out tonight. I suspect it is somewhat short of the 78.8 mpg that the average trip mpg was showing as I pulled into the petrol station however.
  8. My 08 plate 2.2 Diesel Verso SR has just done 67k miles and I guess is about run in. It's maybe a little noiser than when new, but does rev a little easier. Anyway, i've just done a 250 mile round trip through Essex & Suffolk (pretty flat, mainly dual carriage way but with some hills) & the average mpg on the computer was 85.4 mpg. I didn't break any speed limits but kept up with traffic (HGVs at least!). I'll have to check when I next fill up exactly how much fuel it has been using however I expect it to be less than 70 mpg in 'real world'. I think that's pretty good for such a heavy,
  9. @ Flip Funny one this (not laughing mind) but I got my water pump replaced (had to pay most of the cost myself, car under 4 years old but out of warranty) at the same dealership as you. They told me it was very rare (couldn't think of a time in the last few years) that they have had to replace a water pump on a car of my age / mileage. Then you turn up a few days later for the same issue on a newer car with less miles! Hmmmm.....
  10. @ Red D. The warranty expired in April '11 - I had my 50k service just before it expired. Obviously everything could have been fine with the vehicle then, but I don't know that one way or the other. I trusted my local dealership to tell me if there were any problems however as clearly shown (& confirmed by the Toyota spokesman) in the Sunday Times article, all Toyota dealerships have been / are under orders not to highlight any issues that crop up under warranty if the customer is unaware of a problem & it's not an immediate safety risk. I guess i'll never know but I am very suspcious.
  11. They said the water pump was leaking but still working. I will have a look at other garages - I have always had it serviced at Toyota thinking they were fair & trust worthy.
  12. I have an 08 plate 2.2 D4D SR Toyota Verso. It had its last service in April just before the 3 year warranty ran out with no issues reported. The car has just had its 60k service (not quite 60k on the clock yet) & Mr T has given me a bill for £315 for the service, £350 for new front disks & pads (on its second set already as first were badly scored after just a few hundred miles), £40 for new wipers, £52 charge to investigate a front wheel judder, & £650 for a new water pump! Oh, & since I got the car back from the service the engine makes a deep booming sound whenever you rele
  13. I switched from Dunlops to Michelin Energy tyres. Much quieter, better grip and slighty more comfortable ride. Seem to be wearing slowly too. Not noticed much difference in mpg though.
  14. My 2.2d SR 08 plate has done 45k miles and I still really like it - no plan to change. Does 60mpg if driven gently, 50-55 mpg on average. It is a little slow getting away at roundabouts etc but still pulls like a train in 3rd & 4th gear, suprises many drivers of Mondeo's etc who can't keep up under 30 to 60 mph acceleration. Never driven a T180 but the stats don't seem much quicker. Also T180 has a dpf which doesn't like too many short journeys - no such hassle with 134 bhp model as it just chucks the black dust straight out of the exhaust under a heavy right foot (it feels like a 007 car
  15. Really? Here are the numbers for the old shape Ka (from Parkers): 1.3i Sublime 3d 13.7 s 104 mph 69 bhp 1.3i (70ps) 3d 14.1 s 104 mph 69 bhp 1.6i SportKa 3d 9.7 s 108 mph 93 bhp And for the 2008 D4D Verso (also from Parkers) 0-60 mph 9.4 s 122 mph 134 bhp There's no doubt that a Ka is more agile than a Verso, and it's great fun to drive. I know, I've driven one and it's like a go-kart. But if your Verso is out-dragged by anything other than a SportKa then there's something wrong. Well, it could just be my driving! But seriously I had a bog standard 1.3 try and pass me (dual carriage way)
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