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  1. When the gen3 came out in 2009 it was a common question on this forum. In the uk there were never any bulbs there on any trim level.
  2. To generate heat the gen1 has to use the ICE so at -15 perhaps that is why it won't do EV. The prius needs to warm itself up. The gen2 has the heat pump to generate heat. Can you test drive a gen2 where you are?
  3. Also legislation doesn’t apply worldwide. There's nothing to stop stolen cats being shipped overseas. Marked or otherwise.
  4. 10-15 mpg drop in winter isn't unusual for a Prius. Click on the gen3 icon in my signature for the fuelly stats where you can see this clearly. While at fuelly you can browse the stats for other pri.
  5. Yes. Wife and I are comfortable at 18C to 20C so setting cabin temperature to 18C works for us (plus the heated seats). For HSDish, here is the temperture chart from hybrid reporter for the start of the trip.
  6. Hybrid reporter says outside temperature was 12C. Can't remember what the weather was but being the uk it probably rained a bit. Hybrid reporter doesn't log the weather. 😞
  7. Both heated front seats were on and so was the cabin heating at 18C (but not the rear passenger area).
  8. As an exercise, I fired up hybrid reporter for my last long trip where I left home with a full charge. You can see that I got 33km before the ICE kicked in and you can see the speeds I was doing in EV mode.
  9. The trip meter. I reset trip B each journey. When i am on a long trip and going to use up all the EV mode i can see how far i have gone when the ICE kicks in. I also have hybrid assistant running so i could use the hybrid reporter to double check. Most of my trips are less than 25 miles these days so the ICE isn't getting a lot of use.
  10. You could but you would need to be on a test track under controlled conditions to get comparable results. It is the same with the gen1 plugin. Generally i can get 25 to 28 miles from a full charge until EV mode drops out to HV mode even though the prius reckons it can do 35 miles when started up. With the gen1 i could get between 9 and 12 miles (provided i stayed under 53mph, didn't accelerate quickly and didn't turn the heating on). Like the gen1 PIP, the gen2 seems to exit EV mode when the HV battery has about 1kW left (measured with hybrid assistant).
  11. That is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string? But electricity consumption driving the gen2 PIP in EV mode is similar to the gen1 PIP. The big diffence is when the heater is on. The gen2 uses the heat pump (electric) the gen1 fires up the ICE. The nice thing about the gen2 is the regenerative braking which seems to work at really low speeds.
  12. It was the early gen3 prius that had inverter failure issues. My 2009 one died. Toyota did a recall (2011?) and modified the software to prevent inverter failure. A 2014 prius should be fine.
  13. I have the darker leather seats. They can be a bit cool but they are heated (front seats only in my car) and warm up quickly.
  14. Hi. My gen3 prius was a 2009 model and i swapped out the stock cd player for a chinese touchscreen nav+backup cam which was made for right hand drive gen3 prius. Not sure if it would work for a facelift gen3. A good place to look and ask are the prius chat forums. There is one for gen3 prius audio. https://priuschat.com/forum/gen-3-prius-audio-and-electronics.98/
  15. Even the gen2 PIP tonneau cover is shorter than the gen1 PIP's. Had some boxes in the boot yesterday which stood an inch above the level of the cover. The gen2 cover hasn't got any extra length in it to go over the boxes and still lock in place. The gen1 had a few inches extra length and covering up stuff that was a bit taller wasn't a problem. And even though the gen2 PIP is longer than the gen1 PIP, the boot is shorter. But yes, I still bought one.
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