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  1. I keep getting a flash of vivid red when a page loads in the title bars before they go black.
  2. Did anyone ask them to change it? I agree we should be thankful that someone does run and support it, but a change thats dividing opinion like this really aught to have put to those who are going to use it, it seems that 50% hate it, 10% love it, and the rest appreciate a few new features but wan't it toned down. A few screen shots of a proposed change with poles perhaps to find out what people want changing if anything would have been preferable, when you compare this to the Lexus forums it shows how much cleaner and simpler it was before.
  3. Horrible colours, really glare, the old scheme was much cooler and less 'boy-racer'. Can we at least have a tab with options to change between the old and the new because this is horrible.
  4. Strange really. One migth expect Nissan to be the stronger part in that merger, but apparently Renault is calling the shots. I mean, Renault is not very big except for in Europe and France in particular, where as Nissan is, if not a major, then an average player on a global basis. They made some pretty good engines too in the past. In the late 90's Nissan were very close to being bankrupt, Renault came in and bought a significant stake in Nissan in return for Renault's CEO, head of finance and other executives taking control. So all the 2000 onwards Nissans started sharing parts, having cost cutting etc, one example was the current Micra when it first came out which takes less than 5 hours from rolled metal to being a finished car, I read somewhere the earlier Micra took something like 11 hours to make. Probably part of the reason why everything is held in with clips and they come apart very easily these days, whereas the old Nissans used to break your tools trying to take them apart!
  5. The official designation of whether a car is an automatic or manual is whether it has a clutch pedal, regardless of whether the car actually has a clutch. Hence you could drive the original Yaris freetronic (manual shift with no clutch pedal) on an automatic licence.
  6. On paper CVT is the perfect transmission, more efficient than a manual, and the smoothest transmission there is. However, I'm not totally sold on the 'slipping clutch' sensation from driving them, when i've driven them I just don't like the sound of the engine revving waiting for the speed of the car to pick up, there is just something more acceptable about the sound of an engine changing revs is it changes though gears. However, when we get near silent running electric cars where you can hardly hear them, CVT all the way! I do admit though, these automated manuals are hopeless, just cheap to buy and fractionally better on fuel, but having driven a few, I think there !Removed! awful.
  7. If i ever got my hands on the guy that invented the manual transmission he would wish he had never been born! Well said that man!
  8. If only it were that simple, in this case it was poor design of the bore liners, loads of 1.4/1.6 and especially 1.8 VVTi's have been replaced due to oil burning, in the Avensis the problem is notorious, if you read on that forum every few days someone new posts, even people who already had their engines replaced have had to have them re-replaced. Latest problem is head gaskets on 2.0 petrols and on the diesels in particular, the 2.2 is getting quite a reputation, Lexus IS220D owner's are not happy!
  9. Big engines arn't laboured at speed, that's why cars like LS400's (my dad's got one) can easily do 30MPG on a long run even though they've got a 4.0 V8 which is only slightly less than I used to get on my 2.0 Avensis. It's also been proven your best to get up to speed as quickly as possible in a manual so you cruise the furthest distance in your highest gear, it's a bit different in an auto but cars with modern CVT/DSG boxes are usually more economical than their manual equivalent anyway. Although to be to honest the whole fuel economy idea baffles me, if someone can afford £10k+ for a new car, they can afford to run it. As for you concern over VW group troubles, Toyota's reputation for quality/reliability has been fading over the last 5-10 years, lots of people having replacement engines in the Avensis/Corolla/MR2 for oil burning and more recently head-gasket failure, flywheels on diesels is another common problem, rust is another issue that seems to be affecting people as well. Whilst these problems don't affect the mass population of owners, neither do the problems with VAG group cars, afterall the Octavia has beaten the Corolla/Auris/Civic etc in the JD Power Survey's for over 10 years, and the 1.4 TSi has won the 1.0-1.4 best international engine award for the last 4 years and overall best engine of 2009.
