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  1. Results are in after a month of using E5 vs E10. I used hybrid assistant to analyse similar long journeys which i make regularly so there is both E10 and E5 data. With the E5 super unleaded the mpg is about 12% better than E10. So for me, if E5 is 10% more expensive or less than E10 it is actually cheaper than E10.
  2. I got this one but i see it is currently unavailable. My wife has a similar one in her car. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07W56ZYQB
  3. If there is a new plug in prius, hopefully it will have a bigger battery capacity and more boot space (but not additional length otherwise it won't fit on my drive). And the ability to charge at 22kW.
  4. Not always possible i know but the best voice control i have found is the one in the passenger seat. 😉
  5. My old Mini (in the 70s) was held together with Araldite. Takes a while to cure but it fills gaps and can be sculpted. Also stands up to heat, UV, rain, frost, salt, etc.
  6. I have a car socket extension block which provides additional car sockets and USB sockets. It also has a built in digital voltmeter. Very useful.
  7. Just got an email from MrT announcing their new 30 model BEV range. Doesn't appear to be a Prius but the bz sedan looks close.
  8. The EV charging infrastructure isn't up to the job for serious EV use. That's why i still have a PHEV.
  9. Interesting replies. My Plugin gen2 has the E10 and E5 symbols on the fuel flap and it runs fine on E10 but the mpg meter is noticably lower than when it was E5 unleaded. E10/E5 price differences vary daily at the moment but nice to know that super unleaded E5 will be ok to use if the price is right.
  10. Having noticed an mpg drop using E10 fuel (vs the old E5) and the rising price of fuel, the price difference between E10 and super unleaded E5 is less significant than it used to be. Would switching to E5 super unleaded be more economical for a Prius than using E10?
  11. Prius on snow with winter tyres is no problem. Done it a few times. I also found driving in B mode helped YMMV.
  12. 2018 plugin prius when connected to EV charger can be demisted using the remote A/C on the key fob. You can also do this while inside the car without having to turn the car on. 😉
  13. Might it be available with a firmware update?
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