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  1. Just thought as it rarely happens, a shop selling an accessory for all 3 cars where the Aygo is the cheapest, I'd post it here. Toyota Aygo Peugeot 107 Citroen C1 I know the price of the Eibachs is expensive when compared to other shops, but the difference between each model was worth showing. Also this shop shows differences between the Aygo & 107 accessories available and doesn't even list the C1 ... Aygo Pug 107 Shows various wheels nuts and hub adapters for Aygo & the Pug shows the Omp strut available, would have thought it would all workr I usually expect the Toyota premium when I shop for stuff, anyone else seen anything like this or even stranger.
  2. Heard a Toyota UK spokesman on BBC News24 say they have ruled out the manual Aygo completely.
  3. I tend not to wade in to these things, especially as I assume I won't need the recall (manual Aygo, cable throttle) - unless they want to give me new carpets :P I also heard that combined with this problem was that on electronic pedal/throttle/drive-by-wire was that if the brake is pressed the throttle stays open, something that other manufacturers solve within ecu software, automatically closing the throttle under braking - making a stuck throttle 'easier' to regain control of. Just wondering if anyone had also heard this? I'm sure this was over a year ago when I first saw a video of the US problem with Camry/RAV4's etc. I'd also like to comment on the poor way this is problem has been dealt with from a PR point of view, it reminds me of the Clio bonnet catch that Watchdog investigated. This is also a perfect situation for the big US makers to convince US customers that "USA OK" & "Jap's don't make reliable cars anymore" (which I don't think is true).
  4. Hi, not sure if you've tried them but Doncaster Motor Spares are breaking 2 petrol Aygo's; click Toyota & then select Aygo from the model list. Are you just wanting the removable part of the airbox (bit that unclips)?
  5. Toyota Etios I think these cars look pretty good, difficult to place how big they are & where they would fit into a UK line up - bigger than Yaris but not sure how it sizes up to the Auris. You can't see the back of the hatch but I'm sure its well proportioned & the front does have the 'Avensis' style new grill, which seems to be the style that will be on all models. Also it mentions 2 new engines (1.2l & 1.5) I would hazard a guess that these are only for the non-Euro areas as they might not be quite up to our emissions standards, but you never know if they prove to be good units they might be adapted for our market. I think the interior is 'funky' - if I'm allowed to use that word - the seats also look like those from the Aygo (but hopefully they have better lumbar & side support) Cheers
  6. Whats Better Aygo Or Yaris? ... There's only 1 way to find out ... :D
  7. I absolutley luv my Aygo Blue, its brilliant. It handles well (even with the skinny tyres Great engine noise Clunk-Clik gearbox I'm glad someone has created this thread. I haven't suffered from the things other people have & the 1 problem got solved by dealer. Whilst having the aygo, in Sept last year, it had to go in to ADR for some cosmetic insurance work & I got a loner 57 plate 1.2 Corsa*, I've never driven a more lackluster, boring vehicle in my life. Compared t the Aygo it had electric mirrors, dimming interior light, better sound proofing, audio controls on steering wheel, height adjustable seat blah blah blah ... but all that lead to a car so uninspiring I only used it for commuting - I just couldn't enjoy the drive. I let my bro hav a go cos he thought I was being Jap car/Toyota snob & he agreed that there was no go in it. I couldn't wait to get back into my Aygo & be in my "noisy" tin-box having fun .... Long live my Aygo Blue !!!! :D *Corsa Club 1.2, I remembering looking it up & it would have cost about £11,000 ..... I'll keep my £3,000 & have the Aygo.
  8. If I had a pit of money to chuck at my Aygo to make her more efficient I think I would do one/some/all of the following: Give the car a flat aerodynamic bottom (race car styleeee) Change that front grill for either a complete gap allowing air to flow under the car or a panel to deflect air around it - whichever was proven best. Look into some sort of diffuser or air pressure reducing area at the back - cos there's a tiny silencer and a load of empty space back there covered with the plastic bumper section - could be better used or covered. Solar panel as the roof would be cool for charging. Change as many panels as possible for exotic lighter materials Change Rear quarter windows & rear window/boot lid for lighter plastics (obviously look at ways of de-misting) LED lights all round MPG calculating computer, with accurate fuel tank monitor (I know scangauge does this, but I do have a pit of money for this fantasy) Electronic throttle body, so the pedals are just data inputs - this would allow you to put the car in 'ECO' mode where it wouldn't open the throttle 100%, NORMAL mode for everyday driving with a nice progressive throttle opening & a SPORT/RACE mode where it would be a very aggressive throttle. I always like the idea of the rear wheels being covered (like old Honda Insight & old Citroens) - but only if it is worth doing aerodynamically. The only thing I've done to my AYGO is removing all unnecessary items from it - including spare wheel & jack etc - & changed interior bulb to LED (should save a few watts) Cheers
  9. Yeah, I know that accidents happen & to be honest I wouldn't have minded had they been a bit proactive & checked the damage properly, sorted it & then let me know at the end. Its the "fingers crossed, he didn't notice" attitude that's disappointing.
