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  1. Thanks fellas, it certainly is a very competent car, and got to love that Vtec kick!! Will keep an eye on oil consumption, the vtech system relies on decent oil pressure so when its running low you don't get no vtec!
  2. well I originally bought the yaris as I wanted something small, cheap to run/insure and very economical. And being a Toyota Fan boy, yaris was the only choice. Now my annual mileage has fallen through the floor, so there's no need for a diesel, also miss having a performance car! Looked at a few different cars, Mazda 3MPS, Focus St, Cooper S, Golf GTI etc, but in the end the drive of the Type R made the choice for me! Fantastic car!
  3. As much as i'm going to hate to admit this... I really struggled parking the Yaris. The problem with it is, its very much like a tardis. Small car, but when you get inside it feels HUGE. Which I found throws your perception of where the car ends out entirely!
  4. Well due to a change in circumstances, it's time to say goodbye to my '58 plate Diesel SR in chilli Red. It has been replaced with an '05 Civic Type R Premier: Its been an interesting 18 months with the car, 15,000 miles covered, 2 warranty issues, 1 recall and an average of just under 50mpg. For any of those interesting in current market PX prices, the lowest I was offered was £7K, and the best was £8.2K. Pretty horrific depreciation over 18 months if you'd paid list, but given the massive discount I got from new, it's only lost £1400 in 18 months. Enjoy your yarii guys! Shappers
  5. Car has just come back from Toyota, Both front top suspension mounts had gone. Car was registered in oct 2008 and has covered just shy of 15K miles. Bloke at Toyota had never seen anything like it on a the yaris, reckons the parts were from a dodgy batch. Car is now silent again on full lock.
  6. Toyota told me to check the PAS fluid level and if its low that would explain the noise... Mentioned this thread and said i want it checked out, don't want to take any risks with the steering! Booked in for 12th May.
  7. Thanks for all your replies guys, sounds like its a known problem so shouldn't be an issue getting them to fix it! Will ring them first thing tomorrow and see what they say!
  8. Hi all, Apologies if this has been covered, I have done a search but nothing has come up... Hoping you can help before I take it to Toyota and get fobbed off again a fault being a 'quirk of the car'... It started off with a slight noise on full lock, a sort of low groaning noise coming from somewhere behind the centre console. Over the last week it has got progressive louder, and is now doing it on half lock as well. It can only be discribed as a groan, but its loud enough to be heard over the stereo and appears to be coming from inside the cabin. Any suggestions would be most welcome :) Thanks, Shap
  9. finally got my car booked in for the recall - earliest my local dealer could do it is April 6th... Lets hope I don't end up in a ditch between now and then....! (that last comment is heavily laced with sarcasm before anyone asks...)
  10. Will all be covered under warranty... both the initial inspection and repair. If your dealer tries telling you otherwise tell em sling their hook and go to another toyota dealership. The wonders of having a 3 year warranty!
  11. thats really good going! Best i've managed was 70mpg, but that was when the car was nearly new with a tight engine, would be interesting to see what it can achieve now!
  12. Not strictly true. The 0-60 time of the 1.33 is 11.7, the diesel is 10.7. (taken from toyota.co.uk) the pre 2009 5 speed diesel is also quicker to 60 than the 6 spd, assumingly due to gear ratios (book figure was 10.4) I tested both the 1.3 and the diesel and chose the diesel. Sometimes miss the revs, but in all other respects the diesel owns.
  13. Yeah interested to know what it failed its first MOT on too.
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