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  1. 1991 Toyota Corolla GTi 16V Just goes to show that Toyota has finally become established as a recognised classic Marque The winning bid 0f £22,000 puts the corolla Gti 16v in that same league of collectables as ford and other hot hatches https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/auctions/1991-toyota-corolla-gti-16v-WnkWNn?fbclid=IwAR1lScnvRoUxi8tMGP5Gvgrs0BL2X_Dr6-_s5LUj2N9VGx0tUogiCOVYpAA
  2. Toyota were aware of this problem while the car was in production They are known as recalls, If it was track rod end or steering joint, or a cruise control issue, companies such as Toyota have and will continue to spend millions to rectify these issue. I spoke with Direct Line and I was told that if this was safety issue , then insurance companies would force manufacturers to put things right due to large claims that could arise. I would also mention that I spoke with a sales manger at a Toyota main dealers, that told me that they have been fitting the tilt sensor and CatLoc to all u
  3. 10 weeks with a out car, cost £29,000 and on finance , so we are paying for it while is sits deterioration in a dealers compound I dont agree with anyone who believes this is not Toyotas fault, They knew about about this from the beginning, so how come out Auris was allowed to roll of the production line without a Tilt Alarm and Without a cover over the Cat. Toyota asking nearly £500 to retro fit these items but they could have been fitting them at the factory factory for peanuts. It's excusable, Cats have being stolen from Prius and Auris for years. Ally wheels became the new
  4. So here is an update regarding the theft of the catalytic converter from our January 2019 Toyota Auris Tourer Friday 11th September 2020 "My wife took her elderly friend for a birthday treat at a local pub Friday 1tth September. This is in a nice rural village just outside of Lichfield Staffordshire. Just over an hour later she drove away from the pub and as the car was in EV mode the engine didn’t kick in until she was half way down the road and then the inevitable roar of the exhaust brought her quickly to a stop" Wednesday 18th Novemebr So after a wait of 10 weeks,
  5. I've not heard of this company but I will message tham. I ave contacted both Amayama and megazip, of which I have bought parts from in the past
  6. Just checked with Toyota UK and this is discontinued I'll try a couple of japanese websites and report back if I have any success
  7. That one has been sold a long time ago but thank you for the interst
  8. So here is an update four weeks on from the theft of the catalytic converter. We are insured with Direct Line and I cannot give them praise enough, they provided a hire car for the first three weeks, courtesy of enterprise and enterprise are quite professional too. The car is with our local Steven Eagell depot and here again the service dept has been very sympathetic and helpful. After the initial hire car was returned Steven Eagle provided a courtesy car but also asked Toyota to step in and after only a couple of days using the wonderful litte Aygo, this has resulted in a car
  9. Maybe got more chance of finding of fairies at the bottom of the garden but I'm going to post anyway. So I have a 1991 Corolla Gti in the body shop for restoration. On removing the rear screen they have found extensive corrosion and suggested finding a replacement as opposed to them spending a couple of days fabricating repairs at £?? per hour. I am based in the west midland and would be prepared to travel to fetch a good ROT FREE example I'm aware that some rust will come as standard but rust can be removed easier than rot all replies on postcard please
  10. mrpj. From what I can make out from a web search, on the Auris the exhaust runs right down the centre. I watched a video on this website where the mongrels did two cars in the same street that just by chance were parked opposite each other and they use the trolley jack on the kerb, so even parking against kerb is of no help. So it seems that all they need is a trolley jack and an electric impact gun. So possibly welding the nuts may be a help, as well as the cat guard. I also plan to have the tilt sensor fitted @ £100 whilst it's at Toyota makes sense. Our was removed in the less tha
  11. Thanks chaps for the info ftao James it happened at the Red Lion at London Green, You probably know the place
  12. OK so Mine is a valuable one, car was regd Jan 2019 Thanks for the info
  13. Ok, so how do you mean, my car is only 18 months old, so is mine a recent one. These thicko's pinching them probably would know the difference, so they will nick from all models won't they ?
  14. I remember that when Cats were first fitted to cars, from about 1991 onwards or something like that, theft of catalytic converters became an epidemic but as many cars had therm it has probably faded out of the public domain. Maybe if it is so easily removed, then perhaps the manufacturers should be trying to make a bit more difficult. I also get that no matter what the item is, car house, boat there is still only so much that you can you to stop a determined thief but then video CCTV footage from the pub where it happened shows that it took no more than two minutes
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