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  1. Having had the privilege of owning a Corolla TSport i had to sell due to debts. I since had a Clio and Astra which are no where near the car the Corolla is. I am currently saving to again buy a Corolla but am unsure on what to go for. Seeing Tsports going for areound £3500 is unbelievable i am so tempted but i was wondering what the Corolla diesel go like and if you can get much performance from then by chipping etc ?
  2. I seem to be experiencing a very slight drilling noise only faintly and only accelarating very lightly in first and second gear i.e (1000 - 1500 rpm) Does anyone have any ideas what it could be ?
  3. It has to go. Sold the car now and have no use for this. if any one can collect from Gloucestershire i let it go for £85. comes with everything you need and works perfectly
  4. can you realy justify 20 mpg i mean i would expect a Vaxhall Monaro to do that and there are 5.7ltre with 400bhp. Any rider will tell you it is mostly car/van and lorry drivers which cause alot of crashes cuz they do nor check there mirrors often enough or if at all.
  5. I was constantly filling up travelling 300 miles a week so she had to go and now i got a Clio thats averaging 55 miles to gallon :) my pockets alot healthier for it as well. Be getting a bike soon which i find so much more logic in. I mean come on Honda CBR - Top Speed 160mph averaging 50 -60 miles to gallon - £25 empty to full tank or Tsport - Top speed 140 (never done) 25-30 miles to gallon and best part of £45 -£50 to fill up.
  6. Would accept £90 person would have to collect from Lydney Gloucestershire and pay upon collection. Has origianal box with all fittings and instructions.
  7. Any one need a Typhoon induction kit for Corolla T Sport ? Took mine off as i have sold the car :( Does make a real difference especialy in lift!!!!
  8. any offers ?? i would let it go for £4600. Guaranteed HPI clear bought from Toyota dealer in Feb 08 for £7000. looking to sell quickly
  9. I am taking my Tsport down to carcraft tonight for them to give me an estimation on what its worth. Has any one else done this ? I have a Blue 2003 Tsport with 44,000 miles. Good condition couple minor scratch and small scuff. Im looking at selling it quickly. Mot & Tax untill Feb 09. Recently bought two new tyres. Any offers ??
  10. I need a window regulator for my 03 t sport drivers door. Just contacted Toyota who quoted me £220 :o any recommend anything else ??
  11. Does anyone know where i can get a reverse light buld for my T Sport and how much i be looking at ?
  12. Can anyone help with my electric window on t sport. I want to check if the window has come off the runners because the window does not line up when you open and close it. I have found two screw on the door panel but dont know of anymore as i dont want force it off an break the door panel. can anyone give me an idiot guide to removing door panel etc thanks
  13. can anyone tell me if the flywheel upgrade is worth the money..as in better responce etc and what atvantages does strut brace have. All for my T Sport 03
  14. had two brand new tyres on weekend on my T Sport an just noticed the toyota emblem in the middle of standard alloys has disappeared. Any one know where i can get another one from ??
  15. Hi, Yeah i emailed him Friday. I would love to know how it goes because im seriously considering it. please keep us posted and good luck for tomorrow
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