  10. I think the 1.33 was made purely for official figures, in practice I would expect the fuel economy to be way off as its such a small engine to a fairly big car so at speed it's going to be working hard. Depending on how image conscious you are or not, the best built interior i've come across in the class so far is the face lifted Octavia. Best part is there only around £12.5k with discount for a brand new 1.4TSi (petrol turbo) DSG auto (the one I looked at) so different models might be even cheaper. I've always found the Auris interior with that huge lump of plastic in the middle was - plasticky and a bit scratchy
  11. You've posted this on the UK forum, although we have the same makes, the tyres may be different, and the Camry is so rare over here that tyres are a nightmare to find if you want the original size (it took me about half a dozen garages to find somewhere that sold them). I had Pirelli P6's in the end as the only other option I could get were Michellins at twice the price although the Michellins do last twice as long.
  12. There are probably better cars out there in the class for specific purposes, vectra has bigger load capacity, accord is better built, a4/a6 is better finished etc, but as an all rounder there pretty reasonable. Just watch out for the flywheel on the 2.0 diesel, and head-gasket on the 2.2's. Try and avoid one with dark cloth, the fabric is a nightmare to keep clean according to taxi-drivers, either try for wipe-clean leather or one of the very rare cream interiors which hide the dirt better than black.
  13. They used to be. Steam when cold is pretty common so I doubt it's anything serious, head-gaskets usually go on the 2.2 diesels but the only real complaint on the 2.0 D4D's are flywheels. As for power-steering it could be the belt slipping or power steering fluid getting low possibly.
  14. It's not really relevant but I had to have a new bumper on my Camry because of a split/crack after someone ran into the back of me. New bumper, painting, re-fitting the parking sensors etc, I think the total bill they paid was about £700.
  15. Sounds like the callipers seized and needs freeing off.
  16. There blaming it on Toyota because the 2005-2010 model uses Toyota engines and other components, there actually made in a factory co-owned by Toyota and GM. Cars like the Pontiac vibe are actually a Toyota Matrix re-badged and use the 1.8VVTi engine.
  17. Me too! Although I think it's a little unfair that older cars are based on the engine size, i've got a 3.0 V6 Camry, but my dad's 4.0 V8 LS400 is cheaper to tax because it doesn't fall under the emissions rated tax. Perhaps all these cars without cats etc aught to be charged £1,000 a year road tax since a modern supermini apparently gives out less C02 that a petrol driven lawnmower.
  18. Up to about 1998 Toyota's in their entirety lasted a life time, up to about 2001 Toyota engines lasted a life time, then in 2003 the VVTi and D4D engines were used which don't last very well, then the MKII Avensis came out which has problems elsewhere as well as the short-life engines.
  19. Were until Renault essentially took them over.
  20. The 3S-FE 2.0 (Toyota's best 4 cylinder engine) was retired after 20+ years largely due to new emissions regulations (ever heard how the exhaust burbles at idle?). The 2.0 and 2.4 VVTi only lasted a few years because of head-gasket failure IMO, rather like the 1.8 VVTi only had about a 7 year run because the oil-burning issue was never properly fixed.
  21. When I had the work done on my Camry, I took it to this tiny little place that almost looks like a shed. Family run place. To a big insurance based body shop, there always guaranteed to get work, so they'll probably be fine, but for the most part it doesn't matter. A small family places business is all based on reputation and word of mouth so the work has to be good, they also had a couple of courtesy cars which they would let you borrow whilst the work is being done, so really it's up to you, ask around other people you know in your area.
  22. The ECT light should only be on if you have the sport button pressed. The O/D light should only be on if you the overdrive off.
  23. Correct, but things changed a long time ago!
  24. Not particularely found of big cars. And if i bought a Camry i would buy a V6, which sadly only comes with auto transmission. The 3S-FE is a great engine, but it could better show what it was worth in the ligther Carina's. The torque of the 5S-FE in an Avensis would match the lower weight of the Carina Why sadly only comes in auto? In the real world their quicker, the official 0-60 was only half a second slower which you can never match in a manual and really suits the low down torque that the pre-vvti engines had, far superior.
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