  10. Please bare with me whilst I vent my spleen ... Recently my '08 Aygo Blue has had the airbag light flashing. I did the right thing, booked her in for a checkup where I was told to bring it back so the passenger seat airbag could be replaced. Today, I drop my car off & sit in the waiting area watching through the glass at the other cars/vans (including a KIA or Hyundai !!!) getting sorted with MOTs & stuff. Then much to my surprise my beautiful baby aygo is driven in by a mechanic & he drives over an inside wheel arch from a 5x plate Toyota Celica The mechanics are having a brief laugh or discussion about it. I went round to have a look but couldn't tell if there was any damage (poor lighting etc). After an hour I was called to the desk to pickup the keys, I asked the nice lady could she check if there was any damage from the 'incident' - already I know that I wasn't going to be told about this. The lady comes back & says it was just the tyre that ran over it .... fair enough .... I thought. I went to the car & looked from the front to see the rubber valence/splitter type thing almost hanging off at 1 side .... :censor: .... I go straight back in to tell them & a mechanic (different to the guy who did it) comes out & gets down on 1 knee to say & I quote "Have you ran over a kerb" ...... I said NO!!!! ... your guy ran over a wheel arch ... He fiddled with it in the car park & then took it back in to the garage to get on the ramps ... he showed me it fixed & it seemed fine. Its very tough/flexible rubber. The points I think I want to make are: Why did they not check the damage properly, on ramps etc Fix it Tell me what had happened & reassure me that the world was good Also if you have had a blue Toyota Celica in at Pentagon Doncaster today ... errrrm ... your part has been run over !!!!! Oh & finally the airbag light came on on the way home & they think it is the wiring looooom .... so she goes in for a day next week - where maybe the AYGO will be run over by an Amazon or Hi-Lux .... Ahhhhhh ... I feel a little better .... or maybe that's the caffeine
  11. I have some Yaris T-Sport (6 spoke) wheels from my old Yaris that I will be fitting to my 'Blue' once I can afford some 195/45/15's for em. Just a quick suspension question, does anyone know if KYB shocks are classed as performance/aftermarket or OEM quality. I've just noticed they have some TwinTube Gas 'Excel G' front & rears for the Aygo, in their catalogue. Anyone have any experiences with this brand? Cheers in advanced
  12. Hi, About 6 months ago I emailed Haynes about a manual, explaining about the petrol engine (1KR-FE) being used in a number of cars from various brands. They said they had no plans to do 1 :( My own feeling is that with the car being Europe only it won't get 1, I do think the Yaris will get one eventually, because Urban Cruiser & other cars use the platform - I once had the 99-05 Yaris Haynes manual - maybe this would be useful for just the 1.0l engine. Haynes are considering a Toyota Starlet, RAV4 (don't know which) & MR2 mk2 - http://www.haynes.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/..._category=10001 I've found all of the manuals I need on the Toyota Service website e.g I needed a copy of the Bluetooth Headset instructions & I got Mud flaps fitting guide - Its not a Haynes manual (which makes excellent bedtime/toilet reading) but it might get you by for individual jobs. P.S: A weird thing I've noticed with the Aygo is the parts that come from PSA & Toyota, my brother has a 1999 Pug 407 estate & it has the interior light from the aygo .... I know where to go if I break 1 :P
  13. I have the slate blue, bought in July '08, & mine has the glovebox lid. below is little story about me fixing it At the weekend I decided I'd had enough of the rattle & decided I should investigate the shoddy mechanism. To my surprise it was a small piece of metal that created the tension (to hold the draw) with a piece of sellotape ... ... brilliant !!!! When I pressed th metal th tape moved, explaining why th lid always rattles etc. So after a few thoughts, like changing lock mechanism completely (maybe magnet & plate) I tried to fix it was there. Other types of tape were out due to th flexing issue so I needed something more solid .... bit of a brain-wave use 'Araldite', the super strong 2 part glue stuff. I flipped over metal, so it would hav more resistance & held it in place wilst I created a bond over the top - like a plaster - to hold the metal in place. next day the stuff had set & its great .... It has worked a treat ... no rattle or noise
  14. Just thought I'd show you guys what I made today. I started redoing my MSN / Facebook logo & got a bit carried away. I imagine the logos (without white background) on the driver & passenger doors of mi Aygo - mirrored on one side & correct on the other. I've always liked that Blitz Skyline drift car (see GT4 or google image search). Anyone any opinions or want me to post a version with K&N or other logos - the above logos apply to my Aygo. Cheers P.S: Did these in Adobe Illustrator, so can make really big versions with any or no background.
