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  1. Ha Ha thats a result for the mass's
  2. Mine arrived saterday just gone,they didn't stand a chance (no VOSA letter just direct dealer contact)
  3. mr dave

    Duff Fuel

    Where did you get your "Duff" fuel from!. was it a independent garage!!. supermarket!! Or from a man at the back of a van
  4. mr dave


    Hi all, Just stopping by To let you know i've just had the brake recall done + 3rd service done at the same time :)(got money refunded on the brake fluid change in the service plan)& going to use that money as a discount of my 4th service which will make it £280 all in (SIMS northampton).But on the down side they did notice that the water pump was leaking so repaced it under warranty!..
  5. Sorry i can't attend this time ,i've been double booked with a family wedding.. Have fun all that do attend.hope to see lots of pic's ...Maybe next time!!!!!!!!
  6. mr dave


    Hi all, I just used the link posted by kingo and my car is to be recalled! mines a manual 1 ltr 09 plate reged on 03/09 another recall grrrh BR Mr dave..
  7. List so far... 1. Dizeee 2. SueIQ 3. marcandsebe 4. Mr Dave 5. 6.
  8. mr dave

    New To Iq

    Welcome J2D, Only time & how you treat it will tell on the rattles. i've done 24000 miles used daily and holding up well
  9. Hi All, Has anyone driven to Morocco in a van,car,motorbike from Spain to Tangier, as i'm wondering what the border control process is, also the required documentation i should take,and finally do i have to buy "local" insurance at the border or will my UK insurance cover this???... Any advice would be gratefully received.
  10. mr dave


    Hi Feizal, Welcome & nice pic's too
  11. I had the same on the passanger side door also. It is covered under the warranty and takes about 50mins to do
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