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  1. Hi, I am reverting back to my standard airbox on my Corolla T Sport however I cannot remember where all the vacuum pipes go. Is anyone able to provide me with a diagram or some help? Thank you
  2. Correct me if i'm wrong but if your chassis number starts with SB1 its UK and if its JTD its made in Japan :D
  3. I live in south west wales area if you really need help but it is a fairly straight forward job good luck
  4. Hi, It is quite possible that it is the inlet manifold rattling which is caused by a loose baffle. This is not a hugely common problems but does effect the corollas plastic inlet manifold. This link may help you solve the problem if you can confirm it is the inlet manifold. Good luck
  5. Belt is approx £35+VAT from Toyota. Plus about 4 hours labour. Not a bad job to do yourself if you know what you're doing
  6. Hi Mick, The idle was slightly better today, was about 1200-1400 rpm and it didn't drop so the air pump was able to run ok. I'm going to take the Idle Control Valve on Saturday. I included a picture of where I set the timing chain to match the markings on the cams. I can't work out how to get the image to display in the message instead of a download link all the time haha
  7. The MAF was a lil dirty, cleaned it with some brake solvent cleaner and it didn't make a massive difference on the MAF reading. Probably less than 0.2 gm/sec. Although at the time of starting it after work the idle was fine and the secondary pump kicked in etc. I did find a DTC, it was an ABS/VSC, can't remember the code, oops, but it was Engine Module Performance which normally comes up when then is an engine ETC current aswell when there wasn't. May have something to do with when I ran it after the cam change. The timing indicated in the 2ZZ-GE book is exhaust cam dots line up with chain but like 5 degrees back from the centre line and inlet cam dot forward 5 degrees. I'll have to scan it and show you. Seems to be running fine though. I'll have to see what happens now first thing tomorrow morning when then the temp is low again. Fingers crossed for tomorrow
  8. Hi, No warning lights on but i'll check after work now to see if they are DTC's or pending problems. Just seems weird for it to dip so much. I checked the I'd set the timing correct etc in the book. Cars spot on, pulling better and sounds great. The only thing I was thinking is has oil from the typhoon induction kit stuck to the MAF sensor maybe causing inaccurate readings? I'll update later now when I get a chance to connect the computer. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, As you know recently I changed the cams and rockers recently on my 2003 T Sport. However, the problem I've got has been showing itself before I did the repair. Basically since it has been very very cold, on cold start the revs dip to like 700rpm and I have to blip the throttle and then the revs float at about 1,100rpm and I'm thinking is this also why the secondary air pump isn't coming on or AC when its cold. I haven't had any warning lights on, spark plugs are good and hoses etc are all good and connected properly. Any ideas? Is idle electronically controlled? Thank you
  10. see damage in pic: large piece of rocker is missing. Wonder if it snapped because the valve stuck or something?
  11. Hi dailey87, did you see the topic about my broken rocker. Only problem is I can't find the piece of metal. It definetly isn't in the cylinder though, just gotta wait for parts now and try get some time to fix it. Did you run the car in for a bit before testing the lift?
  12. Hi, The little caps that sit on the top of the valve are different thicknesses enabling you to adjust the valve clearence. Luckily I found it sitting in the head. Still unable to find the massive piece missing from the rocker. Very dissapointed in the engine I must say. Just hope I find the metal in the sump and not in the cylinder. I checked all the valve clearences and they were good so hopefully its a straight replace cams and rockers. I hope that piece didn't snap because the valve was stuck or something. I just realised that the picture I took in August when I changed the lift bolts the bit of rocker is missing. Oh dear, it has been like this for ages and I've been driving :( Not good help lol
  13. Hi guys, As you probably know from my recent topic my Tsport has been suffering with a lack of power. Today I took the rocker cover off to find the lift rocker arm of number 3 cylinder intake valve has snapped off. Unfortunately I cannot find the broken piece of metal, it doesn't sound like it has been rattling in the cylinder so I'm hoping to find it sat in the oil sump. The only issue I have is the shim is missing off the top of the valve and I don't know what shim to order, there are 41 different sizes to choose from but I cannot measure what one I need because there isn't one. Any advice? Thanks
  14. Very interesting find. Thanks mate, I think I'll be carefully checking that Saturday. I ordered the seal Mick24 recommended, just gotta check its the right part then i'll post part number. I must say though it seems i'm very unlucky or Toyota's just aint that good. I've never had a problem with the secondary air pump but now when you start the car there is the normal dip of the headlights but then the pump just doesn't start. It tries to but just doesn't lol. Haven't had any warning lights on yet though? New pump aswell it seems?
  15. Ah i read it properly now lol. Hopefully I might be able to visually see if there are any blocked holes or got any inspection tips? Don't wanna replace the cams only for them not to get oil again lol. Yeah no problem. I'll have a look when I go to work tomorrow. Do you think cams and rockers would fix my power issue? Thanks