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  1. bridgy


    hi i no the info is on the site but just want to know the basics to be honest like dates, times, costs and anychance of getting on the TOC stand. sorry to seem stressy but cant get on the pc often at the mo all help appreciated thanks. :)
  2. bridgy


    whats with the snotty attitude i only asked for help and my apoligies for missing where the info was but no need for comments like that just shows you need to get a life and worry about things that actually matter and that is actually your buisness otherwise don't post!!!
  3. bridgy


    nice to see so many people are still so eager to help on the TOC thanks
  4. wants JAE info please

  5. bridgy


    hi can someone send me all the information for JAE please thanks bridgy :D
  6. im 100% attending just need someone to send me all the details just got my 1.8 gxi so will be an excuse for some polishing :D will be camping and will try abit of the bbq :P thanks bridgy
  7. hello bud hows it goin , what plans you got for the corolla? Hi bud not to sure at the moment jus trying toget rid of a passat so can make room for the project in the garage thinking of a 2 seater with roll cage with a bigger N/A engine as i am still learning about what routes i can go down with what i have got if you get me hows the beast getting on? is it back on the road now? cheers
  8. Cheers guys i asked my sisters friend the same sort of question who makes out she knows a fair bit about cars and i said it has to be japanese and she said a renault laguna so she wasn't much help so anymore ideas very welcome thanks again. if we can get it to a good list then ill let it go for a vote.
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