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  1. Take a look at this diagram it shows you how, click on it to enlarge it. Regards Pete. Thanks Pete, looking a little closer Igot the picture wrong, I think it is more likely to be like this: Also, i can't even see behind it, do i nned to remove it to adjust it?
  2. I think the back of the headlamp probably looks like this. (picture 5)
  3. My car: 57 Avensis 1.8TR manual petrol I recently got the passenger side deadlight changed by halfords. SInce I have noticed that it is out of alignment. Having taken off the upper guard under the bonnet, it is difficult to see how to adjust the headlamp. I need to bring it up. Can anyone advise how i do this? Thanks
  4. If we have a winter like last year winter tyres will be helpful. I was looking for a set of spare wheels to put them on, making easy for changing back and forward, the cost though seems too high, even from a scrappy. Anyone any ideas where to get a cheap set of wheels for winter tyres?
  5. I'm looking for a cheap set of wheels for my Avensis 57TR. I got some winter tyres, it owuld be easire just chganing wheels than tyres. Had a look around and can't find very much less than £299. I was hoping to get something like £15 a wheel from a scrppy. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. billsinc

    New Wheels

    I'm looking for a set of wheels for Avensis 57 plate 1.8TR, to fit some winter tyres. Anybody know where I can get some. Not worried if they are steel or Alloy.
  7. My wife just bought a 56 Yaris, it has a similar problem. I can see how to titlt the column, but how do you slide it?
  8. I was wondering if anyone has winter tyres fitted to their Avensis, if so what make, and do they make a difference?
  9. billsinc


    What make of tyres did he have on?
  10. billsinc


    I called a dealership about winter tyres for an Avnesis TR, basically no recommendations, they did say they could source them, but I am surprised that they have not addressed this issue, nor do they stock winter tyres. My wife has a KA, it's ok in the snow. We like at the bottom of a hill, My Avensis can't get up :-(. Does anyoen actually use any winter tyres?
  11. it looks like a joke with their suggestion. do not beieve it Cheers/Igor I have always used Redex diesel additive about every third fill up and cannot say that it makes any difference with the Avensis, but I firmly believe in the product. I bought a Land Rover Discovery years back with a lot of miles on the clock and noticed a significant difference when I used a full bottle for a tankfull and then only used it periodically. I sold it with 240,000 on the clock with no injection problems. The guy who does my MOT's says that a bottle in the tank guarantees the car gives the required emission readings. You have to bear in mind that years ago, diesel injectors needing regular servicing. I know that fuels are cleaner now, but with the injectors and injector pump lasting the life of the engine, I feel that some sort of maintenance is necessary in the form of a decent additive. On the same sort of topic, I filled my last motor, a hilux truck with the D-4-D engine, with the more expensive diesel available, by mistake, and it went like a rocket. Opinions will vary, but I shall continue to use the additive, about 125 ml to a tankful, every third fill. in case you ve personally tested an additive in question, then go ahead with it. But an Author did not call the name of this additive. cheers/Igor The dealer did not tell me the name of the additive.
  12. I have a 2007. Got the three keys. On the sat nav it has only one disk that covers the whole of Europe, well it appears to anyway but since i have not been ourside the UK with the car I can't be 100% sure. Also the Sat Nav does not get upgraded any more, according to the dealer, lot's of new roads not on Sat Nav.
  13. Recently got my care serviced, they suggested a a fuel additive that would last a year. Anyone knows what it does?
  14. Recently got 2 year service by a Toyota dealer. They recommended a fuel addive, better for car, improves mpg they say. Anyone have any knowledge of this?