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  1. Thanks I often wonder what happened to her and if she is still about today
  2. A good wash, clay then 2 coats of SRP and 1 coat of UDS. The SRP makes a lot of dust when buffing it off (as does the UDS to some extent) so give it a final wipe down/buff with a good microfibre cloth to get the dust off and bring up the shine. A good work out but will last months and will look stunning B)
  3. +1 for AG Super Resin Polish. Great for covering up minor imperfections. A couple of coats should give you a really good finish. Then seal with Extra Gloss Protection or Ultra Deep Shine (Good on dark cars) If you want a permanent fix, you're either going to have to pay up for a proper correction by a detailer, or master the art of high speed polishing yourself B)
  4. Rain X is fantastic stuff, I've used it for many years with no problems. You shouldn't really have to use wipers in heavy rain if you're travelling 60+mph. Best way to buff it off with some paper towels to get it to work as it should. Give your wiper blades a wipe with the cloth you use to apply the Rain X and you won't have any trouble with judder, unless the wipers need replacing.
  5. Hello folks, been a while and don't know how many peeps I knew are still on here but thought I'd check you're all behaving yourselves and enjoying the world of Toyota! Thought I'd check my login still works (and it does!) Les, when did you get management rights!?!
  6. GiJoe90

    Discs And Pads

    Sorry Mi-Mo, forgot to say they don't work so well in reverse! Hope you got that shabby ride sorted , I'll give you a shout when I'm next in Steelville. Joe
  7. GiJoe90

    Discs And Pads

    I can recommend Red Dot Discs. They do drilled, grooved or a combination of the two! Joe
  8. Hi, Thanks guys! I'll be trying the WD40 later on, I've left the lead off the plug to see if it'll dry out the inside in all this nice weather we're having. Now I wish I'd bought me a T-Bar! Anyway, I'll let you know how I got on! Thanks, Caroline I had a similar problem when I changed my TRD HT leads for Magnecor ones. Couldn't get a good seal around the top of the block with the Magnecors and after a heavy shower, 3 cylinders!. Ended up putting the TRD's back on. Similar to what the others have said, take the leads off, clean around the top of the block with WD40 & clean the rubber of the HT leads. Also make sure it isn't cracked. Let it all dry out throughly then replace. Joe
  9. Thought I'd pop my head in and say to the pimp of TOC! I'll be around to see your new toy soon ;) Joe
  10. Here you go mate Linky 10% off if you're a Gold Member Joe
  11. You'll find standard shocks wear out quicker with lowering springs. My front ones went soon after it was lowered so I fitted KYB +20% stiffer ones. The rears were fine though I used the Fensport lowering springs which were superb. Before: After: Joe
  12. I thought for a minute you'd blinged up the car wheel wise or something mate! B) You must have arms like Popeye Jerry, all that wrist action! :P Good job but you missed a bit.........all the number plates are so dirty you can't read them! And I hope you shut your sisters sunroof before washing! Joe
  13. Maybe you should go visit him Joe, give him an "I can do it, so you can do it" pep talk... :) And I think it was Leeds because it has a specialist neurological department and he had bad head injuries Hi, Joe's the name. Just popped to see how the Hamster is. I don't think they'd let me in do you!! :P Hull has one of the best neurosurgical departments in the country. I know, I was there and I too had a serious head injury See...................... That's when I finally saved up and got the brain Joe
  14. Thoughts go out to his family. As an experienced individual in this sort of accident, all I can say is at least he was wearing a crash helmet!! Don't understand why he was taken to Leeds from Elvington, surely Hull is closer? All the best to the little fella. If he could see me now then he'd know there's plenty of hope Joe
  15. My 2p 1. Yes 2. Spray them white with MR2 decal on them 3. Bend heat sheild up once nice big exhaust fitted 4. A slap for saying Lexus lights!......Rev 3 all the way :) 5. Mongoose or consider XS Power one Or go custom and be different 6. Personally I'd get the wheels refurbed either to silver (as now) or titanium (bit darker). Black or white looks too busy, especially on a white car. 7. Keep it tasteful. Don't do shopping lists etc. Just one or two things if you must. Tint the side windows that dark and be prepared to be pulled over. 8. Looks pretty sorted body kit wise. Rev 6 lights!? Maybe 3mm spacer on your back wheels. De-badge? Joe
  16. Does it accelerate that fast you can drive on walls then! Impressive Joe
  17. Good choice John I had to double take at one of these the other day as I hadn't seen one before. Looked very nice. What's the performance like? Was begging for the TTE springs from looking at the pictures. Joe
  18. Nice one Dawesy Bet you're well chuffed.........but then again you've probably got something else up your sleeve eh? Shame it's not at 500bhp How do you get 470bhp down through fwd!?!? Joe
  19. Looks good mate. Similar to the HKS Super Drager but a lot cheaper!! I had the XS Power decat pipe on mine and it was the best mod I did. Awsome amounts of boost for buck and quicker spool up time. Oh and more turbo sound in your ear Joe
  20. Yeah pics!!! That's a hell of a lot of money to spend on an 11 year old car, and high mileage! What sort of torque is it pulling? Joe
  21. Is it not to aid cooling to the front radiator? Let hot air escape/pass through it and over the car..........like many super cars...MC12, Ford GT, Elise etc etc... Not a fan on a car that it isn't designed for but each to their own. And you can't beat Rev 6 lights :D Good effort Joe
  22. By the looks of it if probably hasn't even got an engine let alone an interior! They might as well have made it from styrafoam(sp?). I'm guessing the handling would be pretty shocking if it did move.......and flex. Some serious cut and shut to get that shape, but hats off for the effort Joe
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