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  1. Looking at the pictures online, you can now lay stuff across the back seat without the lump in the middle getting in the way. Picture 2 in the gallery
  2. Went to dealer as arranged it but they had sent it out for a few days so couldn't see it.:( Salesman said the boot space with the 5 seats is the same as with 4 seats. There are a few other cosmetic changes too apparently. If you go the the plugin prius gallery on the toyota uk website, there is a picture of the new back seats.
  3. Local dealer has a new plugin arrived and it has 5 seats not 4. Will be having a look later.
  4. Does the old fashioned charge method work on the new PHEV? With the car in ready, put into Drive with foot on the brake pedal. Keeping foot on brake pedal, press the accelerator. The ICE should now charge the HV battery.
  5. Was this legislation driven by visually impared people? What about other quiet vehicles? What about the law on vehicles making artificial noises at unsociable hours? This has all the makings of something that hasn't been thought through. 😞 That said, i want the Flying Scotsman noise.
  6. My wife has the mk1 hybrid yaris which she got after having a petrol automatic yaris. The hybrid yaris gets better mpg than the petrol auto did but as you say, nowhere near what my gen3 prius got at the time (gen3 is now a pip). As well as the drag factor and small hv battery, the yaris isn't easy to drive economically. The hsi is tucked away behind the steering wheel and isn't easy to see while driving. So i just end up driving it like an automatic. There doesn't seem to be the choice in lrr tyres that the prius has and there are 2 published tyre pressures. One normal and one eco. Mrt seem to use the normal setting even with lrr tyres which also impacts mpg. So for my 10p worth, there is no one big thing but a combination of small things.
  7. I have used Michelin Alpin winter tyres on my gen3 for many years. They have now worn out and i am looking at some all season tyres so i don't have to swap between summer and winter tyres. I know a few people who are using Michelin cross climate tyres (but not on prius) and i am interested in the Nokian Weatherproof tyres which are winter tyres you can use in the summer.
  8. Double wow. My old gen3 did better than that. In my PIP the mpg sufers if I crank the heating up but the lowest I have got is 65mpg.
  9. Personally, I don't have a problem putting the Prius in P when stopped. If someone drives into the back of me while I am stopped in P, the transmission is not likely to get damaged. More likely is the front wheels will skid because they are locked and friction is not going to be enough to turn the driveshaft and break the transmission. My 10p worth.
  10. Wow! On my gen1 PIP when doing 75mph on the speedo (69mph in real life) I usually get 70mpg in HV mode (less when I have the heating on!). Unless you are using USA gallons.
  11. If you have flattened the 12V battery, you have probably shortened its life. :(
  12. Possible downsides for me are:- 4 seater. I still have to squeeze 3 people in the back from time to time. Maybe in a couple of years time, I won't have to. Even less room in the boot than the gen4 Prius. not sure if it suffers the reduced headroom for rear passengers like the gen4. Upsides over the gen1 PIP:- Longer EV range and slightly faster charging. Heat pump heating (and can heat while EV charging). Built in grill blocking. Might be able to test drive one in a couple of weeks so I can compare to my gen1 PIP.
  13. Toyota UK Marketing are very keen to push the 'You don't plug it in' message so they are unlikely to introduce plug in versions of the Yaris, Auris, RAV4, etc. I get the impression they tolerate the gen2 PIP because Prius is a hybrid car only (as opposed to a hybrid version of a normal car). Meanwhile in Japan you can get a 4wd Prius.
  14. They probably did. A couple of guys on Prius Chat had early test PIPs on loan from Toyota and posted their experiences.
  15. That is the new gen2 PIP. The original gen1 PIP used the 2012 facelift gen3 Prius bits and pieces so bodywise they are the same. The only external differences are the flap for the electric charge lead and the PlugIN decal (and the LED headlights when they are on). There aren't too many internal differences either.