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  1. Swap ur coil packs around say cylinder 3 to 4 and see what codes comes up
  2. My money is on crank sensor playing up and when it get hot has a high resistances and it doesnt bring a code up
  3. Mod edit - derogatory comment removed. U can feel each sensor clicking when u put ur finger on each one whilst in reverse
  4. there is a modified gear shaft for that model and i would put toyota 75 gear oil in not 75/90 its to thick
  5. Is it from cold or all time ?!
  6. Wouldn't listen to that ^lol
  7. Put it into reverse and feel the sensor pulsing wit ur fingers there will be that won't be and that will be ur problem
  8. I would use master key for first two parts dont think it matters to be honest departs if they both start car and it won't change key code as that part is wireless ecu
  9. U need one of the black keys to be able to code a new key to car and one u have u won't be able to code any new keys that why you need a ecu
  10. Turn engine by crank bolt a couple to times and make sure marks line up before rebuilding it all
  11. Part number for ur car t33504-0d071-b0 I'm not allow to give u a price as sumone has reported me :( as a trader and I would check an aygo one fits onto a yaris sorry for trying to help