  15. Just did a bit of 'Google-ing' ... is that a verb? .... sorry I digress ... here's a link to the installation instruction for the 57-0699 kit. http://www.kandn.com/instructions/57-0669_inst.pdf I don't think its that good, to me its going to have luke warm air (cool air having passed over the engine) fed to it - apart from the CAI (cold air intake) pipe. Any one else with thoughts? I'd prefer something heading to the left (drivers side) of the engine, with a CAI or an enclosed filter - just my 2 pence
  16. Definitley wasn't your brother - unless he had run out of shirts & trousers & was forced to do the whole day in a policewoman's uniform - complete with long hair & !Removed! These were 2 women in a Focus estate. I know A38 isn't 'motorway' (3 lanes of traffic etc), but is it true or false about the ticket/prosectution for running out of fuel? Is it "careless driving" or "driving without care & attention"? Anyone know of anything like this happening? A suggestion for the police; How about tea/coffee making facilities in the squad cars - it was very windy day, we were freezing :P
  17. Quick question Tobler', where did you get your ScanGauge from? & How much? (if you don't mind) does it need a 12v feed? & have you any pics of yours fitted? Alot of questions for ya, but I'm really interested in getting one. PM me if you don't wanna post.
  18. I hadn't filled up before the journey but knowing the distance I was sure I had enough. I will be making sure that I study what i put in & the distance I cover & make notes. Does anyone know if the 'ScanGauge2' can access the petrol tank info? I'm interested in getting one for an odometer & the MPG info.
  19. Appreciate all the support at this difficult time :P Adding £10's worth of fuel sorted everything out. The light went out, although the RAC guy didn't plug computer back in to look for any codes. I think without the correct code database for Aygo/107/C1 it would have been a waste of time. But I am surprised that the fuel pressure sensor, would not have left an ODBC record at all. I will ask my friends if they have a scanner to check for myself. Honestly thought I had learn't the gauge. On the 1.0l Yaris (1SZ engine) I once reset the trip when getting into the reserve & got over 80miles before wussing out & filling up. During the actual event I was scared that police would take action, as I have heard (urban myth maybe) that it is an offence to undertake a motorway journey without sufficent fuel. The 2 policewoman asked anumber of times if it was fuel & all I could say was "It shouldn't be" & "I would be very surprised" - although it was a niggling thought in my head. The police were going to remove my car, at my cost, if the RAC didn't come within 40-60mins, as A38 is an extremely busy road. The police did treat me with respect & were very good.
  20. This is a long background story, please move to the bullet points if you want the 'jist' of it. On Tuesday this week I had to go to Birmingham city centre (from Mexborough nr Doncaster). Perfect Trip down, did what I had to do & set off home around 3.30pm (ish) letting SatNav lead the way - So far so good. Lets wind back a bit, leaving NCP car park I had 3 bars of fuel, this instantly dropped to 2 (I imagine I was border line 3/2). Within some minutes of driving the beeps for reserve came on & I knew that I would need to stop at the next services. But knew I would be OK. Within minutes I felt a massive drop in power, I can't say (due to noise & road vibration) whether the engine cut out completely, But I was forced to pull on to the inside lane of the A38 (heading towards Lichfield) with hazards on - One of the scariest moments ever, especially when a large arctic smoked his tyres trying to stop - thankfully he did. Now although I've banged on about fuel, I did not know that was the reason for the engine trouble. So I was on the side lane of a 2 lane busy m/way with hazards on, within minutes a Police car came & parked behind me with lights flashing, for some protection. The car would not start. RAC came (after an annoyingly long conversation based around my number plate) & towed me to a lay-by. He plugged in the computer with ODBC connection, but the Aygo/C1/107/new Yaris (1KR-FE engine) are not in the database just yet, so he tried some general engine codes & found no faults & he didn't know why nothing was coming up because "there is clearly a fault, 'cos the (amber engine management) light is on". In the engine bay he checked the fuel line connected to the engine & was happy, he then broke the news. "I think you've run out of fuel", "I've had loads of these (107/C1)" "The fuel gauge is inaccurate". To sum up I'll use bullet points: The Aygo fuel gauge is inaccurate The RAC man had dealt with "a few of these" RAC guy explained that 'new cars' don't cough & !Removed! when running out of fuel & once fuel pressure drops below a level the engine cuts out & goes into a safe mode. Has anyone had this (willing to admit)? Has anyone found the gauge to be suspect? I would appreciate any conversation on this & will answer any questions you ask. I'd like to add that I don't consider myself 'thick' & even the RAC guy told my Mum that he didn't think I was an idiot (I'll let you be the judges of that). I will now monitor fuel more closely & be even more careful on long journeys
  21. Just swapped my 52' plate Yaris Colour Collection for a Toyota Aygo Blue, I think I've upgraded & downsized ... I'm hoping that I can get good advice & information from 'the club'. If anyone wants any info on the 'blue' let me know, e.g. bluetooth etc or anything on phase1 Yaris. Cheers Rotwang1985
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