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  1. I don't know what year model you have but 2003 onward there is a fuse box below the instrument panel and the fuse is number 47 a 25 Amp serving front washer and wipers. If your wipers work the fault may be the pump. Fitter Hi I have a 2004 Avensis. The washer to my front windows has stopped working work anymore. My wipers work and the screen wash and wipe works to the rear window. Do Avensis only have 1 pump that serves the front and rear, can anyone advise
  2. Any advice welcomed? Following a rattle from the steering column and learning that my car was subject to a VOSA safety defect recall in 2007. Following Mr T inspection they confirmed that the securing Bolt keeps working loose (funny that cos if you read the VOSA safety defect recall notice it states in the description It is possible that the connections at the intermediate shaft and sliding yoke of the steering column may become loose and if the symptoms are ignored steering control can be lost. . With the severity of the matter Mr T advised that after several attempts to tighten the bolt it
  3. hello i do not believe it comes from gear (there is worm gear dully lubricactced -- this gear type works always noiselessly subject to lubricant inside) as to 80 pounds -- we always pay for diagnostic to have a clear picture despite of the final solution of the owner. as i deem the custom service manager is belong to each official dealer. as to tattle to Toyota --- believe me - i ve been trying to have direct contact on Toyota in Derby ( to exbut nothing has been found and all i could express is in special envelope at dealership that is normally confidentially filled in by each client. CHeck w
  4. can anyone help!!!! should i go to the dealer or customer services. A fault on my 53 T4 1.8 dating back 2 yrs ago following a recal to modify the electric power steering motor has i feel returned. The dealer has confirmed that the mod was carried out nearly 2 yrs ago. If i believe the rattle is from the power steering gearing in the motor where the modification was carried out then its no longer under warrenty. I would have to pay for a diagnosis £80 phr and then who knows. Q do i take this further with the dealer or go to customer services.. Now i have been told that ....Toyota dealers are
  5. Hi can anyone help, I recently started to hear and feel through the steering wheel a slight rattle as if the column was loose. and not bolted to the bulkhead. Upon further investigation i have found out that my model the 1.8 T4 was subject to a recall, and indeed 2 yrs ago by the previous owner it was booked into Jemca Kingston on thames (acording to mr T). the problem I found out, was to do with the electric motor and the gearing working loose. with this in mind i rang Mr T who said its out of waranty and want 40-80 squid to have a look. surely if its a recall and its a known faulty part, i
  6. My 5th Gear is Fine. Mine is a 1.8 VVti not sure if it is the same gearbox as yrs. The gearbox in general is very tight and not as smooth as the Alfa 156 i part exed. But the info center that displays the Fuel is very unreliable. Averages 50mpg I just knock around 10 mpg off and take it as acurate. I did a run to Wales in the summer 400mile round trip and averged 38 mpg by driving 200 miles and filling up again that was with a full load and AC on most of the way.
  7. Hi since the dark nights are closing in and we all start to fing Lights that dont work (and may have been broken for months) can anyone tell me what the little orange light is for on the roof panel that houses the interior light and map reading lights. I have pressed eveything. Ohh its a 53 T4 Avensis Thanks Paul
  8. Hi I recently purchaced a 53 reg T4 and after around a month the brakes squeel terribly at low speed the have what look like recently replaced Bosch pads. So if these are suppo9ssed to represent good quality then ime afraid this dosnt work it looks like i will be replacig them with dealer pads shortly unless anyone can advise how to cure the dreaded squeel
  9. Hi all now the dark nights are here, driving at night in my recently purchased 2003 T4. I have a little orange light illuminated on the map reading light cluster in the roof lining. At first i thought it must mean the inside alarm sensors must be switched off. but pressing the button does nothing to the little orange light. any ideas anybody.
  10. The info display on my 2004 T4 is split in two Sat nav on one side and info on the other Momentum gives u instantanious MPG Average MPG gives you errr Average since the car was last filled up ( resets automatickly when youi release the filler cap. Average speed of your journey and last is miles till you run out of fuel It gives you the basics. Not as detailed as the Vauxhall you once owned. My T4 gives a reported MPG of 48-50 MPG so is no longer accurate. a sensor somewhere is to blame i was told but i dont have time to investigate.
  11. Hi, I have just had the same debate with a pal of mine He is selling his T spirit 54reg with 39K but is having trouble. I have just bought a T4 for 1 reason. Its a 1.8 which is not going to get hammered on road tax over the next few years. This has been the issue when he is trying to sell it, the 2 ltr engine is putting people off. If you prefure the 2 ltr it has more punch than the 1.8. Incidentley i can put u in touch if you are interested £6500 i think he is looking for . Only selling because his wife is expecting 3rd child and has bought a Galaxy. other than that you get leather and cruis
  12. I payed £5800 for a T4 with 46K recently, albeit a higher spec car but at over a £1.5K cheaper i would be a little weary. havnt got a single complaint so far except the computer is not very accurate EG: 55-59 MPG when in reality its around 37, still commendable. Good luck
  13. I agree but my computer indicates an ave of between 55-59MPG massivly unrealistic. Would love to know if it can be recallibrated.
  14. Hi All new to this Having owned An Alfa for a couple of years (need the reliability) Anyway to my question. (well i have 2) This on board fuel computer. MY 53 Avensis T4 1.8 says an average of 56-59 mpg. I mainly use it for work and cover 25 miles a day mainly on a dual carraigeway. I expected it to be quite economical but this is amazing. My Alfa gave me 36MPG and i thought that was good. On filling up recentley for a trip away i covered 210 miles then filled up again with around 25ltrs. divide this by 4.4lts per gallon, i make it around 36 MPG Whats going on with the computer It was telling
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