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  1. I'm sorry for my mistake - I didn't refer back to your previous post. Apologies, too, to Silver Dream Machine - the Queensferry Crossing bridge is shown on the satnav in the car. But it's shown as about 10% of the width of the old Forth Road Bridge, so can only be seen on a much magnified screen.
  2. I think some of us have been talking at cross purposes here. I've been referring to the maps in the car's satnav and others have been talking about Google Maps (Journey Planner). I'm not sure how journey planner will guide you to the Mersey Gateway if it's not on the car's map. Perhaps you can let us know after you've tried it. I've sent my journey from Edinburgh to East Kilbride from journey planner to the car - will the satnav prompt me to leave the M8 and drive into a field in North Lanarkshire (where the new bit of the M8 is situated)? I'll find out on Tuesday! If it's somehow possible for jouney planner to update the maps in the car, that would be brilliant and would do away with the need for updates. To clarify my previous posts, all of the new roads I mentioned earlier are shown on Google Maps, as is the Queensferry Crossing (not surprising, as the updates were made within days of the various openings).
  3. I wonder if any prospective purchaser of satnav as a chargeable option has ever been told that by the salesperson! I have it because it was included in the Excel specs. The 1 year delay was the reason I was surprised when Silver Dream Machine reported that the Queensferry Crossing (opened 30 August 2017) was included in the latest update.
  4. I updated last week and did my first journey yesterday - Edinburgh to East Kilbride. Very disappointed that the M8 extension and A725 underpass at the Raith Interchange (M74) are still not updated; they were opened in April/May 2017. I was close to the Quensferry Crossing on the trip home, so I had a quick look at the map on the touch and go screen. Still seems to be showing A90 on the bridge (which would be the old Forth Road Bridge) rather than M90 (the new bridge). I'll continue updating as long as it's free, but I'm definitely not paying for any updates.
  5. Thanks for that confirmation. However, I've found that it depends on the scale chosen. I like to use the .5 mile scale so I can see traffic quite far away; on that scale the indications are on the wrong side. Shifting to the .25 mile scale they're on the correct side. I took the first photo above (while safely parked!) using the .25 mile scale and the second photo using the .5 mile scale. Traffic is correct on the first one and wrong on the second.
  6. Thanks for that. I'll have another go at installing update 6.9.0H.
  7. Brendan2, can you confirm that traffic warnings are working okay for you? I described my problem in another thread (SatNav Traffic Problem), but I didn't make it clear that all other aspects of the SatNav are operating as expected (e.g. direction signs are on the correct side of the road). It's just the overlay of the red lines that are on the wrong side. I'll re-install the update if you, or anyone else, tells me it's just my problem. I have to agree with PeteB about the maps being way out of date - my daughter moved into a newly built house in 2015 and the street is still not showing on the map! There have been huge changes in some major roads here in Central Scotland this year (M8, M73, A725 and the new bridge over the Forth) - I wonder when they will appear on the maps...
  8. I did it myself, Mike. Downloaded from My Toyota and installed via USB, exactly as I had done with the previous update (6.8.2H, I think).
  9. Map update 6.9.0H seems to have mucked up the slow traffic indications on my 2016 Excel's satnav. The red lines on the maps are showing traffic jams at the right places, but on the wrong side of the road! It's as if the system thinks I'm driving on the right hand side of the road instead of the left. Anybody else experiencing this?
  10. I focussed on the reliability score because I genuinely thought it must be a mistake. Like you, I've been a Which? member for a long time (45 years, actually) and I have seen countless corrections and apologies for errors in reports. The only thing in the review that's been revised, as far as I can see, is the score (reduced from 80% to 58%). I don't think that the comment "confidence inspiring hybrid" will remain as the verdict for much longer.
  11. I don't know how the various categories of faults are weighted, but the overall score is weighted 50% on lab and road tests, 40% on reliabilty and 10% on safety. Which?'s original review of the 2016 Prius gave it an overall rating of 80% making it a "Best Buy", I seem to remember, although this has now been amended to 58% on the website. The section on reliability is unchanged, however, stating that "The 2016- Prius is too new for us to have model-specific reliability data on it, but overall brand reliability for Toyota is good: it scores four stars in the latest Which? Car Survey." On the face of it a change from 4 stars for reliabilty to 2 stars would be expected to result in a reduction of 16% in the overall score, so the actual reduction of 22% seems a bit drastic.
  12. Well, let's hope that somebody at Toyota UK has seen these results and has asked for the details.
  13. Yes, I certainly intend to do that. My point, however, was that if there are significant reliability issues, wouldn't they have been experienced by members of this forum?
  14. I've just received the Which? Car Guide 2017/18, and I'm staggered by the rating given to the Prius (2016-). It comes in second bottom of the Large Car Buyer's Guide with a Test Score of 58% (compared to, for example, the Avensis's score of 77%). The star ratings (out of 5) are as follows: Ride Quality 4, Seat Comfort 3, Visiblity 3, Boot & Storage 3, Performance 3, Reliability 2. The summary is "Impressive fuel economy let down by unusually poor reliabilty". I've had my Excel for a year now and haven't had any problems, and I can't remember reading in this forum of any reliability issues. Which? have not given the sample size, as they used to, but I presume the data is from their annual survey. Are there any issues, or have Which?, not for the first time, made a monumental error?
  15. Thanks again tico24. It appears that these plugs are not required in the UK. Apparently, they're to fill in a hole created as a tie-down point for securing the car to a transporter. That method is not used in the UK, so the push-out to create the hole has not been done. The PDI checklist should obviously instruct the dealer to discard the plugs if not required, thus avoiding the confusion caused by leaving them in the glove box.