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  1. just out of interest, i have a gen 6 gt4. and have aftermarket 17" wheels with 45 tyres. will this put the speedo out?
  2. Renton


    Can anyone explain the differences between 550cc and 1000cc injectors etc? Do they increase power?
  3. Renton

    The Next Step

    Thanks leeky What sort of bhp am i looking at after those mods?
  4. Renton


    im paying £1200 on a 10 month policy with 4NCB on an import GT4 thro elephant
  5. Renton

    The Next Step

    Hey all Just fitted an apexi induction kit to my GT4 this afternoon... wow what a difference! i didnt think it would make much differance to the performance without the exhaust and the downpipe, but i was wrong. Im now looking at the next step, which is the downpipe and the exhaust. Which do you recommend first? What makes and how much i am looking at? Could it be done by myself or is it worth spending the extra £££s and getting done by a pro? Cheers
  6. Hey all Im going to change the seal between the intercooler and the turbo as the current ones leaking oil. Just after some tips really. like is it worth changing the other rubber seal at the back of the intercooler going into the air intake? is it a hard job? i know ive gotta take the intercooler but anything hidden i should know about? Cheers in advance
  7. Hey all, I have a '95 import GT4 and the recently i have noticed a small amount oil leaking from the connection between the turbo and the intercooler. should there be oil in the system? anyway ill change the seal which should cure the leak just wanted to know if anyone else has had the same problem. Cheers
  8. Hey all, Does anyone know which induction kit will give me the best power increases for my Celica GT4 95 import. Ive looked at the Blitz, but for over £200 i wanna know im getting the best deal for my money. Cheers
  9. Yes it is, i had a toad thatcham 1 fitted to my st205 for £275. Which was cheap. but around £300 is ok.
  10. Renton

    Is It True?

    My clutch is wearing thin and am going to need it replaced very soon. I have an ST205 jap import. I took down my local Toyota garage and they said the engine will need to be dropped out to change the clutch. Is this true? If so how much am i looking to get it done. Thanks all
  11. Renton

    Gt4 Whining

    I have an ST205 import, the car is fine apart from a whining noise which is is slightly concerning me. Between about 40-45mph there is a whining noise coming from the front not sure whether its the engine or the wheels. Any ideas anyone Cheers
  12. Renton

    Oil Light St205

    It is the red light but does not stay on, only for about 2 secs. Recently the radiator went and had to have that replaced, would that have anything to do with it? Ill check the fault codes tonite, but there doesnt seem to be any performance difference. Cheers for that anyway.
  13. Recently, when i start the engine the oil light stays on for approx 2 seconds and then goes off. Ive checked the oil and the level is fine, although a little dirty. Has anyone any ideas? Also when im accelerating hard, on two occasions ive had a sudden power drain and then immediatley comes back on (probably 0.5 secs lapse) Its getting serviced next week so hopefully they should pick up on it, but just wondered if anyone has had any similar experiences. Cheers