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  1. Mine is or should I say was the same (I sold it today), from cold it was flat but once warmed up it was fine and one of the most reliable cars I have owned......
  2. Andrew, Is this when the car is cold?
  3. Yes, looks like the best route, thanks....
  4. It won't be a trade in that's for sure, was only offered £2.5k yesterday, its a 55 plate with 75k on the clock with a full Toyota service history......
  5. I'm going to be replacing my Avensis in the next 6 weeks, where do you recommend I sell it? Autotrader springs to mind but I can't stand tyre kickers...
  6. I have had no trouble with my Toyota but I fancy going back to a Merc next time, and next time is April...
  7. Really ? That's actually very good for a reasonably powered FWD car that isn't exactly light. I'm guessing those tyres are composed of quite a hard compound rubber or you're very light-footed :) I would say light footed, especially due to the cost of fuel nowadays...
  8. Something is certainly wrong, I have had 35k off my 2 front tyres (Bridgestone REO50) and still some left..
  9. My 2.0 lt auto gives around 25mpg in town and up to 40mpg on the motorway...
  10. I have a 55 plate with 60k on the clock. It had 10k when I bought it 3 years ago. Not had any problems with it, burns no oil between services....
  11. You will miss the LC..... :crybaby:
  12. Yes we get no freebies and it will cost me a gallon of petrol just to take it to their garage and come back...
  13. Guys, I just think its better for the OP to get an overall response to the problem.... Cheers Nick
  14. most helpfull acetip, the guy asked if anyone's car used oil, I replied that mine didn't so at least he now knows it is not the norm, and if you want to be sarcastic there is only one 'l' in helpful..
  15. My 2005 2.0lt auto which has done 55k does not use any additional oil between its annual service..
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