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  1. The charging post will still show 'charging' light because it is still active. Even though the Prius light is off.
  2. No. Once HV battery is charged, the charger is stopped.
  3. Hiw do the crims know you have done this? They just remove whatever is there. They don't quality inspect it first.
  4. That's a possibility. There was a spate of gen3 batteries overheating in hotter countries where the battery cooler air intake filter got blocked with fluff buildup.
  5. The only battery that needs replacing in a prius is the 12V one (although my old gen3 still had the original one after 7 years). The HV battery should last as long as the car (or longer) unless damaged in an accident.
  6. There is (or was until recently) an economy 7 tariff which is 0.00p per unit for overnight electricity.
  7. Catloc just makes it harder not impossible. 😞
  8. There may be more EV charging stations than petrol stations but you don't often find petrol stations that are broken or blocked or only work with app x or card y. And you can refuel in minutes not hours. I am so glad i have a plugin hybrid and not a bev. So is the mrs.
  9. Electricity prices vary (as do petrol prices) so doing miles per pound isn't that useful. Especially when you can also use free EV charge points With my gen1 plugin prius i can do approx 4 miles on 1 unit of electricity in EV mode. I guess the gen2 plugin is similar.
  10. The plugin gen1 comes with a lead that plugs into a normal 3 pin socket so you can charge from the domestic supply (the gen2 plugin does too). A full charge on a gen1 pip takes up to 3 units of electricity so it costs a maximum of 3 times whatever you pay for a unit of electricity. Or you can just run it as a hybrid prius and never plug it in.
  11. In hybrid mode long journeys my gen1 plugin gets around 65mpg in winter and 75mpg in summer. On the daily commute (40 miles round trip) leaving home fully charged i get 90+ mpg in the winter and 100+ mpg in the summer.
  12. In hybrid mode the gen1 plugin gets better mpg than the gen3 prius. If you can make use of the plug in capability, you get even better mpg. I used to have a gen3 prius and now have a gen1 plug in. I know which one i would pick if they were the same price.
  13. johalareewi

    Key battery

    If you have a service plan and/or extended warranty see if your dealer will battery swap anyway instead of waiting until the service.
  14. Catlocs still on back order at local dealer.
  15. The manual is playing safe but it sounds like you would be better getting a 10m EV lead rather than using a mains extension lead. You will only need a 16A EV lead because the 2015 prius only takes 10A max. No need to waste money on a 32A lead.