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  1. dont contact toyota for one,they quoted me £1270+vat for one! they are extremely rare apparently.i got another 5 speed one from a breakers for £100
  2. i have just bought a 1990 corolla gti and the bootlid is rotten.i was wondering if anyone knows where to get a bootlid from?
  3. WRW76

    Gt4 Questions

    i am selling my heavily modified starlet gt turbo and am planning to get a celica gt4.what are the statistics of these cars? preferrably i would like the 1994-2000 models stats but each model would be helpful.cheers
  4. i have destroyed the gearbox in my 1995 gt advance and i urgently need another gearbox if anyone can supply me one.
  5. there is a gt being broken up on ebay at the moment.
  6. fully comp for my gt advance is £600(5 years ncb,sp30,£350 fine,3 months ban) with holdsure.up here in shetland insurance is far cheaper.i can insure a sierra cosworth for £493 fully comp and my peugeot 205mi16 was £233 fully comp.
  7. a guy i work with has an avensis,he was wondering if theres any websites that you could order a bodykit from?
  8. a guy i work with is going to get a soarer,hes not sure which one to buy,either a 2.5 twin turbo or a 4.0v8? which is the cheapest to insure and which is faster?
  9. you could go to www.toyotaownersclub.com and ask some of the members there or you could ask www.fensport.co.uk,they are performance parts specialists for starlet and glanza turbos.
  10. i have a WEPR turbo back stainless exhaust,very good quality and less than half the price of the blitz exhaust.
  11. i pay £602 fully comp for my gt advance(28,5 years ncb,sp30,3 months ban,no alarm or immobiliser) i can get a sierra cosworth insured for £638 fully comp and a celica gt4 for £393(express insurance,0800 107 2751)
  12. have you tried your local dealer for the lights? pre cut tints are a bit cheesy,why not get proffesionally fitted tints,im getting mine done in aberdeen soon.
  13. what car does the 5e come from? why not get nitrous fitted to your sr? i have a nitrous kit lying on my dining room floor waiting till i get my car and licence back before i fit it.
  14. you can also get parts from people on www.toyotaownersclub.com or ebay.i got most of my parts from people on the toyotaownersclub.com site.i got a few things from fensport also