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  1. Happy Birthday dazwan!

  2. I've just had my short block replaced under warranty. This does affect some of the newer engines, mines a 2005 model and started burning oil (1.5 litres used in 1000 miles). I also got new headlight units under warranty as my old ones were steaming up. As with all work you get a receipt, if this work has been done, check for the receipts. Not sure how happy he would be but you could ask Mr T as it will show on their system whether the work has been done. Personally I preferred my old lean burn to the VVTi (both 1.8), mainly down to a lack of power in the VVTi, it may be down to my car or the fact I've gone for an estate this time, but I now have to change down to 4th to get up some hills on the motorway these days, never had that problem with the old lean burn saloon which always had enough power to accelerate uphill on the M'way. I will be replacing my car that I've only had a few months sooner rather than later, thinking about going for a diesel next time though (even considering a Mondeo, as the newer Avensis is so poor), definitely won't consider a 1.8 VVTi thats for sure.
  3. Have you tried just squeezing the handle a little bit and trickling the fuel into the tank at about half the full rate. All pumps allow you to control the rate of flow by varying the amount you squeeze the trigger on the pump. I get this occasionally at some pumps, ironically it's at those "quick fill" pumps. Quite often it seems a result of the pump pushing too much fuel through, so when I go to a quick-fill pump it takes twice as long to fill as I have to squeeze the pump a little and just trickle the petrol in.
  4. my old avensis would never slide straight away. Instead I always had to tilt open first, then close, THEN slide it open.
  5. I'll echo that. Me and my partner have Toyotas and we've become accustomed to MOT's where the guy in the garage just tells us to come and pick up the car rather than reeling off a list of things to fix like every other car we've had prior to owning Toyotas. After 7 years of MOT's (9 in my partners case) we've never had to fix anything to get through the MOT other than the odd wiper blade.
  6. I'm on my 2nd Avensis and more than happy (and its only a 1.8!) after 150,000 miles my 1st one still drove just like the day I bought it (at 40,000 miles). The only reason I'm on number 2 is that number 1 was written off after 7 years of trouble free ownership. I just hope I can keep the new one for at least another 7 years.
  7. What my lovely girlfriend said. They are as bad as each other. I have no confidence. So you vote for an independant. Or you spoil your vote. Not voting shows them you are happy with the way it is no voting shows two things!! 1) i am lazy!!! 2) i dont really understand!!! Things aren't always black and white and sometimes peoples lives are actually taken up with other things. Sometimes people have busy lives and do just clean forget about things like this as they are too busy just getting on with their lives. Personally I think voting days should be either national holidays so everyone has the opportunity to vote or held on a weekend when more people are free and hopefully will be more likely to vote as a result. Failing that, at least give us the option to cast our votes online so we don't have to mess about filling forms then have to remember to post then.
  8. I got a Siemens handsfree (HKW-600) a few years ago. It's not the best kit out there, but it was cheap and at the time had it's own display for incoming calls etc. I'm thinking of getting the Kenwood BT module that plugs straight into the head-unit like the Alpine. Get yourself a kit, they can be tricky to fit, but if you aren't afraid of spending an hour with the stereo out splicing a few wires then it's well worth it. The sound quality is far better than a headset and you don't look like such a dork driving around with a dongle sticking out of your ear. I could go on about the benefits, but for me it's the fact it always switches on when the engine starts and you are never fumbling around for it when a call comes in, just press the button and make the call.
  9. I don't get enough time to watch all the stuff on freeview, the last thing I need is more stuff to miss.
  10. I only realised it was voting day on the way to work this AM! I've seen the polling cards, but it just never registered with me. Oh well maybe next time I'll remember to get in a postal vote as I'm always too busy to go down to the polling station.
  11. Can't believe it! Had the 'new' car less than a week and already someone has driven into it in a car park leaving a huge scratch on the bumper as well as scrapes/scuff marks going around the corner. Obviously no sign of the car or a note. I could rant about why there are so many useless drivers about but I'll just get wound up, I just hope they did more damage to their own car. 1 Car written off and the next car damaged by another careless driver within a fortnight! :ffs:
  12. This used to happen where I used to work. The car park was right next to a BT office and unless you were right next to the car wireless fobs wouldn't work.
  13. Apart from the Diesel turbo, which meant the Insignia chugg's everywhere, the steering feels quite heavy, whereas the Avensis steering is quite light. I always thought my old mk1 Avensis felt like driving a small hatchback and the mk3 still has the same feel. The only thing I think it needs is a 6th gear for the motorway.
  14. I know its been a while since I last posted, but its worth sharing with you all. Last weekend my Avensis got rear ended in Leicester by a Honda Accord. Only a slight dent in the boot, but the spare wheel was wedged in the well as a result (I reckon without it the bump would have been more serious). So off the car went to be fixed on Tuesday (Bank Holiday meant nobody available to deal with my claim). The motor was written off on Thursday morning. The car's 10 years old and the cost of repairs was £1600+. So to cut a long story short, yesterday I very sadly went to say bye to my Avensis of 7 years or trouble free driving. And this afternoon, after having a Vauxhall Insignia for 3 days (nice car, but drives and handles like a tractor IMO), I picked up my new(ish) car... ...a 2005 Avensis Tourer 1.8 T3-X . Fair enough it's not as stylish as my old saloon, and not a new 09 model like some have received lately (not jealous, honest ) , but we need the extra space for lugging stuff around and hopefully this will provide a few more years of trouble free motoring.
  15. Use whatever your car has always used. This is the advice I got when I asked a Mr T mechanic what I should use. Apparently Toyota recommend Semi Synth but if you have always used full synth then you are fine to use either. I've always used Mobil 1 because the showroom I got my car from always put mobil 1 in cars. On the occasions that someone has put semi synth in I have noticed the engine starts to sound rough in about half the time it does using fully synth.
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