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  1. The manual is playing safe but it sounds like you would be better getting a 10m EV lead rather than using a mains extension lead. You will only need a 16A EV lead because the 2015 prius only takes 10A max. No need to waste money on a 32A lead.
  2. I have seen 10m cables. They cost a bit more than a 5m cable. Like this If you know what you are doing you can use a mains extension lead instead of paying out for a longer EV lead. Why do you need a longer lead?
  3. There is no previous owner data on my pip mk1 because everything got reset when the charcoal fuel filter recall was done.
  4. Catloc for gen3 prius is out of stock and our local dealer has to backorder then wait...
  5. Those were the days. Mine would even spin the ICE when stationary to burn off the extra HV. Now I have the PIP i can see how much charge is generated by the same hills that maxed the gen3 out.
  6. Chargemaster data has always been iffy. YMMV
  7. On my mk1 pip when the battery gets down to about 1kW it exits EV mode into HV mode. The last 1kW is still usable. Maybe the mk2 is similar which would make the 7kW figure the EV range rather than the usable energy.
  8. My 2009 gen3 prius suffered inverter failure in 2017 even though it had the recall done. Mine was covered by the Toyota extended warranty. I know others with older gen3 have had this issue but not heard of it with later gen3. When was your 2012 prius actually made? Is it pre-facelift?
  9. Yes. They park their van in the road alongside the vehicle, jack it up, whip the converter out, remove jacks and drive off. All under 1 minute. There is cctv video online showing this.
  10. Thats a shame. The headlights really need to turn round corners and wide low speed would be handy.
  11. My 2013 pip does 3 to 4 miles (not Swedish ones) per kW. Depends on hills, wind and rain and if the aircon is on.
  12. Looks like you are not in a UK 2015 plugin prius.
  13. I have a 3kW home charger which was free thanks to a government grant.