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  1. A faster charge option would be handy on UK Prius for a decent charge at a coffee stop. Having a type 2 socket that can only do 3.5kW is a bit frustrating when you could be charging at 22kW. Not sure why Toyota did that. Even if they had allowed charging at 7kW that would mean a decent top up when stopping for a 30 min break. Don't suppose the DC option is available in the UK.
  2. Is that the mod that they have in Japan?
  3. Mr T has had a look and one of the TPMS sensors is dead. Replaced under warranty.
  4. I noticed the TPMS light was lit on the dash. Checked the tyre pressures and all is ok. Then noticed the light would flash for about a minute when the car was first turned on before going to solid on. Owners guide says this means faulty TPMS system- call Toyota. Booked in for tomorrow. Anyone seen this before?
  5. Jaoan has has 4wd prius for some time.
  6. The gen1 PHV is pretty much a petrol hybrid with a bigger battery that can be charged externally. The EV rsnge is about 12 miles but the ICE often fires up anyway (for heat, extra power, etc). The gen2 PHV can be run as a full EV with no ICE kicking in for a range of around 28 miles (for me). After that it becomes a petrol hybrid until charged again.
  7. When i had my gen3 prius i tried both the halfords ultra white and the osram nightbreaker. Halford bulbs didn't last as long as the osram.
  8. I had Michelin on my gen3 Prius then moved to Nokian all weather. Both are fine but the Nokian are not easy to get.
  9. When the gen3 came out in 2009 it was a common question on this forum. In the uk there were never any bulbs there on any trim level.
  10. To generate heat the gen1 has to use the ICE so at -15 perhaps that is why it won't do EV. The prius needs to warm itself up. The gen2 has the heat pump to generate heat. Can you test drive a gen2 where you are?
  11. Also legislation doesn’t apply worldwide. There's nothing to stop stolen cats being shipped overseas. Marked or otherwise.
  12. 10-15 mpg drop in winter isn't unusual for a Prius. Click on the gen3 icon in my signature for the fuelly stats where you can see this clearly. While at fuelly you can browse the stats for other pri.
  13. Yes. Wife and I are comfortable at 18C to 20C so setting cabin temperature to 18C works for us (plus the heated seats). For HSDish, here is the temperture chart from hybrid reporter for the start of the trip.
  14. Hybrid reporter says outside temperature was 12C. Can't remember what the weather was but being the uk it probably rained a bit. Hybrid reporter doesn't log the weather. 😞
  15. Both heated front seats were on and so was the cabin heating at 18C (but not the rear passenger area).
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