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  1. Thanks again for all replies, especially Tony. Very much appreciated. The car has done 40 K and is 2012 vintage. It has never let us down and, other than this revving issue, has been fine. I will take it to my local garage and see if they can have a peep at the throtle body.
  2. Many thanks Tony and everyone. I wish Tony worked at my local Toyota dealers. Twice they have failed to do a thorough service and last time they claimed to have checked the brake fluid level when they clearly had not. I know this because when the car came back after the last full service I noticed the brake fluid reservoir was over-filled by quite a lot. The main dealer had not done this - a local garage had renewed three brake pipes and they were the ones who over-filled the reservoir - but if the dealers chap had really checked the levels he would have seen the over-filled reservoir. I went to the local garage for the pipes after being quoted £400 by the main dealer to have two pipes replaced. Bill from local garage was £180 for three. Then he spoiled himself by overfilling. Otherwise he did a very neat job. As mentioned I have already asked the main dealer twice to find the cause of the revving engine and they found nothing. They didn't even think of doing what Tony has suggested. Can I trust them to have a look at the throttle body? WIll a competent local garage be able to do this work or does it require another trip to the Toyota dealer and hope this time he does what he is paid to do.
  3. Thanks for this. Odd that the changes in revs is designed into the car. I wonder what purpose that serves. I note that when the car is idling the revs can go up and down a little Following the post from Tony HSD I have bought some Redex fuel system cleaner to see if that makes a difference though it may be hard to tell as the fault is intermittent. My concern is that whilst I can deal with the problem if it happens on the road, my wife, who owns the car may not be able to. It used to happen with a Nissan Laurel I owned many years ago though that had a much simpler throttle system, Just a wire connected to the pedal. Happy days. 🙂
  4. Many thanks for your prompt response. Any idea why that would cause the engine to rev up to 5000 or would a dirty throttle body cause the throttle to stick open at whatever the pedal position was set to at the time? It actually revs up by itself and, as you say, the fault would be hard to find as it it intermittent Thanks again. T
  5. Since we have owned our 2012 Auris it has given us no trouble at all except that now and again, usually when changing gear, the engine would increase it's revs a little with no extra throttle input from the driver. Both my wife and I had the same issue. However, today as I was parking and had come to a halt, the engine screamed to 5000 revs whilst my foot was not on the throttle at all. This could be highly dangerous if it happened in traffic. The main dealer has tried to find this fault but has failed, probably because it is intermittent. Anyone else had this issue or have an idea what the cause might be? Thanks, T
  6. Thanks Lee, That explains it very well. As a long time diesel driver ( Accord 2.4 diesel and the sadly missed Corolla) I am not used to having to rev engines and hate the MOT when the tester has to bounce my cars engine off the limiter. I go for a walk so that I don't hear it. The Honday is " just above a tick over" at 70mph ( around 2000 revs). I presume the Auris engine is designed to be revved. I guess I will have to get used to a different driving style. Thanks again. T.
  7. I tried booting the car in the lower gears this morning as suggested by the contributors here and it did accelerate quite quickly but joining the dual carriageway off the slip needs care to get it up to speed. Hard to believe it will get to 60 in 10 seconds. Odd that in days gone by diesels were sluggish but the 114 bhp Corolla T3 diesel is a real rocket in comparison to the Auris petrol which seems to need to be rowed along with the gear stick as an oar!!
  8. Thanks for all your responses, folks. My 2004 Honda Accord is a real rocket in comparison. I will probably need to change it soon and was looking at an Avensis, mainly because the local Toyota dealer is quite good with us now he has realised that we are not the usual idiots he can lash with tales of a cut in the tyre at MOT. I asked them to keep the tyre to show me and there was no sign of a cut - that didn't go down too well. If the Avensis engine performs in the same way the Auris does, perhaps not. Cheers, T
  9. When I first drove my wife's Auris 2012 1.6 petrol I had a lot of trouble finding the gears so I let her do the driving most of the time. I have now gotten used to it but have noticed the acceleration is worse than any car I can remember. I put my foot down and hardly anything happens. Do that in the Corolla 2 litre diesel she had before and see the car leap forward. Auris is flat as a penny. It does get there in the end but I am very disappointed. I had thought that as it has allegedly more BHP than the Corolla the acceleration should at least match it but no. Seems the turbo diesel made a big difference. The bhp figures seem to vary too. One site says it is 124 bhp and I have seen 130 elsewhere. Is this normal for the Auris? I realise it is a heavy car but sheesh!! Cheers T
  10. Frosty, The car is 2012 and not the latest shape. Frankie, did the dealer suggest there was something that could be done? Cheers for all replies. T
  11. Hi, Just bought a 2012 Auris and find both headlights have condensation at the side of the units. It is not in front of the beams as it has been on an Accord I own but I wonder if there is anyone else who has this issue and what the fix is. With the Accord, Honda recalled them for extra clips to be fitted though in my case it only helped a litte ( assuming the dealer did what he was supposed to . Anyone? Thanks T
  12. Hi folks, My wife’s Corolla diesel’s audio unit has developed a fault which appears to be a poor connection somewhere in the power supply. The units lights and the LCD display flicker on and off. Sometimes it will stay of for a few minutes; other times it doesn’t light up at all. The unit is a replacement as the original had a very faint LCD display. This one, bought second hand, has been fine for perhaps 3 or 4 years with everything working as it should. I watched the dealer take out the faulty unit a few weeks after we bought the car. Problem is I can’t recall how he got the unit out and the new one back in again. I seem to remember he removed the centre knob which controls the heater fan speed and that there was as a screw behind it which he took out. What happened next I can’t recall. I do remember he had some fairly long extensions to reach the bolts holding the radio in. I have looked on YouTube but can only see a video with relates to the US automatic car and not ours which is a manual. Anyone had any experience of the above work or know what else other than a loose power connection could cause this fault? Many thanks. T
