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  1. Normal E5 unleaded is what the prius likes. How many miles has it done?
  2. On my gen1 PIP in EV mode it starts off in S0 then when the ICE kicks in it goes to S1A (with the ICE doing about 1500 rpm) then S1B. Once S2 is reached it turns off the ICE and goes back to EV operation (unless the ICE is still required). While EV running in S2, the ICE cools and if it has got too cool when needed again, stage S1B will be repeated. The key thing is the PIP can go down the start up cycle if the ICE cools too much when running in EV. Could this prolong the time that the EGR is on recycle instead of exhaust and cause more build up?
  3. So a plug in prius could have more egr issues than standard prius?
  4. When i had a 2010 gen3 prius T3 i was able to buy a third party touchscreen head unit that was a straight swap for the Toyota CD radio that came as standard. Not sute if they are still around. You can also fit a standard double din unit and buy some plastic fills to plug the gaps. There is a handy thread or 2 on prius chat. Be aware that the gen3 head units and fill pieces come in left and right hand drive variants. The hole is not symetrical. 😞 Have a rummage here
  5. johalareewi

    MyT app.

    When you are using the MyT app does it show you 3 satnavs? If it does have you tried swiping or trying to scroll through the satnavs? On my MyT app there are 4 options and the 4th one is Touch and Go Pro with real buttons. But this one isn't displayed initially.
  6. It's a long shot but have you tried asking uk companies who import Japanese vehicles and adapt them for the uk market? One i know of is eco campers who import toyota hybrid alphards and kit them out as camper vans for the uk.
  7. Most manufacturers aim for the middle (5% over). Toyota do seem to vary. My plug in prius mk1 is 10% over. My old gen3 prius was 7% over. My wife's yaris is 5%. YMMV
  8. That is pretty standard with all cars. The speedo is always higher than the actual speed. Before GPS it wasn't so obvious.
  9. There should be a label on the back of the charger which tells you the required voltage and current rating. Here in UK it is 230V and 10A. I expect Sweden will be the same.
  10. When using the mains charger (the one you plug into a normal mains socket) there is no way the charger knows what the mains circuit is rated at. It will try to pull (up to) 2kW regardless. This can be interesting when charging at a campsite with a 10A electricity hookup.
  11. Pretty sure the mains charger will trip or blow a 6amp circuit. It will try to pull 2kW. Even when used on a 10amp circuit it can trip.
  12. TRA covers you for 'broken down at home' so maybe worth giving them a call.
  13. A few years ago there was a detailed posting in this forum about super unleaded and toyota hybrids.
  14. From past experience Toyota GB don't always know thier products that well. Especially hybrids and plugins.
  15. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV?