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  1. Happy Birthday Jayee!

  2. P.S. the black smoke is nothing to worry about it is just carbon being expleced from either the engine or exhaust.
  3. Right most likly carbon build up in your combustion chamber. need a good clean. Unfort have to take the engine apart and kero bath it. It could be carbon build up around the valves making them seat not quite right and letting air in at the wrong times. Also fuel can soak into the carbon and ignite later than normal. You will need a engine refurb to do this properly. also could be your throtle body sticking. On top of the engine is tour throtle body. This is the metal cable going from left to right top dead centre of your engine, it goes in to a half circle wheel as such turn the wheel clock wise when engine is not running and see if it is a clean movement no tight bits, just use some WD40 on this to loosen off. if none of these don't work give me a shout.
  4. Is bemused, been a while sine i been on and looks great but why can i now not sell any thing like before?????

  5. Start with the basics, i had a sim problem and done the same as you and in the end all it turned out to be was a sticky throtle body (hope it is this for you as all you need is WD40). At tick over does the engine run fine? does it run at around 900 - 1000 RPM? Does it surge when you accelerate or decelerate? Email me at justin.coward@live.co.uk for quicker responses if you want.
  6. Yeah he said he has been quoted £30 per wheel and 120 do do all 4 at most seen pics and they look ok.
  7. http://nottingham.gumtree.com/nottingham/86/46783986.html Comments welcome as he is close. Are these a good buy?
  8. You still after alloys i have some TRD alloys for sale.
  9. I have a set of 4 TRD Lightweight race alloys for sale Email me if you want to know more justin.coward@live.co.uk
  10. Well i use it every day. Got a 1990 nst182 so no turbo. Beautiful drive and turns peoples head left and right. Not done much to the engine clean and tune. But added a K&N which has affected the fuel consumption a lil but no suprise there just drove to wales and back on a tank of fuel so around 400 miles ish. It is comftable and great. Doe depend on how you look after it. Most weekends i am checking oil etc a bit OTT but i love my cars. I have a 200sx drift as my track car but this is great on the track as well.
  11. I got the 1990 st 182 not gt 4 what would you like to know about the car?
  12. Hello there man. Have you got yourself some driver side indicator already? If you already got some, where did you get it & for how much? Thanks. No nothing yet
  13. You can do it it is a lot of work but worthy in the end. I agree iw would be easier to sell your enging and upgrade that way. you could recon your engine at little cost and get more money for it to help. I have a T26 Turbo i am selling that you could use. Not a big turbo and if you set it right and don't drive too hard then the pistons and valves would not wear away. The choice is yours. But make sure you get a good engine. Most places have a running bench. Get them to jack it on and listen for rattles etc.
  14. I need a drivers side indicator and sidelight needed please.
  15. Jayee

    Desktop Pc

    ROCK ON!!! What you gonna be on on xbox, Give me a shout if your on vegas 6 or forzza or fifia well owt really norm on most days jayee019
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