  13. Thanks, that gives me a guide to work by. Best wishes T.
  14. Thanks for your response. Any idea what an independent garage might charge?
  15. Hi folks. Looking at our Corolla diesel T3 hatchback on an 05 plate, I note the discs and pads are showing signs that they may need renewing. Last service they were ticked as amber with 75% wear on the pads and corroded discs though the same people ( main dealer) passed it for the MOT. Can anyone say how much I may have to pay for discs and pads all around. I would like to hear members thoughts to avoid being lashed by a main dealer and may try to find a trustworthy local repair shop. I am sure they exist!! Anyone had such work done and know what it might cost? Many thanks in advance T.
  16. Many thanks to all for your responses. Cheers T.
  17. Hi folks, Went to the Toyota dealer to buy a litre of coolant for the Corolla, which needs a top up. I was surprised to find the level so low as it had a new cam belt and water pump a few weeks ago and presumably the level was correct then. My Honda hasn't needed a top up in the years I have owned it! Anyway, I asked for a litre of coolant and was told I could only buy 5 litres!! "I don't need 5 litres, I just need a small top-up" said I. "Sorry, we only sell 5 litre packs" said the service chappie. How mad is that? Anyone know if what he says is correct? What do others do when a top-up is needed? I don't want to mix any other make of coolant as I hear it could cause corrosion or seal problems? Cheers T.
  18. Most likely culprit is all or some of the glow plugs not working and the engine isn`t firing the diesel straight away. Unburnt diesel is emitted blue (its only light oil after all) The other and worst scenario is bad compression. Well folks, we took the car to the Toyota dealer to have the fuel filter replaced and to check the glow plugs. Filter was quoted at £45. As we sipped our coffee in reception and waited,I wondered why the 20 minutes plus check the glow plugs was taking longer than I expected. Pretty lady said: "They are preparing your paperwork now" Out comes the service advisor with a bill for £163 or so. "We have replaced the glow plugs, they were running hot" he said. ??????? I had a moan and asked why they could not have checked the glow plugs individually to find the faulty one ( if indeed that was the cause of the blue smoke) and was told they could only check them all together. Clearly not true. I asked why no one had come to us to discuss the extra work before changing all the plugs. " I'm trying to do five things at once" said the chap. "If that doesn't cure the smoke we may need to strip the engine down" WHAT????? So we paid up without a smile. Just started the car from cold and lo, the blue smoke did not appear. So, it seems the problem was glow plug related but I really don't see why they were all replaced, especially as we were not told of their intentions. Is it a mileage thing or a let's get more work thing? Thanks again to all for pointing me in the right direction.
  19. Thanks to all for your suggestions. Cheers T.
  20. Ok, will get mechanics to replace filter. Thanks to all for replies.
  21. Most likely culprit is all or some of the glow plugs not working and the engine isn`t firing the diesel straight away. Unburnt diesel is emitted blue (its only light oil after all) The other and worst scenario is bad compression. Hmm, interesting. The car starts very quickly in hot weather but during the cold times, it was very poor. So I had better get the glow plugs and relay checked. Thanks for your response
  22. Hi folks, Wife's Corolla D4D T3 has started to emit blue smoke on start-up after it has been standing overnight. It goes after perhaps 30 seconds and the car has just passed an MOT. Warm starts, no smoke. It was also difficult to start in the very cold weather and would also emit a lot of smoke when it did start. Anyone suggest what the cause may be. Valve stem seals? I am guessing diesel smoke is black and engine oil smoke is blue. Cheers T.
  23. Hi folks, Can anyone tell me the location of the diesel fuel filter on a D4D T3? On my Honda it is on the bulkhead but someone said the Corolla filter is under the back seat!! Any one know what it costs to have it renewed? I have just contacted the dealer who did the servicing before we bought it and they say the filter was checked but not replaced at 40 K. Car is now on 65 K and I guess the filter will need the build up of water removing before the warning light appears or even a new filter. Cheers T.
  24. Just called the dealer who tells me the work is done and the car passed the MOT without a problem. Goodie. Now for the bill!! As for the water pump thing, the only car I have had which needed a new water pump was a Sierra, about a 100 years ago. I had a Volvo 740 with 135,000 miles and still on the same pump, clutch, everything. All it needed was discs, pads, tyres and exhausts and the occasional battery. Wife had a Mk 11 Mondeo with 90,000 +, same thing. Nothing needed other than service items, not even an exhaust pipe. both totally reliable. Thanks to all for your responses. Stay safe. T.
  25. Less than I expected which is why I put it in writing and asked the service chap to confirm it before the work began. As expected though, I had a call about an hour later to say the water pump had a slight leak and did I want them to change it. I believe these things are called "nibbles" in the trade whereby the quoted price goes up when they start the work. I have no way of knowing if there really was a leak and no way, other than watching them change it, of knowing if a new pump was fitted. The dealership seems to have a good reputation so I will have to trust them. A Honda dealer told me some time ago my Accord needed discs and pads all round or "it will definitely fail the MOT, our technicians are experts and that is their advice" I told them to change the rear discs and pads but leave the front alone because there was nothing wrong with them. “It will fail the MOT” they insisted. “Leave them alone” I said. Since then, the Accord has passed 3 MOT’s with 3 different testers and no mention of the front discs and pads.
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