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  1. Hi, I went for a long Distance drive last night, for the first time after fitting my Nudge Bar (the High type one). After 2 miles (out of town) I start to hear what I can only describe as a "second Fan" Almost sounds like another fan is trying to cool vehicle. I have also start to notice that My LC has lost some power and that it refs quite high before shifting. I have switched off the Aircon and the "fan" noise stopped to be constant, however is starts again momentarily every 5 mins or so. PS: the loss of power is there all the time, not just when I hear the Sound… I might have a theory what this could be, but I’m neither an expert nor a mechanic but could the Nudge bar be interfering with the Air intake to the Turbo/Intercooler? Any advice/HELP please..? Roelf
  2. Hi, I'm about to buy a '93 Corolla 1.6 GLI - 5 spd Manual - 5 Door. Can anyone tell me whether this has a Cam belt or Chain ? Its a K Reg. if that helps :) Thanx ROelf